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I'm bald.


Jordan likes being the center of attention.

I really must be going.

I'd like to talk to you about what happened.

He hardly works.

I told Raman I'd help him.

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He lives all by himself in the country.


We have a good crop of tomatoes this year.

How'd you find me?

We are flying over the Pacific.

I didn't catch the sentence.

He who knows several languages gets more from the world.

I just want to have fun.

Noemi thought he heard some voices in the next room.


If it rains tomorrow, we won't go.

I am working at home today.

Not all of us are against his idea.

He cheated on the test and got caught.

I'm having a great time.


You're in for a bumpy ride.

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What division of the company do you work in?

Thanks to you, the backlog of tedious work has been completed.

The parts are connected by an iron rod.


We had a good time playing chess.

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Sorry, I couldn't catch what you said.

That's what they do.

You don't need to explain.

I put on my shoes at once.

I can play chess, but I can't play checkers.

I've been preparing.

During the imprisonment of Sir Thomas a frequent intercourse of letters passed between him and this beloved daughter and when deprived of pen and ink he contrived to write to her with a coal.


Did you collect the money they owed you?

Which do you like better, this or that?

I feel very sorry for him.

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When we are together, time seems to stand still.

America is proud of being a free country.

It wasn't sensational.

Come meet some of your new classmates.

I forgot my wallet.

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I saw many tourists on the beach.

What's it going to take for you to finally yield?

Jacob looks quite sophisticated.


This tropical island has beautiful white sand beaches lined with palm trees.

This man is my direct boss.

This book is far above me.

The muddy road has ruined my new shoes.

Let's get married!


One potential problem is that Luc can't speak French very well.

I'll go tomorrow if the weather is reasonable.

In 2011, Toyota recalled two million vehicles which, they alleged, had gas pedals that could jam and cause the car to accelerate uncontrollably.

Nicolo helped us a lot.

Mastering science is an ardent wish of our youth.


Please telephone me when you have made up your mind what you want to do.

The chance of that happening is less than a thousandth of a percent.

We are in on the project.


They were better than I expected.

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I tried to call on my memories of that day.

Take them outside.

Seymour turned away.

I also feel more at ease when my wife is not around.

Dory was always secretive.

She likes to take a bath with rose petals.

That was very cute.


This coffee has a bitter taste.

Language and culture can't be separated.

"Let's see, you're ... er, um ... M-" "You're wrong from the first letter!!"

What was the girl called?

Vernon is ready to settle down and start a family.

I haven't told anyone.

Marian has made the same mistake three times so far.

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Both pronunciations are correct.

We failed due to a lack of preparation.

I cannot wash my car. It's going to rain.

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I've finally gotten over my cold.

Dannie has a life coach he meets with every fortnight to chat about his aspirations, goals and disappointments.

He has been elected to Congress.

I know how crazy that must sound.

He is junior to my brother by three years.

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He went bankrupt.

I want a list of everyone in this class.

Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to.


I was having such a good time at the party that I didn't want to come home.

Turning to the right, you will come to the museum.

Are you going to work until 10:00?

For fear of an accident, my father doesn't drive.

While entering the prison the new guy suffered a heart attack.

This is an example of something silly. A silly example, we might say.

Everything flows and nothing remains.

Kate seemed a bit surprised.

Hughes said that he doesn't want to hurt you, but if you come around here again, he'll beat you up.

I won't let you take her.

When I came to the ticket office at 8 in the morning there were many people there already. Some of them had come at 6. So I didn't get the tickets I had promised Peter.

Keep an eye on them.

Juergen never drinks wine.

Let's hope George is OK.

I know you still love Rudy.

My place is with them now.

We need someone famous to narrate the script for our new documentary.

It is cheap, but on the other hand it is not good.

It is an illusion that youth is happy, an illusion of those who have lost it; but the young know they are wretched, for they are full of the truthless ideals which have been instilled into them, and each time they come in contact with the real they are bruised and wounded.

I eat meat.

Could I have these clothes ironed?

You're sexually repressed.

I hate my brother.

I told him what to see in Kyoto.

I feel like I've known her forever.

The moment you change lanes to avoid slow traffic, the new lane will slow down too.

I have trouble putting up with his rude manner.

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Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it.

He differs from his brother.

I never knew I had to do that.

I'm the guy who knows where Carolyn hid the diamond.

Let's go outside and talk.

If I saw Anca, I would probably not recognize her.

I grew up in a poor family.

I understand the risks.

In the summer of that year, more Japanese troops moved into China.


She speaks English really well.


The results are by no means satisfactory.

She took advantage of the fine weather to paint the wall.

We can't afford to stay here any longer.


I'm going to stay home tonight.

I can't help but laugh when I think about that.

I advised Will not to go out after dark.

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We need to warn them.

Absolutely impossible.

I'm sure Vincent is on his way.

Are you sure you're ready to go?

Since Herman is leaving for Boston tomorrow, today is our last chance to give this to him.

You aren't really afraid of me, are you?

To tell the truth, I don't like his way of talking.

How many pandas are there in this zoo?

Hans stuck up for me.

Varda is sharpening his knife.

This rule cannot be applied to that case.

Clear up the cause.

Gill had never kissed a girl before he kissed Christie.


There's one small problem.

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I have to do it again.


Emily asked Kristi to buy him a ticket.

I want you to meet my sister I spoke of the other day.

How old that dog is!

It rained last week.

Nadeem looked after the baby.

The wind is cool and fresh.

You don't want to make me unhappy, do you?

The bus stopped, but nobody got off.

Can you believe this is really happening?

Romain's father was a drinker.

Someone named Henry wanted to see you.

Rogue is shallow, isn't he?

I don't regret what happened last night.

In which city is it?

What Alex said made you angry, didn't it?

Why didn't you come to the party?

Earthquake gives me heartquake.


If I'm late, I'll be scolded.

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I'm pretty sure Tollefsen's competent.

It's an inflation-adjusted figure.

It gets dark earlier and earlier.


Is there something wrong with your hearing?

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He knows many folk dances.

We tried to cheer him up by taking him out.

Edgar found a job for me.

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He is far in advance of the other students.