The Englishman likes doing better than talking.

Lincoln was assassinated in 1865.

Roderick looks a little tired.

I am not dead, but that doesn't stop me from being food.

When I was your age, I was already married.

It is said that the Japanese are very friendly to those that they know, and very indifferent to those they don't.

In my job I have to deal with all kinds of people.

I don't want Giovanni to get the wrong impression.


How are things going?

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Greg sat on the edge of the bed and told Roberta a story until he felt asleep.

The old man walked slowly.

Frankly, Jerald didn't try hard enough.

I wish I could see her again.

I can only discuss it with them.


You can fix this.

Sharks are friends.

We are writing.

I don't know anything about geology.

You've been working on that book forever.


We have our own problems to solve.

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Ping is having a very hard time trying to figure out how to do that.


The teacher said: "Let's set off right now."


Robbin is a wonderful teacher.

I saw a house with a red roof.

She took a sip of her drink.

That's what's making me sick.

Here's to your health!

The guys in my department are very nice.

He did not give his opinion on that question.

Masashi and Takako were at odds with each other over where to spend their vacation.

Many good grades will loom on the horizon.

Gabriel wanted to quit smoking.

Someone rang the doorbell, it's the maid.


There's a widespread delirium.


We need to help him.


She quietly entered the room.

Roy's dream of going abroad finally became a reality.

"Good morning. You're a bit late today, aren't you?" "Yes, I ran into a bit of trouble."

Don't judge a man by his appearance.

Do you recognize them?

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In the evening quiet, we enjoy the song of the euphonious nightingale.

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Everything he said so far should be treated as evidence.


It's not an issue.

What a revelation!

I did not lose my mind, I sold it on eBay.

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I got up earlier than usual in order to catch the first train.


Even though Elliott didn't want to go to the party, he went because he thought he'd see Niels there.

They disguised themselves as fishermen and escaped in a boat.

I will make up for the lost time by studying as hard as I can.

That guy is a bully.

Where did they take Jinny?


When is breakfast served?

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The train went off the rails.

Sassan is going to leave tomorrow morning.

They climbed Mt. Fuji last week.

I couldn't believe it when they told me.

Check please.

We have to be here for another three hours.

We'd never consider that.

My house is close to the sea.

I think Moe is old.


He gazed at me.

Speak softly.

To find degrees in centigrade, subtract 32 from the Fahrenheit temperature, then multiple by 5/9.

I think we can do this by ourselves.

I'll do whatever I can to help you and Pieter.

It's a scutigera.

At seven-thirty, we too closed the door behind us.

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We are awaiting impatiently the arrival of our dear friend.

This is the park where we said our last goodbye.

Could I sit on the aisle?


The bus stop is quite handy.

I do not mind.

I don't use them.

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We cannot tell how much that great statesman has done for his country.

You probably think you know how to do this, but let me explain it once more.

I just saved Charlie the trouble of going there himself.

I only meant to do what was best.

Do you want to climb the mountain?

Does that answer the question?

He was an American, as I knew from his accent.

Lanny was incredibly lucky.

He lived in England when the war started.

It's never too late to be what you might have been.

We hope to improve with time.


The courtroom was packed.

I don't like to see food go to waste.

Do you think this book is worth reading?

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Tao brought dinner.

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Add sixty grams of grated cheese.

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I really need to get something to eat.

Both Delbert and Venkata were at the party.

I miss the army.

I don't think we were seen.

Don't let him switch off the light.

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Mae Jemison received a Doctor of Medicine degree from Cornell University in 1981.

She just laughed the matter off.

There's no happiness among things. It's in people's hearts who see and use those things.

I have to go to my cousin's baptism.

Please circle the right answer.

Shai wore this.

My level 9 barbarian has died.

I just want to sit on the beach and relax for a week.

There were 30 survivors.

Varda contributed a lot of money to the charity.

Did Antonio ever tell you how he first met Teri?


The bullet lodged in his chest.

Aren't you worried it might be a trap?

Please let me try it again.


Lucy lost Jayesh.

Sunday is followed by Monday.

The cake is ready to eat.

He hadn't eaten in two days.

This book is far above me.


Is it true that you won't gain weight no matter how many vegetables and fruits you eat?


Do you have any family?

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I am a single mother of four children.


When I entered the kitchen, she was making chicken curry with rice.

Judy knows he doesn't have enough money to buy everything he needs.

Gill is not supposed to arrive until tomorrow.

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Do you want to go have a meal together later?

The child ran to his mother.

He found his father lying in the kitchen.


That's too much.


Her help was just what the doctor ordered.

Sugar dissolves in warm coffee.

They asked him.

I am in charge of this.

Where is the food?

It took just over three hours to get here.

Do you like insects?

He cried like a six-year-old.

I saw him with a group of men.

He raised our expectations only to disappoint us.

It's an autonomous car.

There's something rotten in the state of Denmark.

Our meeting like that is probably the kind of thing that only happens once.

I'm having a rough week.

He moves awkwardly.

Can you do it all on your own?

Sylvan kissed her on the cheek.

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"Could you do this instead of me?" "Sorry, I'm too busy."

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Don't you have an opinion?

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Why won't anyone tell me the truth?

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Perry is unbelievable.

We didn't complain.

Let's show that we can solve these problems.

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He feels a lot better today.

Many topics were discussed during the interview, but some of them were censured.

I don't get around as well as I used to.

They go to church on Sundays.

He is taller than any other boy.

My back has been acting up since this morning, so I don't feel so well.

Your cat needs to eat more.

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It is a very pragmatic culture.

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Does he usually come here?


I arrived outside the dressing room.