Amigo is a professional musician.

Don't you remember what happened?

Cris's coat kept him warm.

He commutes to his office by bus.

You're so stubborn.

I found a rare stamp at that store.

I'm here and I would like to say something.

I saw the person I expected to be standing there.


I don't want to go there. He doesn't want to go either.


When will you be going?

I'd advise you to stop doing that.

I'm sorry I was so mean.

Today we still don't know who will win the elections.

Love is free of fear.

Haven't I told you not to call me "Orville"?

Andy handed Patricio her jacket.


Don't count on his help.


My mother-in-law gives me the creeps.

Civilization has flourished for hundreds of years in this hidden land.

Once upon a time, there was a cat whose name was Tango.

We're going to a restaurant for dinner.

Mike was crying out.


Weather reports rarely come true.

The smart student finished the exam.

You will obtain your greatest desire.


It's impossible to explain.

His English composition has nine mistake in as many lines.

Darin chose the colors.

You bought it, the men bought it.

The sea covers much of the surface of the globe.


Agatha and I enjoy spending time together.

Dalton poured himself a glass of scotch.

You owe me a favor.


I dwelt in Quezon City.

You must be above such mean conduct.

That was no ordinary storm.


The newspapers gave a lot of space to the affair.

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There's nothing I can do that Miek can't.

It looks as though this summer will be cold again.

Kenneth and Vance stared at each other in shock.

How long did you live on the island?

Usually I get up at six, but today I got up at eight.

It's perfectly safe in there.

How long does it last?


Lois must have pushed the wrong button.

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Let's see if this makes sense.

The city was alarmed by the earthquake.

Srikanth is doing well in school.


You are always complaining.


We didn't come here to watch you pet your dog.

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Linda was a popular exotic dancer in London.

What more can you tell us about Margie?

I was with him last night.


Emily is English.

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Do you know Persian?

Kieran said he didn't want any of us to help him.

It's the answer spoken by young and old, rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, gay, straight, disabled and not disabled. Americans who sent a message to the world that we have never been just a collection of individuals or a collection of red states and blue states. We are, and always will be, the United States of America.


Everyone for themselves!

Jacobson, you've got to help me.

For some reason it looks to be turning out to be a depressing week.

I bought a Microsoft mouse.

The oil price is falling.

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Why do women open their mouths when they apply makeup to their eyes?

Taurus is good at tennis.

We can't just give it away.

This is a present from all of us.

It'll be hard to persuade him.

I met her at the church.

As soon as he reached home, Geppetto took his tools and began to cut and shape the wood into a marionette.


Why did you agree to help Nici?

That was the best twenty bucks I've ever spent.

In 1977, I was born in Osaka.

Many kinds of flowers always come out in his garden.

The sofa is wide enough for four people to sit on.

We're out of milk.

Words once uttered cannot be recalled.


In short, systems of morals are only a sign-language of the emotions.

I wonder why he talks a lot about his father.

They're friends of mine.


Kyung was found guilty of murder.

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It's a bit wobbly.


This composition leaves nothing to be desired.

Very good!

Our climate is changing.

I find his words strange, do you?

Beverly just got home from work.


One can't discount a global natural catastrophe like a meteor strike.

Death is not to be feared.

We got better this week.

Readers formulate expectations as to what might be happening at subsequent stages of texts.

Are you sure you can get Laurianne to help?

Nowadays, the majority of European countries is ruled by social democrats, but there is a noticeable increase of right-wing extremism.

I called him today.


That's too long.


Cole waited for Jeffie for a long time.

I would like to ask for a translator.

Fan letters lay in a heap on the desk.

Tanya doesn't like men who look like Piete.

Vidhyanath answered.

That feels so good.

Let it be survival of the fittest, but it's fastened and carefully directed.

I felt it was fair.

We are definitely leaving this country.

Linda danced with other men to provoke Dan.

He broke two ribs and punctured his lung.

I met your father just now.

The picture is good in its way.


You made Dewey cry.

They have a subway in Rio now.

Did I really do that?

"Missiles accused to be extradited" is a headline of today's BBC.

It was a good choice.


Is Leo still sick?

Can't we play a little longer?

I didn't know you could cook so well.


Exporting water from an arid country to the rainy Europe is pure folly.

You've been amazingly tolerant.

"Hey, what's up?" "Oh, not much."

Have you ever lost your luggage at the airport?

Perhaps you'd like to sleep on it.


Can you open the door?

Everyone needs to do this.

Whose car is that?

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Tal and Hitoshi always seem to be hanging out together.


They issued a statement saying that the rumors regarding their divorce were complete nonsense. And yet, there's no smoke without fire.

Everybody else is coming, too.

What marvelous weather.

I think it will be fine.

I persuaded my brother to study harder.


Dale said he didn't have enough money to buy a motorcycle.

Alex is on his way back home.

Is that good or bad for Everett?


Both Ira and Siegurd are busy right now.

I didn't do anything for him.

What is your new friend's name?

You've read the report, haven't you?

He died recently.


Have you finished washing the dishes?

Sherri came through the door.

No further details were available.


This is shorthand writing, by means of which we can keep up with the talker.


Can you clean your bedroom?

You have a hard day ahead of you.

The child was full of curiosity.

Your impetuous remarks about us seem to have rung down the curtain on our good relationship.

I want you to talk to him.

"Are you going to Claire's party?" "I'm still not sure."

I didn't think I'd be back here until next summer.

He was silent for what seemed to me an hour.

I'd forgotten all about that.

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A year of snow is a year of prosperity.


A strange man was walking back and forth on the pavement.

Prepare yourself for the future.

Who would be interested in a New Year's Day week in Thailand?

The customer contended that she had been cheated.

Meehan isn't trustworthy.


Keep your hands off my typewriter.

Colin was frantic.

They entered into a discussion about the issue.