Yesterday Cristi gave me a book the cover of which was blue.


My parents met on a blind date.

You seem to be a kind person.

Kenton has been going with Jane for almost a year now.


Forvo is an international project which has set itself an unattainable goal and therefore always achieves opposite results.


We're still looking for Victor.


They had to find the strongest candidate possible.

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I talked Stephan into helping me clean out the garage.

I have never been to Hiroshima.

There were several couples on the beach.


The tall woman wears jeans.

They're running without shoes.

Nothing seems real.

Just what do you mean?

Sputnik 1 was the first satellite to orbit around the Earth.

It snowed in Osaka.

The boy faintly resembled his father in appearance.


Tolerant is preparing drinks.

Are you trying to say I don't have any brain?

I know you're still angry with me.

There are a lot of tools in the box.

My father is to visit Korea next week.


They left behind more than 2,000 dead and wounded.

Nigel had a strange dream last night.

It's only three days until Christmas.

My French isn't actually that bad.

Takao doesn't know where he should go.

Can you come here a second?

Blake is very grumpy tonight, isn't he?

We have a long story to tell you.

She got a false impression of him.

No one is innocent.

He kept on reading the book.

Dennis is still living in exile.

Should I be jealous?

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Learn to speak English in little time!

Tell Reinhard that I'm sleeping.

This is Cao Cao's trickery.

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I'm really tired tonight.

I have nothing to tell you about it.

I like to cook all kinds of food.

When did you buy this cello?

You have to polish your English.


Mosur looked at the picture.


Corey stayed home.

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Winnie had other things he needed to do.

A letter does not blush.

When you've finished, you can go home.

Ninja is in the house.

Mayuko was reading and Meg was painting.

I was sure to find you here.


We chose Henry captain of our team.

Try to act your age.

Pratt and her sister have a similar hairstyle.

I usually eat before 6:30.

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I want to teach history when I grow up.

He promised me.

Leung probably could've told us how to do it.

My best friend is a book.

Stiff upper lip!

Get your filthy hands off him.

Skef's family moved to Boston.

Your database contains lots of redundancy.

I almost agree with her.

I am saving up so that I can go to Australia.

Vicky is going to have another baby.


I met him several times.

Dustin became upset.

I can't afford another operation.


He is afraid of getting lung cancer.

It's Graham and Raphael's anniversary.

Please lie still on the bed.

No wonder you've got a headache; the amount you drank last night.

The teenage friends stayed up talking all night.


The world which I saw in my dream was a peaceful world devoid of war.


Two men are checking on what's wrong with the car.

Why did you let me go?

I'd like to buy half a cake.

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Donal is expecting too much.

Warmer waters harm coral reefs and alter the distribution, abundance, and productivity of many marine species.

Your CV has really impressed me.


You look very busy.


I took a trip to Boston.

You shouldn't have been there.

You can use a psychrometer to measure relative humidity.

That night, I was really sad.

Vladislav took his shoes off.

It is said that he also invented concrete.

They're lovely.

An army was divided into the vanguard, the rearguard and the main body.

Cindy died just three days after Ginny was born.

These days I am very busy.

It was impertinent of you to behave like that.

We'll see what happens.

Zamenhof's books are not easily found.

You're not paying attention to what I'm saying. Your mind is elsewhere.

Travel and public speaking are integral parts of Konstantinos's job.

Nice to meet you, Mrs Jones.

He's running for Congress.

I just hope no one saw me.

No one was listening to Herb.

Is it true that special forces soldiers are trained to torture?

Can you correct this report before 5:00 p.m.?

The cost of the house was figured out at fifty pounds.

If you don't like it, you can leave.

How many did you take?

The discussions are ongoing.

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It's been a pleasure.


Sometimes he seems very distant.


It's easier to open an oyster without a knife than the mouth of a lawyer without fees.


The translation isn't possible.


Do you want me to call Dalton?

Go wake up Jared and tell him that breakfast is ready.

The girl standing there is Jagath.


Let's hope Kay finds something.

I've got to go to work.

We're all insane.

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I still dream about Germany.


I'm your teacher.

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Lucy and I have about the same number of friends.


I can't believe Skeeter ate the whole thing.

I'll treasure it.

I've been waiting for him.


Christian must've changed a lot.

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Please come to see me from time to time.

Please let me go and see her.

I've run for three hours.

How does Nichael manage to support a family on his salary?

It's time I had a talk with Suwandi.

I was only gone an hour.

You don't have a name tag.

I hate her.

Saumya is going on a ski trip next weekend.

I never dreamed that I would win first prize.

I'm absolutely furious.

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How tall are you, and how much do you weigh?


Aaron swung the bat and hit a home run.

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I don't care who your father is. You still have to follow my orders.


I need someone to talk to Gill.

It might make things easier if Chet helped us.

Did you see the kids?

My girlfriend is pregnant and she wants to keep the baby.

Is French difficult?

Please help me pick out a sweater which matches my new dress.

Colin doesn't like girls who wear a lot of makeup.


We'll have to take that risk.


Why was he living in the US?

He received me cordially.

Nobody saw us do it.

She fastened the medal on the lapel with a pin.

Give me half of it.

We understand this.

She fell into a profound sleep.

Turkey has the world's largest refugee population.

The mediator knows better the culture of the woman.

Unfortunately, elephants can't sing well.

Sam is going to be upset when he finds out that Cathy forgot to pay the rent.

Bruce still doesn't know I'm here.

We're not very far from where it happened.