It's no exaggeration to say that he's a prodigy.

My executive assistant, Metin, will get the answer.

What are you supposed to do?

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If only he would marry me.


Trying didn't try to hide the truth.

I don't remember giving Renu a key.

I doubt if he will come on time.

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We were able to see the sunset from our window.

Meeks declined my invitation.

I'm ahead of my work schedule.

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Choose whatever you want.

Is she young? Yes.

Del reserved a seat.


I don't really know why he wrote the book.

Wow, that dog is really talented!

Do you have a better plan?


That's why this is never going to happen again.

This is Benjamin's bicycle.

Actually, it was very interesting.


We have people who do that for us.

Smoking one cigarette a day is a good habit.

The subway entrance is on the corner.

That's exactly what you're doing.

I promised I wouldn't eat before Dustin got home.

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Warren decided to dress as Pikachu for Halloween.

I heard the bell ring.

I don't want you to feel that I'm pressuring you to do this.

Jill says she is happy as a wife, but at times one wouldn't suppose as much.

You're going to have to do better to convince me of that.

I don't want to shout.

If you'd kiss me, I'd be happy.

Mariou wouldn't give in.

People greatly differ in their views of life.

This is the priest who married them.

The fire is spreading.

I'd have a problem with that.

Clarissa and Serdar threw snowballs at each other.


That was very thoughtful of Luc.

He makes me laugh.

I like the Kurdish language.

We're still trying to figure it out.

Bud actually said that.

You had better keep early hours so you will be in good health.

What do the papers say?

Are they going to arrest you?

They're not the problem, we are.

Please tell the reservation clerk, Mr Ichiro Takahashi, your credit card number to confirm your reservation.

This is getting out of hand.

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I don't want you to worry about me.

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Gregory was there on business.

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When I entered the room, she was playing the piano.

Sally will likely follow your advice.

What a tawdry dress!

An umbrella is useful in a mild rain, but when it rains cats and dogs an umbrella is of little help.

You're killing me.

He likes to act.

It is not my day.

After his change of heart, the former miser became unstinting in his generosity to the poor.

We suspect poisoning.

I make it a rule to get up at six.

Don't lie about us.

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Tran isn't home.


So the captain took care of him.

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Giles showers every morning.

No, I don't understand you.

I heard something new today.

I think the only person who can help you is Honzo.

Isn't it infuriating?

It was a delightful bit of nonsense.

Bob came home pretty late.

Mariou has been living in Boston for the past three years.

Would you like some more salad?


Mayumi is a healthy person. She almost never gets sick.

What did you find so fascinating about the speech that I gave yesterday?

I'll think it over.

I'll overlook it this time, but don't let it happen again.

That is a table.

My sister went to Italy to study music.

His eyes were smiling behind his glasses.

We talked for almost three hours.

A cabbage is a familiar kitchen-garden vegetable about as large and wise as a man's head.

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Are you sure you know where Jimmy's house is?

Dan punched Matt with a boxing glove.

Who did you meet there?


That old man must be off his rock.

We've been waiting for hours for you to show up.

That's against the rules.


Have you said anything to Len yet?

I never really knew Martha.

We should furnish enough food for sufferers.

Sherman might help us if we ask him politely.

I got what I asked for.

A body of researchers funded by Frito-Lay are attempting to compile a list of bite-size snack foods through which the body and blood of Christ can transubstantiate.

We're three hours from the border.

Imogen of the Internet has dyed her hair all 216 web-safe colors at some point in her life. She is a natural #663300.

I want to take Spy home.

Ouch! I bit my tongue.

We want our kids to be safe.

Don't smoke too much.

I don't like all of them.

The snake ate the crocodile.

Let the rain drown out your sorrow.

We're less than halfway to the top of the mountain. Are you already tired?

The teacher didn't mind explaining the problem again.

The people who left yesterday are from Scotland.

It's your special day.

I don't know you anymore.

Hsi took a can of beer from the fridge.

This is exactly the type that we need.

Every man cannot be happy.

I've done the same thing, too.

I decorated it.

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Communism is the system practiced in the Soviet Union.


Kinch is standing right over there.

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A male crocodile ate a female dog.

He likes strange animals, like snakes.

I should've quit while I was ahead.

I felt myself lifted up.

A dance will be held on Friday.

You may have it for nothing.

I haven't met him properly yet.


"What would you like on your sandwich, honey or condensed milk?" "Both, and don't bother with the bread."

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We'll be home tomorrow night.

I wish you spoke Spanish.

I hope you are not thinking it is my fault.


One must not break his promise.

Those present were, for the most part, students.

Jeff is a quarter back.

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You're making her nervous.


Saqib was drinking at a bar with Anatoly at the time the police think that John was murdered.

He stayed with us until the beginning of this month.

I need an envelope.

I'll watch carefully this time.

That's not important, is it?


Was it cold last night?

Why are we really here?

She's eating a pear.

Tell him why.

He doesn't live far from here.

I bought a red diary.

Everyone is looking forward to watching the game.

Did Penny tell you he was having money problems?

Charley looked around and then whispered something into Tammy's ear.

Marty is unlucky, isn't he?

Food tastes better when it is wrapped in the flag of the European Union.

Such ability is native to him.

I'll try to do better next time.


How was the universe formed?

Bob has been meeting secretly with Po.

There was nothing that you could've done to stop Ping from doing what he did.


Hohn refuses to talk.

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Can you say everything in Esperanto that you need to say?

You should treat people with more respect.

It came for me


How can I trust Mitch?

I need to know something.

Railroad service was suspended because of the fog.


The kids will love this video.

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We captured her.

In the Spanish calendar, the week begins with Monday.

Can I come some other time?

I'm not saying that's wrong.

The company I worked for was downsizing. Unfortunately, I lost my job.

Things weren't going well with Leigh.

I did it a few times.