He takes the subway to work.

I can't always understand everything you write.


Her husband's illness caused her great anxiety.

I don't feel so great.

My mother loves to eat cottage cheese.

I'd like to know where I left my umbrella.

He's not worth your trouble.


How long have you been feeling like this?

I know how angry you are.

Sloth or laziness is one of the seven deadly sins.


Dana nodded approval.

Is it easy for me to solve this problem?

She's missed the boat.


Love is a many splendored thing.

Let's help them solve their problems.

The investigation will probably bring a lot of details to light.


She has been looking after her sick sister for ten years.

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Polly was unscrupulous.


Sweden has a language of its own.

The problem is finding Micah.

If the ceiling fell, he would be crushed.

It's time to say okay.

People that have experienced so-called 'lucid dreams' often describe them as being 'more real than reality'. They also describe reality after waking up from a 'lucid dream' to be like a 'whimsical dream'.

I'll be fine in a second.

We wouldn't care.


We don't have the time to discuss this right now.

See what the problem is, OK?

That's what I've been trying to tell you.

If Stanislaw hadn't helped Karen, she wouldn't have stood a chance of surviving.

That can't be a coincidence.

Suu is pretty decisive.

We'll do everything we can to help you.

I think Ronni is sneaky.

It is not necessary for you to quit the job.

He is at home on batting.

Grr! Avoid not, unwelcome evil and cowardly beast!

Vickie almost forgot to take an umbrella with him.

Ami doubts what happened today will ever happen again.

He stuck his hand in his pocket and felt for his wallet.

You grabbed my ass!

He has become the manager of the business.

You'll have to play it by ear at the interview.


I always knew that Kenneth was a troublemaker.


Did Isaac ask you any questions?

He got his discharge from the army.

Do you have the same thing in a different color?

Imagine yourself on a mountaintop.

Rabin felt nothing.

Why are we hiding?

I suddenly lost my appetite.

I am getting fat!

I'm afraid of dogs.

Lievaart wasn't paranoid.

Does our country need to invest in alternative energies?

They did not like it and were angry.

I just ate a falafel.

Casey says that's a lie.

I've never seen this place so empty.

It's kind of creepy.

The car clapped along very slowly.

I was sixteen in this picture, and Rod was ten.

Moe is used to the work.


As far as I know, he is kind.


Edmund took one of the newspapers from the table and waited until his name was called.

Flying is too expensive.

To do good to others is a meritorious act; to hurt others is a sin.

He gave the right to become children of God.

I would like to stress that it is more convenient to control tariffs as a bloc rather than country by country.


The trolls play a role in Iceland.

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Have they reported it to the police yet?


I didn't call.

Luke asked how much it cost.

I stopped listening to the radio.

Kuldip is friendly with everyone.

The story turned my blood cold.

I should've told him the truth.

Maybe Matthew is just lucky.

I must finish my work.

This song reminds me of the good old days.


The more you possess, the more you desire.

Is it possible to take a shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel?

Charles took off his ski boots and put on a pair of slippers.

Ginny was very diligent.

I'm pretty sure no one's talking about us.

You can't blame her for not knowing what she hasn't been taught.

Who died?

Are we human because we stare at the stars or do we stare at the stars because we are human?

You've got to take chances.


She won't stop beating me.

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For the last 30 years, ad agencies would kill for a major tobacco account.

I do understand.

Bart is apt to get angry if you ask him a lot of questions.


They granted his request.

They are satisfied with the contract.

The library is on the 4th floor.


I think it's best if I stay here for a while.

Sanford knew what Sanjib did for a living.

I think that you should go.

The lecture was really boring.

Is the house ready?

You understand me very well.

Kristen wears horn-rimmed glasses.

There was a tower on the top of the mountain.

Everyone paired off and began dancing.


There's nothing in there.

The accident happened on a rainy day.

As a prank, some students let three goats loose inside their school after painting the numbers 1, 2 and 4 on the sides of the goats. The teachers spent most of the day looking for goat number 3.

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In other words, it takes all sorts of people to make a world.

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Chip isn't drowning.


I apologize for being late.

She slipped into her clothes.

He is a right person who can drive a hard bargain.


I don't have much interest in sports games like soccer or baseball, but I do like seeing weird or outstanding plays in them.


Photography is a form of time travel.

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You're the only one missing for this movie.

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Don't give up the fight.

There, now you've done it.

It's happening again, isn't it?

I think it must've been Stevan who broke the window.

Julie gains 20 pounds every month from her eating binge.

She doesn't have any real friends.

Why do you hang out with those losers?


She heard gunshots every night.

Left alone, I sometimes feel like crying.

At last, a chance in a million arrived.

Bob was on the point of leaving when I rang him up.

They're on commercials.

Water spouted from the broken faucet.

I never go to bed before midnight.

Go first to those who you are sure will help you.

Sue ate what he wanted.

We are aware of the error and are working on a solution.

Do you like figure skating?

She is proud of having been beautiful.

The 2011 Women's Soccer World Cup will end in Frankfurt, Germany.


You are worthy.


We saw a bunch of birds.


Mikey's not here.

I don't give a fig about my CV.

She dreamt a strange dream.

Solar energy seems to offer more hope than any other source of energy, particularly because those areas most in need of water lie rather close to the equator and have a relatively clear atmosphere.

What you think doesn't signify at all.

He passed one test, but failed the other.

That must've been interesting work.


Not as easy as I thought.

I looked around and noticed that it was the only car on the road.

I had no idea what was in that room until recently.

That knife came in very handy, didn't it?

I was waiting for you to get back.

If Elric is going to zoo with you, I'll go, too.

Is this an early attempt at cake making?

There's one more thing I need you to do.

I don't know why they have to do this every year.

Jesper is putting his pens into the pencil case.

I'm in a perfect world.


Elvis looks lonely.

She handed out a key to him.

We were financially troubled, in short, we were bankrupt.

He was walking ahead of the car.

That is why I got up early this morning.


Andries and Jeffery must be very hungry.

You can't go alone.

The kids want some ice cream.

He seems to be sick.

I learned a lot about them.