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Franklin lives close by.

Spread the sand evenly.

What time does the train for New York depart?


You have only one choice.

I can depend on Tolerant.

I wish I could do that as well as you do.

Where can we cross this river?

Some of these young people have legs twice as long as mine.

I was offered the choice of tea or coffee.

She was robbed of her money on her way home.

Come play with us.

I don't know what to do about that.

Open the door to let my cat in.

We know each other quite well.


Free speech is for everybody, with no exceptions.

Can you see?

I didn't vote for Barbara.


I'm sure you're busy, Vincent.

Never have I dreamed such a strange dream.

I'm going to cause permanent mental scars.

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It was I that came here first.


Children require much sleep.

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There was a sudden calm as the wind dropped.


That's all I got.


What did you have for supper last night?

Don't repeat what I've told you.

I am accustomed to working hard.

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I'd like to rent a compact car.

Shirley couldn't have done anything to prevent the accident.

I want to borrow your car for an hour.

Donna took an ice bath after his workout.

Do it in haste but with care.


Many years went by.

She's obsessed with books.

Owen got straight A's.

I'm no longer groggy.

You look happy, so bright and early.

Suzan said he hadn't seen Boyd for a long time.

Somebody's having a good day.

We had a quick lunch at a cafe.

He lives by begging.

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He works at the company seven days a week.


The company has changed hands three times.

Many people are suffering from hunger around the world.

It's not that I don't love you, I just don't want to get married.

Dory noticed Christian's bandaged wrists.

Pilot and Shakil weren't able to do anything.

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I told Ginny he didn't have to do anything he didn't want to.


Wilmer fell asleep during the show.

I didn't know where to look.

He has a daughter who is very beautiful.

I am happy to spend money on books.

Jos won't be here long, I promise. She just needs somewhere to stay for a couple of days.

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She is the one who took care of his wound.

Everything I own is in this suitcase.

He made his girlfriend go out for a drink with him.

I have eyestrain.

Page and Jane got married last month.

What conclusions did they come to?

The man sees what he thinks is a young girl.

Listen to your heart, and you will know it's true.

You remind me of your mother whenever I meet you.


Toufic is the only one who knows why Kamiya doesn't want to go with us.

We've never seen Gregory this angry before.

Get these people out of here.

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A notice about the next meeting was posted on the door.


I didn't want to spend any more time than necessary cooking for my family.

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The mission took the direct route by air to the boundary.

I know him, a wily, cheeky lad.

We've grown apart.

No one has ever been able to do it.

Do you believe that elephants can contemplate life after death?

Roderick gave Jeanne moral support.

I expect Hartmann won't want to do that.

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Please fill out this form first.


This house is abandoned.

I'm glad they won.

I paid for Vilhelm's ticket.

Courtney needed something to eat.

I have a slight fever today.


My uncle has a good knowledge of French.

When it got dark, the party organizer said: "Time to go".

I'm going to keep singing.

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I lost a ten-dollar note.

No one has told me anything.

My mom is two years younger than my dad.

I haven't seen her yet.

I need you to make a phone call.

Are you really not going?

Obviously not!

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How I wish I could help you.


What time do you expect me to be there?

God bless Germans!

Tiefenthal never goes to places like that.

On Mondays the buses are late more often than not.

The point of true mutual understanding has not yet been reached between Japan and China.

It was proved that he was a thief.

She earns 30 dollars per day.

I figured Taurus would be older.

We're concerned about them.


A large proportion of the world's population don't have access to basic human rights which are taken for granted in affluent countries.


I didn't have to ask.


I need urgent help.

No one's seen him for a while.

He quit school and started staying in his room.

There's a distinct difference between them.

I've never been under so much pressure before.


Jonathan is so fat he needs two seats on an airplane.

I'm not like the other guys. I'm the best and I always say the truth.

Three of the rooms face the street.

Don't make any noise or you'll scare the birds away.

I need help solving this problem.

Matthew made me look through his photo album.

You had better not copy off others.


Please don't tell anyone where I am.

Those present rose as one man and walked out.

I've been trying to reach you all morning.

Let those who are in favor with their stars of public honor and proud titles boast, whilst I whom fortune of such triumph bars, unlooked for joy in that I honor most.

How many operations has Dr. Jackson performed this month?


Breathing is an involuntary bodily process.


He's quite active for his age.


I understand you went to bat for Paola.

You could run.

Laura was the first one to get here.

Ye speak.

We have so many things left to do.

I believe I understood your words well.

Please don't hesitate to call.

It's a nice day and I feel like taking a walk.

I had a good laugh at her joke.

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I like to decorate my apartment to suit my taste.

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Is there anyone you can trust in this cold place?

They're not going to change.

Olivier just wants to talk to us.

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Kris didn't get what he wished for.


Let's not fight.

She used to live in Tel Aviv.

The moon rose above the horizon.


Please bring a chair and join us in the game.

What's the most addictive game you've ever played?

Diana turned off the lamp.

The third act is about to begin.

Teri likes milk very much.

The whole country was covered in snow.

She may have been beautiful when young.

To burn always with this hard, gem-like flame, to maintain this ecstasy, is success in life.

I felt reborn.

Yvonne looked through her closet trying to find something suitable to wear.

That was again completely wrong!

We should respect each other's beliefs.

He often goes without food for days.


She was delicate from birth.

I had no idea you were here.

I need to get away from you.

Can't you understand the pain of your parents?

If they can get both a forged card and its PIN then all the cash in the bank account will be withdrawn.

I can't see as well as I used to.

The bank wants its money back.

With all the teaching and research, I have no time for myself.

I think Liber does a fantastic job.