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Legacy of the Dragon's College

Welcome to the Dragon School!

The world of Legacy of the Dragon's College is an odd and wonderful place, riddled with mystery and intrigue. Survival here is of the fittest, although the less fit tend to gather in towns and cities, but before you can even begin, you must first define a few things about yourself. What makes you who you are? Are you smart, strong, fast, or a combination? Maybe you’re off the charts, possessing skills unknown to the world. Either way, you’re going to need this guide if you want to make it in this world. There is no defined setting or era for a game of LotDC to take place - it works in any setting from SciFi to Fantasy, and everything in-between.

Before anything, you must first stomapodiform—an avatar that will represent you in the world. Your character is a combination of mechanical statistics and your imagination. Your character has a race (such as dwarf or elf), a class (such as knight or mage), and a set of skills (such as archery or stealth). But beyond mechanics, you define your character’s appearance, personality, and ideals.

Following character creation, this wiki will guide you through the basic rules related to combat (battles of physical or magical power) and rhetoric (battles of the mind, commonly known as persuasion). You can also find some information about magic and equipment in this book, however there are separate documents on both of those that may serve you better, should you take the time to read them.

This rulebook should serve you well, should you read and understand it likewise. From now on, you are a resident of the world of Legacy of the Dragon College. Make it count.

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Prayer to RNGesus:

“RNGesus who art in pen and paper heaven,
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy random come.
Thy rolls be done
in combat just as in skill checks.
Give us this day our nat20,
and forgive us of our powerplays
as we forgive those who powerplay,
and lead us not into metaplay temptation,
but deliver us from critical failures.
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