Neal has a light complexion.

I hope it's enough.

What else do you remember?

Bret emigrated to Australia.

She deliberated over whether to go or stay.

You warned us.

I thought you were attracted to me.

Your idea is, as it were, a castle in the air.

That old woman smiled at her granddaughter.

How's the family?

My favorite singer is Whitney Houston.


Are you going or staying?

Hey, wait a minute, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Simon doesn't know it, but Micah is also dating Alice.


We see that it's happening.

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I'll give you a call as soon as I arrive in Boston.


I think I get the general idea.

Gregg may have left already.

That's what we're working on.

You'll do better next time.

Learn little by little every day.

It is very important to keep your word.

She visited the zoo with him.

I've decided to fire her.

Why am I risking my life to help Duke?


Lenora is friends with Jean-Christophe.

You could've told me the truth.

Which would you rather do, go to the cinema or stay at home?

Do you have a private medical insurance policy?

Get me out of this place!

He steals stuff.

I love to see people's reactions when I tell them who I am.

Why wasn't Siegurd invited?

I'm sorry I got you mixed up in this.

She asked him questions.

If I had noticed her, I would have got her autograph.

I can speak neither French nor German.

I want them to meet you.

PETA accused him of setting his mouse on fire.

Do you have enough money to buy everything you need?

Stuart was sitting in his car outside the restaurant.

You can't make someone love you.

He was a man of cheerful aspect.

My robot's name is Multi.

We've already eliminated half the possibilities.

Kaj didn't sign the agreement.

Please bring him his beer.

Izzy didn't think he needed protection.

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I think Jaime might be in Boston right now.

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You need to put a period at the end of a sentence.

I'm not sure who he is.

That hat becomes you.

Three-fourths of the town was destroyed by the typhoon.

I'm not as heavy as I used to be.

"Is this a white beer or a wheat beer?" "I'm not sure. My German is not good enough."

Follow me and I will show you the way.

Agatha gave the commencement address.

The thief got away with the money.

I'll never leave you alone.

You've told us this already.

Thousands of people lost their lives in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, and even today hundreds of thousands of people still suffer from the ill-effects of the poisonous gas.

I love him more than any other boy.


I'd so love to visit that apartment he always keeps telling me about.

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We shouldn't judge people by how they look.

You're not hard to find.

Take Del to the hospital.


He became known as a doctor.


Where is my wallet? Nevermind! I just found it under the couch.

I'd like to suggest you start going to bed one hour earlier.

One sniff of that stuff was enough to make me sick.

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I'll be busy all afternoon.

Do you really think it's bad?

Vijay is my mother.

I can not stop crying.

The first term closing ceremony will be held this Friday.

The wedding will take place at the end of October.

The lights are on downstairs.

There were flowers all around.

Julia didn't leave a suicide note, so the police suspect murder.

He skis in Hokkaido every winter.

A true friend would not say such a thing.


I want to talk to you, Linley.

Don't have a cow.

Take him downtown.

She ordered the book from England.

We thought you could help.


I saw Ramneek sitting in front of a mirror brushing her hair.

I also think that someone is sure to use it for selfish and not purely altruistic ends.

You have a child-like face.

She began to cry at the sight of my face.

Without a good education, how can you succeed?

I made a promise to them.

This coffee is too bitter.

You're a troublesome person!

We're pretty booked up.

Do I look okay?

I'll know better next time.

Midterm elections are often disastrous for the parties in power.

After I had done my homework, I went to bed.

Pam slipped on the wet floor and dislocated his knee.

I want to go abroad.

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It took guts to do what Samir did.


I saw Colin holding hands with a girl.

Is Jon coming?

You're not going to get in trouble for helping me.

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Will you call for me at the hotel?


He notices a thousand times a day the difference.

She's the sole breadwinner for the family.

Want to grab a drink on the way home?

They don't talk to me anymore.

The weather today is great, but lately it's been raining all the time.


The only hope is to escape.

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It's not something I'd do.

What he says is total nonsense.

It's going to be a problem, isn't it?

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The students couldn't answer.

That job will take at least ten days.

I know you like coffee.

I won't let Mohammad do that.

You authorize your children to watch bad movies.


Getting started is always difficult.


I suggest we go without them.


I feel sick when I get up in the morning.

Mariana is going home now with Susana's mother.

Why don't we just order a pizza?


I ate the bhajjis.


Joyce's eyes are wide open.

This isn't the way I wanted to remember Piete.

You entered.

You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts.

It'd make sense.

She lived in a nice home in a nice neighborhood.

Don't they think about the poor children who are dying of hunger?


No one in the village knew that the soldiers were taking aim at their village.

How old is that painting?

If looks could kill, I'd be dead by now.

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I should've recognized Stanley.

Vishal walked down the hall and disappeared into the bathroom.

He ran up the stairs.

The picture you are looking at costs 100,000 yen.

Andrew is diabetic.

He works a few days a week, and gets a little money.

She reacted furiously.

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I'm making about four times as much myself as when I first hired Tony.

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He's the kind of guy who doesn't take women seriously.

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You might want to ask Corey to help you.

I guess you talked to him.

He was a stock-market tycoon until the bears got him.

Jailson drank a delicious orange juice.

Didn't your parents teach you manners?

You look wonderful tonight.

Let's not get carried away.

The birds were singing in the trees.

Johnnie is good at it.


I want to go talk to her.

You should go.

We know how to swim.


Please, leave it to me.

I met a nice young man.

We saw him walking across the street.

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I ate a banana wrapped in edible rice paper and caramel.

You can have the last word with a woman, on the condition that it is yes.

Jason became a sailor.

Did you send them?

Along with Tokyo, Osaka is a center of commerce.