Two white houses face each other and stand across the way.

Ancient Egypt used a solar calendar with 365 days in a year.

With an area of seventy-five hectares, our botanic garden encompasses about four thousand plant species.

Barton felt dizzy.

I have to fire them.

Dieter pulled the doors shut.


I know what it feels like.


Irfan overslept.

I just want it to actually happen.

This river extends for hundreds of miles.

The automaker will unveil its new line of sports cars tomorrow.

Why don't you come in?


Watch me now.


Jay shoved the bowl toward Jos.


You are not permitted to touch the art.

There are two cars in his garage.

When bad boys become good and kind, they have the power of making their homes gay and new with happiness.


Somehow you don't sound too good today. Is anything the matter?

Sooner or later, we'll have to buy a new TV since the TV we have now is a very old model.

A Palestinian woman in tears after Israeli occupation forces demolished her house and barn in Northern Jordan Valley. Palestine is now a days exposed to Polar Trough, the weather is very cold and these people have become homeless and no other place to shelter them, 10 December, 2013

Joel owes me money.

Bucky is usually at home on Sunday evenings.


You're as handsome as ever.

If it were not for his help, I might fail.

The new regulations were confirmed by the full committee.

It's a hard, dirty job.

I was thinking of her.


Where was the princess imprisoned?

We'll have to take our chances.

She is quite satisfied with her life as it is.

I don't think Varda has met Lawrence yet.

I think I can answer that.

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I'm scared of heights.

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I pointed this out to Toby.

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Can you do it tomorrow?


I'm looking for the same thing you are.


I don't feel like translating this sentence.


We suffered a devastating loss.


You remind me of him.

What really happened between you and Rabin?

I feel cold this morning.


I'm sorry, but we're closed.

Let him help you.

Can Jeannie handle failure?

There's orange juice in the refrigerator.

You've got to help her.

I told her I'd help her.

What am I agreeing to?

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I didn't know he had decided to leave.

We walked slowly towards them.

Romeo, believing that Juliet was dead, decided to kill himself.

Niels left the radio on.

Can I do anything for you?

Exports in January totalled $10 billion, a record for the month.

The investigation could take weeks.

He has had too many drinks.

This job will mean moving to another city.


When do you usually get off work?

Jenine looks a bit tired.

Her story touched my heart.


That's a crazy idea.

The science fiction movie "Contact" was based on a book co-authored by Carl Sagan and his wife Ann Druyan.

Rogue will be here by evening.

The boy is clinging to his mother.

I am exactly thinking about this problem.

I'll have no choice.

It'll be a long ordeal.

Don't insult Gunnar.

Maria usually goes to school on bike.


Following the riots, incidents of looting in affluent neighborhoods multiplied.

She's not coming on the trip because her parents won't let her.

Tell your grandfather I say hi.

Kirsten has braces.

Skip is a good dancer.

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I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your class.


Music started playing in the restaurant so there was a real romantic mood.

I read four new books.

We have to keep working hard.

Eddy didn't say a word to us.

The English are said to be a practical people.


The patriot sticks to his moral principles.

Who is the author of this story?

I hope you've got some proof to back up your allegations.

List tackled the problem immediately.

They want us to cooperate.

I don't think she cares.

He looks like his father.


The distance from my home to yours is two kilometers.

I helped my brother move his desk.

Eddie wasn't even here yesterday.

All children do not like apples.

That girl whose hair is long is Judy.

Hamilton's ideas were extreme.

What is correct in one society may be wrong in another society.


Thank you very much for inviting me.

I'm sure Bertrand wasn't surprised.

Don't be mean with the tip.


Are you and Gale still together?

She bent awkwardly in front of me.

No-one invited her.

Del can't stand it when Helen hovers around her while she's cooking.

We are to get married in June.

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I wonder why Alexander doesn't like Pradeep.

She went to the laundry and has not returned yet.

I hope the meeting goes well.

We could hear the sound of people approaching.

I'm not going to do that!

Who will win the World Cup?

I suggest we move to a safer location.

I have a few household chores that I must do.

Loyd was exactly twelve minutes late.


She leaned towards me.

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Leaf after leaf fell to the ground.


The same phenomenon has been observed.

She put some butter on her bread.

I like dewberries.

They are using a telescope to look at the sky.

The Japanese word "mofumofu" is used to describe fluffy and light animals.

"Here is the map! ...It's fucking useless!" "Then why did you purchase a faulty piece of shit in the first place?" "It was on sale at the Island of Lower Prices."

Let the party begin.


We have a bigger problem now.

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It's a very big social problem.

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That's going to be difficult.

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I can't come tomorrow. I've got a lot of work to do.

You are correct in thinking so.

Do you really want to know what I want?


Do you think fried chicken should be eaten with a fork or with your fingers?

He jumped to his feet the moment he heard the news.

The nation's finances are bankrupt because of the war.

Philippe can be very persuasive.

I haven't slept for two days.

Olson had to leave.

Spock helped.

We watched them carefully.

Catherine didn't like the concert.


Some water was found in the dead man's lungs.

I availed myself of the chance to go there.

Hirofumi and Terrance were on the same wavelength.

Why blame us?

What's the best way to stop your children becoming atheists?

I bought a book of jokes.

My cousin had been sick in bed for a week when I visited him.

Call her this evening.

I think that she won't come.

It's warm enough to swim.

How would you describe Claude?

We have to prioritize our needs.

Dominick sat at his desk reading a report.


I never meant for any of this to happen.

A people without knowledge is a people without strength.

I was dazzled.

What do you want to buy for him?

No drinkers allowed.

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The earliest civilizations arose in Mesopotamia.


I'm sure that Connie didn't intend to hurt your feelings.

Where is the bird's area?

Because it is an interesting and beautiful city?

I'm not going to rewrite your paper for you.

What are you going to do with my picture?

Are you cold?

I have a date with James tonight.