Why CaseReview?

CaseReview is a software platform designed for attorneys, experts, and other legal professionals to securely store, organize, access, search, and share all records relating to their cases. CaseReview was designed by attorneys who specialize in working with experts with the goal to provide a more efficient and effective way to manage case files of all sizes for all people involved in a case. It includes the necessary tools to identify all of the important information in individual case records so that it can be accessed immediately at any point in the future by any member of a legal or expert team. CaseReview allows lawyers and anyone on their teams to invest in reviewing all case file information ONE TIME and then NEVER DUPLICATE THAT EFFORT AGAIN!

It helps keep you organized

All case file materials are organized in the Sources section of the main page. The software keeps track of every case file document each user has access to, allowing for painless and prompt responses to discovery requests. You can easily download lists of all files included in the software, the Institution they came from, and the dates that the files cover. Built-in, interactive, and downloadable timeline features allow you to work with all or portions of the case file to highlight important individuals and events, prepare for interviews and depositions, and create timeline exhibits.

It helps you understand your files

The top of the main case page provides all pertinent case details, immediately orienting you to the charges or type of lawsuit, the parties involved, and an overview of each case. Default and custom tags allow you to see at a glance what types of files are presently included in a case (e.g. education records, medical records, deposition transcripts) and what records are still missing. Once you have tagged an Event, you have the ability to sort your different Events by Tags. so that This allows you to view all of one type of record quickly.

It’s secure

Your files are secure in CaseReview. The software uses 2048-bit SSL encryption. It would take 6.4 quadrillion years to crack using a single computer with today’s technology. Remote backups of all work are created daily.

CaseReview was created to save time and prevent frustration from having to return to file materials again and again to find information and determine if certain information is there at all. It has exceeded our expectations in providing time savings and has made us look forward to receiving and organizing files. We want to share CaseReview with you to help make your life easier and your practice more efficient.

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