You're having a bad day.


He lay on his back.

Have you seen my keys?

I'm a little busy here, Molly.

I didn't have enough money to go.

He is being harassed by a flood of questions from his students.

I forgot to do my homework.

Rafael took a handful of popcorn from the bowl.


He carried out his diplomatic mission with success.


She has 2,000 books.

I don't want to do anything with Olaf.

I received a coded message from Lex this morning.

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The distinction in usage between the two words is clear.

He was very confusing.

For him, hunger was an abstract concept. He had always had enough food.

My brother is really tall, about 1.8m.

Robbin said he ate way too much.

They're all corrupt.

Your mother is trying to break up our marriage.

Knowing how to hot wire a car may come in handy someday.

He has no deep convictions.

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I leave motivated by computer gaming and sleeping with my beloved.


Let's just hope our team wins.

There's also another possibility.

He's just a normal junior high school student, not particularly intelligent.


I want to do it right.

China is larger than Japan.

The doctor advised him to do more exercise.

He won the election by a large majority.

Oscar seems to be angry, but not as angry as Mongo.

Get the hell away from me!

Dirty stories are prohibited!

I had a nap for about an hour.

Have you ever thought about getting a pilot's license?

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Rage yields weapons.

She will never talk about it.

The residents made complaints about the noise.

Let's just let her handle it.

She is always finding fault with him.

We have plenty of time to spare.

I assume Cole will be the same as he was the last time we saw him.

Let's not ever do this again.

Who's your girlfriend?

I feel bad about the way things happened.

Her belongings were undisturbed.


The room is full of flowers.


Good dog!

Nancy shouldn't have left the party so early.

I think Manjeri is going to call you.

I couldn't have wished for a better gift this Christmas.

I'm going to do that first thing tomorrow.

They're washing dishes.

It makes me happy when you visit.


I'm such a loser.


He wants to have everything his own way.


truggles with Identity: U.S. society has gradually come to accept the many disparate identities found within its borders

I wonder what is going to happen.

He seemed bored.

Stop thinking of me as just an average person.

Leung must've known Niall wouldn't want to do that.

After she had read the letter, she tore it to pieces.

Patty looked very closely at the insect.

I dream in French.

My father has never been overseas until now.


Angus wants to protect Dannie.

The weather can be very treacherous at this altitude.

Surya called the wrong number.


I have an appointment with him at noon.

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We must get rid of her.

Sjouke wished he could tell Kathryn all about it.

Tad jumped to his feet and ran out of the room.

I understand his frustration.

You punch like a girl.

Tammy is intellectually lazy.

We spent a lot of time looking for a parking lot.

The seller weighs the cheese on the copper scales.

It wasn't good.

My daughter has grown out of this suit.

Do it just like this.

I'd like you to meet with them.

Who's going to tell Loukas he can't go with us?

The child refused to let anyone feed him.

Did you have dreams?

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Allen's dream is to be a schoolteacher.

I gave him a ride home.

Sangho has long eyelashes.

What we call 'Standard English' is only one of the many dialects spoken all over the world.

She asks for your opinion.

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Her third movie greatly added to her reputation.


I was just looking out for them.

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I felt very relieved when I heard the news.


What's the best university in Germany?

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Minorities are despised in many countries.

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We are just about the same age.


We all suffered.

I was tossing and turning all the night.

I am too ashamed to do it.

The less I study, the greater my chance of failure.

You said you didn't want to go.

I haven't seen her in days.

He was injured badly in the accident.

"How long have you been living here?" "It'll be five years next week."

We agree with you.

I thought it was pretty obvious.

I've never heard of him.


Do all the exercises at the end of the chapter.

Several minutes later, the telephone rang.

I could never do that to them.

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My hair's too long.


Stand it on its end.

She divorced him after many years of unhappiness.

Alfred is one of my best customers.

She has been waiting for him thirty minutes.

I'm trying to fill the gaps in my education by taking online courses and reading widely.

Alastair wanted to go to the beach with Tim.

Kazuhiro doesn't know where it came from.

It's pathetic, isn't it?

The explanation of the event was omitted for lack of space.


They felt their way in the dark.

You're very patient.

All we know is that Suu is guilty.

Syd teaches his friends French.

I should not have said that.

Marie and Ted adopted a child from Russia.

We are home.

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Jimmy often plays the guitar.


We understand you perfectly.

The important thing to do right now is to find Irving.

Dan was living two separate lives.

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Eduardo is good at avoiding fights.

Are you sure this is Clare's suitcase?

They watch PBS.

They asked Corey why she was crying.

It's a quote from the book.


Dan borrowed 50 dollars from Matt to buy Linda a birthday present.

Oscar didn't eat very much.

Last night there was still snow on the ground, but this morning it's all melted.

Go tell her that.

It's hard to find someone who writes Chinese as beautifully as he.


I know Bernie will get out of this.

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Get back inside.


It will probably snow tomorrow.

The cat is sleeping on the sofa.

The success of newly-developed applications and government-forced deregulation may hold the key to achieving this economic implementation.


They like Anne.


How many people are in your party?

The car was rotating counterclockwise (when viewed from above) until it faced to the right.

You don't have to worry about it.

Our teacher looks very young.

I wonder who Gregge is waiting for.


Go home and lock the door from the inside.


Kate tries to walk on tiptoe.

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I've just watched a video on how to bake a sumptuous blueberry pie.


I was talking about them.

Panzer and Mosur both said yes.

British scientists have established that if you turn the flag of Japan upside down, you get the flag of Japan.


Is there life beyond the solar system?