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It's a real honor to meet you.

The aim of science is, as has often been said, to foresee, not to understand.

This is the last time I'll annoy the teacher.


I've given you the information you asked for.

She jealously guarded her husband and didn't let him talk to anybody.

At the end of March we'll marry.

Your seal or signature here, please.

Jose is far from satisfied with Nicolette's work.


Moore has been waiting a while.

Jeffie is almost three years old.

Come and see me whenever it is convenient to you.


You should bring her to dinner so we can get to know her better.

I've spoken to her about it.

She waved her hand to us.

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You were with Chris yesterday, weren't you?


When I am queen, you will be king.

Don't touch it!

Does that surprise you?

I don't really want to be all by myself.

I don't need to read it.


Archie found the experience enjoyable.

I've decided to quit my job at the end of this month.

Go wait outside.

It's fun to follow the path through the woods.

"Do you think he's okay?" "I don't know."


He has a serious girlfriend.

Can you give that to me?

Do not talk nonsense, My job is very boring!


I just heard from them.

He is a very thoughtful person.

Are you hitting on me?


Thirteen people were killed in the train wreck.

Can I take some of the samples?

I already knew her by reputation.

That may not be true.

We're never going to do that.

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Sean has been beating the drum for the project.

Would you move back, please?

Briggs knew that Swamy wouldn't want to eat at a fast food place.

My last name is Ikeda and my first name is Kazuko.

I'm pretty happy with it.


Hui didn't go, and neither did I.

It's right above you.

If you'd just asked me, I would've done it.

I want to know who started this.

I pushed Presley into the water.

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Did they have what you were looking for?

She's a woman.

Go do your fucking homework, right now!

The supply can not keep up with the demand.

Do you know how to get to the Hilton Hotel?


I can see you've done your research.

I can't spend the rest of my life living with Lin.

Lloyd knows it.

The machine was coated with dust.

Nguyen asked me to do it.

You don't even know which button to push, do you?

Don't forget to vote.

The Lord be most exalted!

Why didn't you tell us about this sooner?


Have you finished reading the biography of Jobs?


Help me finish building this vole ladder and I'll treat you to dinner.


I converted my yen into dollars.


Marc isn't the one who helped me.

The next concert will take place in June.

Dan's guilt could not be proved without the murder weapon.

Jayant spends every weekend in Boston.

The police eventually found Maarten in Boston.

I'm Svante's nephew.

They built it.

Foreign people are amusing.

Henry's workstation is usually tidier than Nhan's.

Ethan is taking a break.

The cat sunned itself.


Did you see the new commercial?


This class is made up of thirty-five pupils.


That's a real load off my mind.


Those present at the meeting were surprised at the news.

I can't hear you properly, please speak more slowly.

Irvin is in bed with a cold.

John is streetwise.

One is never too old to learn.

So what did Mickey see?

Well, we're neighbours. I'll be popping over all the time.

Would you take a look at something for me?

I haven't eaten Chinese food in a long time.

There's an example of explanation during the translation.

They won't speak to you.

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Slartibartfast told me that he would never go back to Boston.

Prakash always has to put her two cents worth in.

About how much does it cost to have a dentist remove cigarette tar from your teeth?


When you remember your own crimes, you forget another's.


Thankfully, the conversation was put on hold by our arrival.

This is Li Ying.

Someone important to society has passed away.

You're rude.

You love to climb mountains, don't you?

Dan was a very caring father.

Germania is a cold land.


I would like to introduce myself.

Just tell me where you got this.

Life has been very hard.


How did you come to think of that?

They laughed at my idea.

Moran bent down and looked under the bed.

He is really angry.

She watches television at night.

I don't want everyone to think I'm stupid.

Rhonda doesn't want to see anything today.

I thought we agreed we wouldn't do this.

Just tell Masanao what's in your heart.

Jiri checked into a small hotel and stayed for a couple of days.

Do you have a point card?

Why don't I just talk to Jitendra?

This girl is really hot.

I've been thinking of moving out lately.

I think it's time to try a new approach.


How many films did you watch yesterday?

Jane swims like a brick.

You didn't have to get off so early.

I'm an ex-marine.

People often complain about the weather.

They are feeling it.

I've really got to buckle down and study for our final exams.

He regarded the story as a joke.

These types of books have almost no value.

I was completely in love with him.

Persons under age are prohibited from smoking.


I am afraid they can't get along very well.

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He cleared the path of snow.

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Start at once, and you will be in time for school.

Is it raining right now?

"Can you cook?" - "Yes, I can. But I can't guarantee it'll taste good."

How much of a discount can you give?

This is the house in which the prime minister lives.

I am the seven billionth baby!

I think it was Antonella's idea.


June plotted to destroy the project.

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I'm feeling very confident.

It wasn't interesting.

The question is: Who will bell the cat.

It's about time!

For all his riches he is not happy.


Watch out for that man.

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What a big difference, isn't it?

Yes, it is the statement of a certain legend of the Baskerville family.

A doctor was called in right away.

It was in 1980 that John Lennon was shot at this spot.

Why is insurance important?

Would the girls please bring the donation boxes up to the stage?

Russell is at a confidence in Boston.

Sid isn't wrong.

They have the rota.

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What happens then?

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Let me take a look at that.

The employees who spent all weekend working on the problem should be rewarded.

A certain crime is punishable if attempted but not punishable if committed. What is it?

Butler has a black belt in karate.

She lost weight.

He got away.

What would you do if this guy passed you on the street?

I just retired a few months ago.

She turned and began to cry.