Don't cross your arms. It makes you seem defensive.


We have finished the work for today.

You know I'm always interested in hearing more about that subject.

Have you begun studying English?

Why did you spend all the money?

Stop it. He's our friend, isn't he?

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You must conquer your fear of the dark.

I assumed I'd go alone.

No one is around.

She's the black sheep of the family.

Is it OK if I go over to Trent's house to play?

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Earle doesn't want to see anyone.

Give these children three pieces each.

This is all we have.


Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.

If only we had a son!

How's the party going?

The dessert was made with whipped cream.

I'm a human.

Gideon is standing in the center of the room.

To be black is better than to be gay. If you were born black, at least you don't have to think about how to tell your mother about this.

I have visited the city of Karakorum yesterday.

What stopped Kristian?

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Dad, can I go and play outside?


We enjoyed watching TV.

Calm down and be cool.

Any night the sun can come out.

I was raised on the east side of Boston.

Health coexists with temperance.

Can you tell if this is June's?

Men are all the same!


I'll tell them to stay outside.


I never had much money.

He was eager to show off his new bicycle to his friends.

I'll swim with Brendan tomorrow.

What are the conditions?

If it were not for the sun, we could not live.

His bitter words still rankle in my mind.

Her brother goes to school by bus.

For what you have written, your reaction is not justified in any manner, and I imagine it can make your life impossible.

This is the right day.

Rajiv arrived too late.

It's quite a project.


Jim is what is called an absent-minded student.


I haven't written anything for months.

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When she was reading the letter, she looked sad.

This hall can hold 5,000 people.

They spent the night on the beach.

You may die.

Do you have some kind of hobby?

Which university do you want to get into?

She left me a note.

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This has never been attempted before.

Such accidents are common.

I already saw him.

The old lady believes him rich.

The students are happy, but the teachers are not.

The cashier will give you the discount.

Who wants to fight?


He decided to abandon law for art.

They pulled their boat up onto the beach.

She reported the news.

It's a worrying matter.

A recent survey reveals that the population density in the metropolis is decreasing.


This is extremely hard.

Having all of you here is more reassuring than having the police or anybody else.

Reserve a seat in advance.

She greeted Mr. Kato with a smile.

We are all looking forward to seeing you and your family.

Authentic language varies in time and between places and populations.

Can't you see that Sandip doesn't want to talk to you?

Sal isn't polite.

Teach us something new.


That's precisely what you need now.

It's too early for you to come.

Hy is shy and cowardly.

Get away from that door.

Dorian let out a sigh of relief.

You got hit hard.

I need an envelope and a piece of paper. I also need either a pencil or a pen.

Ssi is funnier than Jacques.

Melinda was rushed to the emergency room.


You shouldn't go outside on a day like this.

Why don't we just cancel the meeting?

We were planting trees.

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Liber is still awake.

The hostess couldn't possibly tolerate his arrogance.

Don't give up halfway.


Today, this is even more accurate than ever in relations with the United States.

Susan doesn't like to wait.

You're very generous.


I had breakfast after you did.


Don't forget to bring insect repellent.

I wanted to give Miriam an extra day to finish the report.

Huey isn't wearing his glasses.

They fell for each other immediately.

You'd better go to bed.

I was surprised when James said he was unhappy here.

I'd like three lumps of sugar in the milk.


You have to put up with all these noises.


He is dressed in an old tweed suit.

The school yard is shaded.

Smile for the camera.

Sue said he only needed a few more minutes.

In August 2014 the Swedish Building Workers' Union decided that the gender-neutral pronoun "hen" ("he or she, or neither he nor she") should be used instead of "han" ("he") in forthcoming versions of its by-laws.

Life itself is the tomb where I'm turning over.

Don't be afraid to try new things.

There is no rule but has some exceptions.

I can see the target.

There are no shortcuts to the peak, only to the abyss.

Julie went out to get lunch.

Gasoline isn't cheap anymore.

I'm sorry I was so rude to you.


I'll paint the house.

I heard someone screaming my name.

Investigating the causes of cancer is very expensive.

I haven't finished my sandwich yet.

He visited many countries in Asia.

Everyone's asleep.

Who would do that?

What's Scotland like in summer?

I managed to escape.

It's easy to make friends, but hard to get rid of them.

She's not a criminal.

I really like the technique called chiaroscuro.

You think I know more than what I do.

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I'm sad for everyone concerned.


This style of hairdressing first appeared in the early 19th century.

I'm right here, Bernard.

Masanao asked Tigger to help him reinstall Windows.

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Please be honest.

Gregory got back into his car.

We found the right place.

He firmly refused the Premier's earnest request.

My mother used to be into tennis.

Dennis and Wayne had a child and called him Jean Junior.

I was in way over my head.

Someone is watching him.

I haven't told them yet.

How're you holding up?

He gets on well with Mister Brown.


How can you believe without knowing? Maybe feelings are more intense than thoughts.


Rabin seems friendly.


I guess you know who I am talking about.

Kenton doesn't yet know whether he can go or not.

What've you done lately?

Employees threatened a strike to protect worker benefits.

I'm really looking forward to working with you.

Sabrina thinks he has the flu.

There's more where that came from.

Oh, if only that were true!

I was afraid something like this would happen.

He seems to be a good guy.

Remember to water the plants.

I was feeling happy.

I also lost my cell phone!


I don't understand him.

Today I'm working from home.

She seemed uninterested in our problems, so we stopped asking her for help.

He ate three and said he could eat as many again.

It was apparently the work of a hungry bear.


You have to get on that bus to go to the museum.

In 1972, Dr. Francine Patterson started to teach sign language to Koko.

Do you think she's really sorry?


Things won't change too much.


The middle-aged women kept talking loudly all the way.