You'll be entirely on your own.

Sangho asked Jiri for a divorce.

Father and I go fishing once in a while.

I told Jesus the truth.

Stop slagging off my brilliant idea, it's not naive at all!

You must not be noisy.

I was unprepared.

I still want to marry him.

I just had a vision.

Allow me to explain.

The temperature is below zero today.

Lyndon slipped off his headphones.

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There is a bird feeder in our backyard.

I'll see to it that you get to go.

You can't yell at them.

Your birthday is coming soon.

I haven't been doing this for very long.

Call me when you are ready to go.

Moral values are important in society.

Who would want to kill you, William?

I like your idea.

Betty's answer was different than Kristen's.

I just can't get the information I need.

That used to belong to her.

Janos was very vivacious and easy to talk to.

Ross and Part waved to each other.

There is a street in Copenhagen with a very strange name.


I know the very person that will do this job.

I'm sorry, but I'm going home.

I'm glad you figured that out yourself.

Jeannie sat at the kitchen table.

You and your companion will run.

Tell Barrio this is unacceptable.

Leave the door ajar when you go.

All we know is that Fred is coming to our office at 2:30.

Here's what we found.


This is how I wrote it.

My father died in Vietnam.

Pete's family is eccentric.


Subra is interested in jazz.

Larry never meant to hurt Laura.

Maybe Gigi isn't the one who's lying.

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Lindsay is anorexic.


I am walking to the ladies room.

Was there anything else you wanted me to do?

That's so unfair.

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I'm being fired because I've been late to work a lot.


Tyler got paid last.

Don't pick your teeth in front of me.

Do you know where my old glasses are?

I watched the news on TV after supper.

I'd like to set up a sign like, "This Way ->," but what would it be if I made it in English?

Brandi was a prison guard.

I rarely get visitors.


He wasn't able to stand up at once.

Beverly is almost always free in the early evening.

It's one of the most polluted cities in the world.

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You shouldn't have killed her.

He was found guilty of attempted murder for attacking his mother with a knife.

That dog made for me.

Kathryn will make a good lawyer.

She is pregnant.


You can't carry on like this.


They all looked up.

I'm sitting on the sofa.

Today is my wedding anniversary.

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Lorraine had a problem at home.

I want to split up, but I know I couldn't even if I tried.

I am afraid I don't agree with you.


China is an advocate for the Diaoyu Island's sovereignty.

Eric is already an hour late.

He eats nothing but fruit.

I can touch the sky with you.

Do you actually know how to do this?

I listen to music while I'm jogging.

What's your favorite Anime?


I need more gold.


Learn it young so that when you're old, you'll know it.

Have you ever been to Boston before?

If you could loan me some money, I'd really appreciate it.

Let's check it.

Elwood was bitten by a dog.

I can't believe Rajesh has really gone.

"Psalms are boring" said the girl.

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Burn all of her pictures!


You take him to the hospital.

One will be judged by one's appearance first of all.

How did you get in my room?


You can call me Klaus if you want.

I wonder if Kinch will be at Mohammad's party.

I'm not talking about that.

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You don't have to do that now, do you?

The road to Nagano is closed to traffic.

The premier paid a formal visit to the White House.


We cannot make a change in our schedule.

I've always wanted to sing on stage.

Kenneth was really friendly.


That's probably what they'll say.

Are you using that?

You can buy now and pay later with credit.

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Debbie omitted a couple of items from the list.

Our school became coeducational a long time ago.

Blayne was singled out for praise.

We're going to take a shower together.

There is no stopping her going abroad.

On the other hand a lot of people die young.

You must study your whole life.

I don't think we'll see Vicky again.

I was just going to suggest that you do that.


He challenged the mountain at the risk of his life.

Are you in a relationship?

What was in it for Harv?

You don't like your own propaganda.

Please listen to the recording.


Will you give Dimitry this envelope?

Comb over your essay before submitting it.

I always wanted to say that.


Oscar is usually the one who puts the children to bed.


To do him justice, he is not a bad man.

This used to belong to me.

How dare you do that to him?

Vic had intended to buy flowers for Moran, but he forgot to.

I'd like to try it on.

You may use this bicycle for as long as you like.

The first thing my mother said was: "Are you crazy?"

Hui admitted his fear.

Courtney was sentenced to 13 months.

These pearls are genuine, not artificial.

Let me handle that.

Hey you! Up here!

We are traveling to Barcelona.

I'm glad we're best friends.

It was Mike that telephoned the police.

His heart is sick.

It shouldn't take us long to finish this.

Leigh got out of the car on the passenger side.

Trent is a nasty individual.

I didn't know Herve back then.

Yes, I have seen one many times.

He made the right choice.

She has a big family.


Prices seem to be going down.

He told me that I should be more careful.

Charles is a bad influence on me.


Walking down the street, I ran into an old friend.

We don't have much choice.

You can adjust the color on the TV by turning this knob.

Her cat had another four kittens.

Net-profit comes to 10 million dollars every year.

I will not let you do it.

I think I'm going to turn in early.

I have to get you out of here.

He hinted at his intention.

It is likely that he will pass the examination.

She died quickly.


I've got mine, so screw you.

Sorry for not contacting you recently.

The first step is a doozy.

Panzer paid no attention to Will's advice.

Mother gets up earliest in my family.

Thanks for dropping by.

Phone robbery thwarted in unusual manner.

We were imprecise.

Frank was the one who suggested that we take a break.

I recognized her by her fiery red hair.

Summer has just begun.

"I saw Sonja today." "Who?!"

Andrew is a pretty good singer.

At the sight of cooked snails, Jane turned pale.

Kenn must've told Bill.