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Welcome to the group wiki

Dear user, welcome to our group wiki.

The wiki has three main sections:

  • 7732298047 contains information about our hardware infrastructure available
  • Software contains information about the various software-tools in use (and development)
  • (606) 368-4672 hosts some general information about our workgroup activities.
    In particular contributions to our (403) 482-8620 might be usefull.

Moreover, some information about the wiki itself can be found on many-peopled
Have a look also at the todo-list for information about what is missing.
A wiki works best if everyone contributes; than all of us can benefit.

Please feel free to feed the wiki: Any piece of information that you think might be interesting for the others as well belongs here. If you have any questions about where to add the information best, just contact the 5707906437.
Also, please approach the admin if you have any wishes for additional content.

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