He cut it with the knife that he got as a gift from his brother.


Let's go down the street.

Take care of the kids for me.

I think it's true that he wasn't at the scene.


I attend a public school.


We have a medical emergency.

No thank you, I'm full.

I'm always looking at you.

All members have access to these books.

Harmon has been gaining weight.

You obviously don't live here.

Her house is a few kilometers away from here.

Just get to work.

He murders English.

He banged the door in anger.

He's a man who doesn't speak much but always keeps his promises.

Shadow seems to want to say something.

She must have some nerve to go and meet him by herself.


Barry pleaded with Romain to stay.

I was forced to abandon the plan.

Will you come to Boston with me?

How have you spent your holiday?

Lucy met Mosur.


Try to be as discreet as possible.

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What's wrong with the world?

I'm afraid I must say goodbye.

He never fails to write to his parents once a month.


How did you make it?


She does not understand French.

After he left school, he went to London.

How often do you wash your gym clothes?

She's well-informed, so she might know something.

My father has been to space.

Danny seems to have gained weight.

The street is clogged with traffic.

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Sumitro presented his graduation thesis yesterday.

My father always comes up with something witty to say.

I admit, my wording is a bit direct.

Nigel kissed Theodore on the cheek and then got into his car.

This dictionary is nearly useless.

The leaves fell.

I'm reading this newspaper.

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I'm so happy for you two.

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The body changes a lot during puberty.

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Ahmet is going to pay for this!

I don't know where exactly.

While she sat on the cliff and combed her hair, she sang a wonderfully beautiful song.

Roxane and I both agree with you.

Let's face the reality!

Would anyone else like to say anything?

Both children are deaf.

Barrio doesn't look particularly pleased.

I'm a free man.

We were lucky no one got hurt today.

I did everything I could do.

Sehyo showed me a drawing he did of Tanaka.

Beverly was sentenced to death.

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I knew it was wrong.

I think maybe Erwin won't do that.

I'm not sure how much we should wait.


I filled the bucket with water.

We're talking about Jimmy, not Julianto.

She sat surround by her grandchildren.

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That woman is his wife, I think.


I was born in Asmara.

If I cannot move heaven, I will raise hell.

I've finished watering the flowers.


I'll get my mother to bake us a cake.

Let's get a bottle of whiskey.

This work must be finished within two years.

Hunger can make people do stupid things.

Joseph can say 'I love you' in five languages.

It took all evening.

Can we trust him?

Tell her that I am pegging up the washing.

This store closes at nine in the evening.

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These creatures evolved from simpler organisms like jellyfish.


He can do it far better than I can.


Do you know Elliott well enough to ask him to do this?

I have no homework today.

I need some of your time.


I raise a variety of roses in the garden.

This is also ideal as a gift.

I don't want to tell Geoffrey the truth.


You're a professional now.

How did his son die?

Allen is looking for us.

I'd like a quote on the following.

We must deal with the problem instantly.

Rajeev was always such a happy boy.

Please give me a hamburger.

We need to put a stop to this now.

We didn't get much done today, did we?

I thought you lived on Park Street.

Everything's normal.

She stayed with me.

That only makes it worse.

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There are tough penalties for motorists who choose to ignore speed restrictions in school zones.


I don't want to look at them.


Astronomy deals with the stars and planets.

He suddenly took a defiant attitude toward the police officer.

Why didn't anyone say anything?

The restaurant gave us perfect service.

Ricky refuses to fight back.



Shepard served on a destroyer during World War II.

Here's where it gets tricky.

Cathryn did exactly what he'd been told to do.

The event starts at 2am.

Don't shriek in my ear like that!

The old building was broken down.

I guess you didn't know.

Stanley hid the stolen ring in a sock.

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Kristian didn't miss his umbrella till he got home.

Eternity can be described by many terms such as forever and forever and forever and ...

I hope I will have a chance to see you next time I'm in New York.

She was livid.

This medicine will give you some relief.

To me skiing is far more interesting than skating.

Circumstances do not allow me to say any more.

We can't leave them here.

You need to wake up.

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We do need you.

The sun doesn't only shine on your father's windows.

The sisters played a duet on the violin and piano.

I'm not sure when he'll turn up.

The battle of Waterloo was the last battle of Napoleon Bonaparte.


Education is the best antidote against violence.

Chuck doesn't know it yet, but he's going to get laid off.

Cathy thought Olaf was stupid.

Where should I sign my name?

He grabbed the rope and was saved.

Hi babe, where have you been?

Have you done your assignment yet?

Life is short. Have some fun!

It's about my husband, doctor; he sleeps badly.

Hartmann says you know what happened to Kemal.

The poor girl lost her way in the dark woods.

The patient showed the doctor his tongue.

She was advised by him not to borrow money from his friends.

I need to know where to put this.

I think Hotta would like that.

Kevan has done things he doesn't want his children to find out about.

I had a study date with Daren.

The doctor said that Anne's low in potassium.

Life is like a box of matches - treating it too seriously is stupid, whereas being careless with it is dangerous.


There was nobody here yesterday.

Their research used a survey method.

You're going to have to wait here.

Be natural.

Dan wasn't reacting normally.

Syd looked around at his apartment.

Does that mean that you forgive me?

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We have no hot water because the pipes broke.

What do you suppose happened there?

In London, the police are always worried about finding a bomb on the train or subway.

The common language of many Asians is English.

She always gets lost.

You're tired of not doing anything.

Everyone was so encouraging.

Nancy escaped with the briefcase.

The students are having a recess now.

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What're your plans?

I wish I had one.

Ramon, I feel very alone tonight.


I wish everyone would just go away.