Nothing's perfect.

Have you ever shaken hands with the President?

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I discussed the problem with my friends.


I don't like having stiff neck!

I'll never be rich.

I'm not contradicting you.

I go through Chinatown and admire the beautiful signs that I still do not understand.

She and hers are all very well.

The training session is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m.

The damage amounted to five million yen.


I wanted to say hello to her.

Don't take it literally. He is inclined to exaggerate.

How do you get downtown?

Craig looked closer at the food.

This is tricky.

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Your ignorance is astonishing.

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Lack of originality, everywhere, all over the world, from time immemorial, has always been considered the foremost quality and the recommendation of the active, efficient and practical man...

I was the last one to see Anton.

I have an obligation to look out for Hon's interests.

We'll never know who he is.

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. However, do good.

He's smarter than her.

She went in to get it.

She used to live with him.

You milked the cow.

When did you get up that morning?

It's just that I don't want to die today.

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Over 4 million Australians communicate in a language other than English.

What on earth is that?

I want to go see the streets.

The room was locked.

Pablo is hardly ever late for appointments.

My name and my birthplace are irrelevant, my friend.

Sorry, we are closed.

You're going to tell Joon what happened, aren't you?

No one loves me.


Tammy must be homesick.

Which of the TV programs do you like best?

They will win, since their military is renowned for its discipline.

I can't go there.

We've got to stay together.

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Wilson was only trying to help me.


Can you shoot straight?

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Why weren't we told the truth?


What did you just write in your notebook?

People seemed to be anxious about the future.

Are you doing OK?

Dinner smells delicious.

Welcome, prisoners... I mean, guests.

That's basic math.

I'm willing to go anywhere you go.

This is only the tip of the iceberg.

I scream for ice cream.

I heard the news by chance.

In December 2013, the Department of Agriculture announced it will provide up to $250 million to help businesses and residential customers in rural areas cut their energy bills through energy efficiency and renewable energy use.

Jaime was looking for something.

Quintus has two servants.

I've just eaten breakfast.

Naoto wrote a very detailed description.

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It's you who has broken our agreement.

I'm already stressed out.

There barely were children in the classroom.

It's a really good school.

Between ourselves, the fat ugly witch is on a diet.

She gave him a watch.

Salmon are born in freshwater streams, but live most of their lives in the ocean.

Is there anything you can't fix?

I haven't yet had an appointment with this accountant.

Josh clearly has something to hide.

Deep in this forest, as the stepmother well knew, there was a green lawn and on the lawn stood a miserable little hut on hens' legs, where lived a certain Baba Yaga, an old witch grandmother.

I don't intend to use this any longer.

I'm sure that if you work hard you'll succeed.

I'm not interested in your religion.

He came to dine with us.


The station is between those two cities.

Dylan got a part-time job to help pay for his tuition.

These are all quotations from the Bible.


I'll see if I can't help out.

You're a sicko!

I know you well enough to know that you didn't really want to go out with Murat.

I'll give Allan a hand.

I tried to make sure that everyone had fun.

Did you question her?

China is said to be playing hardball in the Southern Seas.

I'm obliged to find a way out of the resulting situation.

This plane flies between Osaka and Hakodate.

Everyone knows about her.

Tell us what you think.

The new one is the most beautiful of all; he is so young and pretty.

Izchak didn't object.

What time is it in Sri Lanka?

Do you work on Monday?

Things are not as bad as they seem.

Radek is loving every minute of it.


A wonderful view, isn't it?

What else do you need to do today?

He doesn't run.

Ninja's company was bought by a larger company.

We'll leave now.

Hirotoshi was working.

The company I worked for was downsizing. Unfortunately, I lost my job.


I was hungry.

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Phill was born in a small town not too far from Boston.

That book on kabuki might be expensive.

We must save electricity.

What is the state with the highest elevation in the United States ?

Everybody laughed at them.


Do you understand what I'm saying?


How was it at your birthday?

Don't buy things on credit.

You found him, didn't you?

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No, I'm not from the United States.


At first, I thought they were sick.


They're insane.

You're not the only one here who can speak French.

Some economists think so.

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Is everything all right out here?

His death was ruled a homicide.

I'd like to know what you talked about.

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We have to acknowledge that.


Hirofumi is as dull as dishwater.

You'll do exactly what you want, I bet.

Mosur is very humble.

But Tatoeba Project is not a word heaven. Please stop adding words.

Sometimes keeping silent is the only way to show how hurt one is.

Why can't you tell the police who she is?

Cory wants to kiss Wade.

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Kirsten speaks several languages fluently, but for his job, he only translates into his native language.

She is clearly over forty.

She postponed her trip to Mexico.

I'd heard she was too far out for most people.

We should consider this problem as a whole.


Some words are hard to define.

Wine is made from grapes.

I do think there's hope.

In the summer I go to the pool every day.

Jacob is not as shy as he used to be.

Do I really need to do that?

The seaman apprentice, sitting on a stool in a bar, ordered a beer while waiting for his basket of fish and chips.

Russ didn't know what Himawan was trying to do.

Athletes must be tough not only physically, but also mentally.

That you have come early is a good thing.

The emigrants have endured physical and mental pain.

This is a difficult time for all of us.

Simina spends a lot of money on cigarettes.

Clyde tried his hardest to get there in time.

I'm one-eyed.

Of course he'll be late.

A little boy had a Kit-Kat.

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This film is worth seeing.


He tries to keep up with his classmates.

Can I get you to do it?

I discussed it with them.

Let's start at the third lesson.

Chuck has no idea how Sanjib ended up in Boston.

That is the Charles street.

I play in a band.


I knew there would be nothing to do here.

He drops in on me very often.

I have no idea what Mongo was looking for.

The old man was working in his garden, with his dog, as usual, close by.

The sun faded the lettering on the sign.


Chance has thrown us together at a skiing resort.

This will help.

Give her your seat.

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Let's go somewhere quiet.

Beavers rarely inflict damage on people.

I hope I don't lose.