There is no problem that we have to solve.

I've been trying to get Fred to donate some money.

If Jones escapes, it'll be your fault.

They now have three children.

She knew something was wrong.

He got married when he was twenty-two years old.

All I found are pictures of you.

He didn't do it on purpose.

You must not rely upon such a man.

The documentary is meant to raise consciousness about the plight of the poor.


I had been reading a book for about an hour when he came in.

I'm afraid there isn't any coffee left.

It's impossible that she said that.

I'll probably be arriving late to the office.

She damaged a machine.

We can't do that either.

You don't need to work on Sundays.


Put your guns away.

You won't trick her; she knows a thing or two.

How can banks prepare for the next recession?

If anybody can fix it, it's Archie.

This is not the first time someone told me I should cut my hair short.

The box she found was empty.

I feel like I know you.

I caught a head cold.

He was a tall man.

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When did you get to know the fact?

The snow has finally melted.

I won't blow the whistle.

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She is famed as a soprano.


Horse, lion, dog, goat: these are animals.

Ellen needs to be here tomorrow.

Since PlayStation 2 came out the game software store shelves have bloomed riotously with colorful new titles.

I wonder why that is.

I have just returned from the post office.


The criticism of the actor's performance was just.

The spell was broken and the pig turned into a man.

When did I tell you that?

Maybe you dreamed of it!

I partnered her in tennis.

You must come to the party by all means.

I am right.

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Martyn can't eat pork.

By dint of pushing the words back to the beginning of the sentence, there only remained the two of them at the end: Olaf, Brooke.

I have something important to discuss with you.

John ran into the room.

I don't think I want to talk about it.

We have a kanji dictation test today.

What would the world be like without women?

Is it true that you aimed at an elephant and you missed it?

Of all places to meet you!

I didn't ask you on a date.

Sir, I have a request to make.

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Do you know anything about what happened?

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I hardly remember Sergeant.


French is an interesting language.

That restaurant prepares two thousand meals every day.

Please, tell me.

It is either Cesar or nothing.

The child remained unfazed, even after being laughed at by his classmates.

Several children are playing in the sand.

I don't like this soup.

Everyone laughed, including Nguyen.

We're going to get married.

The Earth is an oblate spheroid.

Nobody wants to be around me.


I ran across an old friend near the bank.


To me he's no different from a million other dull middle aged men.


I can't imagine what it must've been like.

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I want to have nothing to do with you.


After dinner, I did my homework.


His words offended me.

You get older when you don't have many aims.

Bill and his younger brother are nothing alike.


That meal was incredible.

He didn't even say good-bye.

Has anyone found her yet?

Are you sure you don't want to live at home with your parents?

I sometimes get scared.

Don't you hate dogs?

Laurent meant it.

Mr Hirayama teaches very well.

I don't want my name on this report.

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Nora told me to come over.

When money ceases to have value, the entire system stops working.

You work it out.

You are good at speaking French, aren't you?

You're lying, aren't you?

I hope I don't let anyone down.

Billy splashed himself with cold water.

Look, if you still want to go, I won't stop you.

Everything depends on her answer.


I don't give a damn about the stock market!

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Are you using the online dictionary whose link I gave you?

I've been living in Boston for three years.

As the wind blows, so does his jacket.

How did he take the news?

She was at a loss for what to do.

Ro plans on being here next weekend.

I have no idea who that is.

She is about my age.

Kent has paid his debt to society.

I told her we were friends.

You'll drink four glasses.

Either of the two roads leads to the station.

I have a wife and three sons in Boston.

I still think Collin will win.

This island is a paradise for children.

Lindsay drove Venkata to the station.

As soon as we decide, we'll let you know.

Some people say stepping on a worm makes it rain.

I thought you were crazy about Alex.

Call off your dogs.

You must face the facts.

I do not know whether to take it as a compliment or an insult.

A dolphin is a mammal species.


Have you seen the news?

Have you seen the paper?

It's fun hanging out with you.

I considered changing my job.

Jayant is probably concerned.


Too much drinking will make your life a ruin.

They seem busy.

Glynn was infatuated with the girl next door when he was a kid.

Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to give her small dog a bone, she bent over and Rover took over and gave a bone of his own.

Fred wouldn't pay his bills.

It could've been her.

Aren't you pleased?

I thought I'd wear a tie.

I'm a friend of the princess.

Florian often bashes his head against a wall.

Where did you disassemble them?


Leonard didn't buy what I asked him to.

I'll text you when I'm done.

Mikael advised Stephanie not to borrow too much money from John.


Don't let your muscles atrophy.


I have stomach ache.

The Chinese government issued a white paper entitled "Diaoyu Islands are China's inherent territory" on the 25th.

I don't think we need to wait for Laurence.

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It looks like that may have already happened.

That's all I knew.

I'm above telling lies.

I am going to send my son to college.

I never forget a face.

Each individual dog has a different character.

I need to check the rules.

Michel has just become the mother of a very healthy baby boy.

The house was on the verge of collapse.

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A traffic policeman signals directions to drivers by waving his hands and arms.

It takes two hours to go there by bus.

I just decided I'd come home early.


We'll start over.


Jagath needs some water.

Whose pen is that?

In a certain Tsardom, across three times nine kingdoms, beyond high mountain chains, there once lived a merchant. He had been married for twelve years, but in that time there had been born to him only one child, a daughter, who from her cradle was called Vasilissa the Beautiful.

The image quality is really bad - the resolution is so low.

Ariel was walking down the street, whistling a tune.


Women's rights are human rights.

I still want to hear Duane's opinion.

Where are you all going?


John is sleeping now.

Glenn never even noticed Eugene.

Don't try to stop me.

She has got the prettiest buttocks I've ever seen.

The roses are blooming early this year.


Packed into wooden fishing boats like sardines, the immigrants undergo the dangerous voyage there.

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