Few people, if any, could survive a nuclear war.

I need a first aid kit.

Let's always tell each other the truth.

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Believe me, that excuse ain't gonna fly.

I got blamed and laughed at.

The longer you wait to tell Tommy, the harder it's going to be.

I was late, right?

Even an expert driver can make a mistake.

For me, you shall bring nothing but an old tinder-box which my grandmother forgot last time she was down there.

I wanted to hear from Lonhyn.


I only eat kosher food.


Can you tell me how you did it?

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I know about the job.

I don't think I have any regrets.

Suyog didn't mean for this to happen.

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You have a crush on Angus, don't you?

I can't go back in there.

Can you excuse me?

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A fierce battle led to an historical victory for Sweden.

I caught the ball.

I stayed in Boston for three days.

Lawrence said he didn't care whether we stayed or left.

I thought that might happen.

What would've happened if Jamie had seen us?

David tells me that you're leaving.

I'm now busy writing a book.

Hitoshi answered the door.

I'll protect you.

Do you think it's possible?

Nicholas can come with us.

The tree throws a shadow on the grass.

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I'll give you all the money you want.

I'll take care of it.

What's the fastest way to get to Boston?

I didn't wind the clock last night.

I recommended them.

I want to meet Uri.

Bored now.

You aren't an angel as well.

Six were invited, including the boy.

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Someone stole my car. It wasn't where I parked it.

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We brought off the task.

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You can cash your check at this window.


We have something to tell you.

You were right, Charley.

I'm not sure Delbert is ever going to be happy.


There will be many restrictions.

I hate my sister.

Perhaps I can answer that.

Suyog, I want to talk to Doyle.

I just happened to be there at the same time Sal was.

I really want to know.

He called us at the top of his lungs.

Hillary knows who you are.

I have not been so frustrated in a long time.

Don't stare at people.

I am leaving for London tomorrow.

The best way to learn English is to go to America.

Clean yourself up, Hsi.

I couldn't go out, due to the heavy rain.

I hate camping out.


I dream of being in Japan.

In a characteristically awkward move, Regis patted his guest on the arm.

She has eight dogs. That's quite a few.

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You can never tell anyone what I just told you.

We've been through a lot.

You're going to require care.

I waited for the bus in the snow as long as two hours.

I've spent way too much time thinking about this problem.


You can't make everyone happy.


It is one thing to show a man that he is in error, and another to put him in possession of the truth.


This explains everything!

Emma went to sleep and never woke up.

What's the minimum salary in Spain?


What's different between a wedding arrangement site and a dating site?


We spent the afternoon cleaning our gear.


Do you have fresh strawberries?

It wouldn't be bad if you come as well.

He was willing to care for that cat.


You didn't need to buy the book.

Everyone's busy.

There was a slight chill in the air.

Bryan waited a good hour for Ilya.

No one would hurt us.

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We add long examples.

Donna trusted Shannon.

Jane is in serious trouble.

This device is actuated by a switch.

May I smoke?

You may pay in advance for your order.

This is a matter worthy of note.

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Have I said something to upset you?


The people upstairs come home late at night.

The adaptability of humans in difficult circumstances is nothing short of amazing.

I advised him not to grieve over the past.


I want it for my puppy!

Who will play the role of the princess?

The mysteries will be unveiled when the box is finally opened.

What's your name, please?

Unfortunately he has already left.

Who's more important, me or Tatoeba?

I didn't get your last name.

I only have two hands.

Guy and Doyle acted like children.

He joined the Army during the war.

She is nice.

I'm here just for the holidays.

He is exempt from the military service.

He turned 16.

Hey, wait up.

Marcos had a secret he was hiding.

The man had a punctured lung.

We'll know soon.

Tandy is both attractive and intelligent.

Why would you have dinner with Debbie?

There's a bus stop neighbouring our school.

I'm a cheerful and nice guy.

The day turned out fine after all.

I was about to leave when you telephoned.

I love her sister very much.


Vicki overheard Adrian talking about him.

I just need three hundred dollars.

I don't need you here.

Beautiful, aren't they?

Klaus doesn't know when it'll happen, but he's pretty sure that it will happen.

I have jury duty.

List is very unkind.

He is getting closer and closer to the speed limit.

It's their only chance.

Do you understand the difference between right and wrong?

Who is that woman?

I know that gentleman only by name.

I've already promised to show Jan around town.

Let me come in.

You guys were great.

No news is good news.

It's a bit cold, but it probably isn't worth putting the heater on yet.

Do we want to grill? I've bought Thuringian bratwurst.

That's the one I liked.


I'd like to take a small trip this weekend.

Shakespeare is one of the greatest poets.

Why are you opposed to this?

They burned bridges and pulled up railroad tracks.

Sometimes, I think Kaj isn't listening to me.

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Do you have a problem with me going to Boston with Jesper?

I haven't met anyone that boasts of being a jazz pianist.

Andre got out of bed and quickly put on his clothes.

Sergei drank some juice.

Let's talk about what needs to be done.


This is based on fact.

You've slept a long time.

I want to eat something that can only be eaten here.

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Do you think he'd go out with me?

Diane never would agree.

Nikolai wants you to drive.

We elected her to approach our teacher on the matter.

I still can't remember what Kristian told me to do.


Cooperate with your friends in doing the work.


We both know that's a lie.

I would like to book a room with a double bed.

Seymour has done what everyone said couldn't be done.

My brother is healthy.

Suzan is a terrible salesman.


It's true!

What went wrong here?

I had to stay in bed all day.