The bear left no stone unturned in his search for fat bugs under the rocks.

I was exhausted when we arrived at the ski slope and the snow became rain.

You should not be absent without notice.

The American ships were stopped and searched in British waters.

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Francisco jumped over the shallow ditch.

Patty died shortly afterwards.

Major doesn't like to be disturbed.

Young parents often indulge their children.

You've had a good year.

We're all far from our homes.

Charley, Laurianne and John were all there.

Hienz died early Monday.

Welcome to the club.


I admit it to be true.


He got 90 in English.

The flower gave out a sweet smell.

Nobody laughed.

Let's hope the situation doesn't get out of hand.

What's so special about that?


It is natural that he should refuse that request.


I'm going to the convenience store.


Leigh finally managed to get a hold of Matthias.

It seems that he knows something about that incident.

Don't you have any friends?

Have you discussed it with Eliot?

What happened to her in Boston?

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Andy had better not do that.

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Why would Annard come back now?

I have to think of myself.

I heard you and Rodent fighting.

I gave her her dictionary back.

Cervical cancer has nothing to do with cervical vertebrae. It's a cancer of the cervix.


Is that a picture of Deb on the wall?

Couldn't you just leave me alone?

As the lesson comes to an end, even if the teacher doesn't say a word of "be quiet", "sit down!," the children naturally return to their seats and quieten down.

Beware of frostbite!

The bag is empty.

The eggs are in the basket.

May I use this word processor?

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I need to find her.

It made me very rich.

Store in a cool and dry place.

I said I'd wait for you.

The heater doesn't work.


I don't think Sumitro needs a bodyguard.


She got tired of his waffling and dumped him.

You were bad at it.

We went to church every Sunday when we were in America.

Kriton did it on purpose.

See you at home.

Lord arrived early.

I thought nobody really believed in ghosts.


I have a lot to do at the moment.

Hang in there, Lou, you're doing fine.

He went so far as to call you a fool.

Jennifer got used to ignoring the noise.

I thought Rob was your girlfriend.

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You aren't really going to kill Sanche, are you?


She's five years younger than me.

He is from some small town in Nagano.

Devon always worries about his daughter.

Nevertheless, I believe that these claims are not justified.

I'm engaged tomorrow, so I've arranged for someone else to take my place.


Do whatever you please!

Vistlik washed the apple before he ate it.

The choice is yours.

Why is Colin so late?

Throw him the ball.


The chairperson has asked for questions.


I have one favor to ask.

I didn't know Tim was having a party.

It was nice and cool, but it is getting cold now.


If it rains tomorrow, I'll stay at home.

Look at that girl. She's really cute.

That could be dangerous.

On my way home, I could not stop thinking about what had happened.

Pierette is seeing a therapist.

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We are human.

I never worried about them.

He slammed the door so hard that the walls shook.


Don't hurt yourself.

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Here anything can happen.


Clayton has been secretly in love with Ami for years.


Look, Rudolph, I'm sorry I hurt you.

I thought something terrible had happened to you.

That's not a big problem.

If you can't fix the pipe, we'll have to call a plumber.

I was assaulted.

Every sane man is accountable to his conscience for his behavior.

Knowledge is power without doubt.

You shouldn't make fun of Anderson.

Will he get well soon?

Aiding and abetting the enemy is considered treason.

I'm having difficulties.

Shadow failed horribly.

The old man wrote a letter to his son.


Printing firms around the world are generally willing to pay perhaps a 20-percent premium to buy a printing press from Germany, because the German presses are very solidly built and are machined to exacting tolerances.

Call me if you find them.

I'll wait until you finish the work.

Have you ever been inside Jon's house?

Andy found one.

I know it'll be impossible.

Did you feel the earthquake last night?

He called us.

I'm not arresting you.

The wants evidence.

I'm Korean.

I do not remember any of it.

Lila wandered off somewhere.

In Russia women hit you, and not vice versa.

This is by no means easy reading.


Everything unknown is doubted.

Let me introduce you to my sister.

I tried to learn this song by heart.

After the incident, their friends and relatives began to visit them less frequently.

She lied to her parents.

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Vidhyanath didn't show up for work on Monday.

I would never have guessed that Sanjib could speak French so well.

Can you find them for me?

Kayvan made a reservation at a good restaurant for her boyfriend's birthday.

Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air because of your own energy needs.

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What kind of odds are you giving?

You're lucky you don't have Spass's problems.

You should get back into bed.

I just don't want anybody to get hurt.

Without the light of the sun, we could see nothing.

Here's the answer to your question.

Daren noticed Sorrel was a few inches shorter than he was.

No one should have to suffer like that.

Robin's garage is filled with things that he never uses.

It was alive.

He's a good-looking guy.

"I have a phone in my cockpit. Someone left a phone in my cockpit. What should I do now?" "Okay Robert, box now, box."

Oh, that you could learn to see clearly! That the film might be removed from your eyes!

What would it take to get Rebecca back?

Let's go over it again.

I'm going to take him home.

Give Danny the gun.

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It was a good example.

All the houses in town were empty.

Don't cross the road while the signal is red.

She was advised by him not to borrow money from his friends.

Charlie is the expert on this.

The world would be so much better off if it were run by people like me.

The distance he ran was much greater than had been expected.

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His goal is to become a millionaire.


Rudolph put his hands over Antony's mouth.


Night watchmen drink a lot of coffee.


Please stay away from us.

There were problems.

Can you tell us a bit more about that?


Wait up. I'll go brush my teeth.

That person is looking at our fruit.

You can't blame it all on Kamiya.

Strong as an ox.

I am a bit drunk.

Jacques is not good at hiding his emotions.

The poem was composed by an anonymous author.

The refrigerator door was open.

What currency would you like?


I think Dale is just trying to be practical.

I want you to be my boyfriend.

Don't try to blame this on them.

I've got a feeling.

She went out for a walk.