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Studycat’s blended learning tools are the perfect start for your child’s English language learning journey. Our award-winning apps and curriculums have been helping kids to learn English for nearly twenty years.

We’re trusted by schools and teachers across the world. Our comprehensive progress reports and learning tools are now available to help your children learn even more at home.

Schools & Teachers

Use the Fun English Junior curriculum and tools in your nursery, preschool or kindergarten to kick-start your students English skills.

Our learning management system enables you to monitor user progress and to set homework assignments tailored to your students learning requirements.

Fun English Junior

The Fun English Junior course is designed for learners in the three years before elementary school.

It begins with a Nursery course for 3-4 year olds that focuses on picture vocabulary, letter recognition and songs. The second level is for Preschoolers aged 4-5. It adds phonics, sight words and dialogues to the picture vocabulary and songs. The third level is for Kindergarten students aged 5-6. In this level, learners gain twice again the amount of content as in the first two levels, bringing them up to par with the Cambridge Pre A1 Starters benchmark for English proficiency.

Learning Outcomes

Your children will gain English language listening, speaking, reading, writing, spelling and singing skills.

English Words


Alphabet Letters

Phonic Blends

English Learning Tools

Android and Apple iOS App
Fun English Junior runs on both Apple iOS and Android devices.

Tap here to download Fun English Junior

Please note that to enjoy our teacher assignment and progress reporting features you need to log into the app which is by invitation only.

Student Coursebooks
Fun English Junior course books are aligned to Cambridge Young Learners Starters Tests and written by Award Winning curriculum writer Wade Nichols.

The course is designed to last for 3 years for young learners of ages 3-6.

The coursebook series has Student Books, Activity Books and a DVD for students and Teacher’s Guides and lesson plans for the teachers. .

Each classroom has a full set of Fun English Junior flashcards to help students learn.

These physical flashcards are complemented with digital flashcards in the app.

Progress Reporting
Teachers are able to assign homework activities for the students via our system.

These assignments can be tracked and reported to the teacher.

This means that the teacher can quickly see if activities have been completed and if the learner has any problems as they learn.

Teachers Guides
Each classroom has a teachers app on a large screen device.

These unique apps include both the teachers guides, the lesson plans and flashcards in digital format.

These teacher apps can also assign homework to the students and track learning outcomes.

Early language learners are able to absorb vocabulary and grammar patterns easily through songs.

Fun English Junior has 48 original and fun songs for young learners to enjoy and sing along!

Three-Year Curriculum

Year 1

For Nursery

Perfect for 3-4 year old kids.

Our nursery course focuses on picture vocabulary, letter recognition and songs.

Year 2

For Preschoolers

For Preschoolers aged 4-5.

Year 2 adds phonics, sight words and dialogues to the picture vocabulary and songs.

Year 3

For Kindergarten

For students aged 5-6.

Brings kids up to par with the Cambridge Pre A1 Starters standard for English proficiency.

About Studycat

Studycat creates fun language learning apps for young kids.  Our goal is to ignite their natural learning abilities with a large variety of unique educational games that encourage critical thinking and build the foundations of successful language acquisition.

Our English curriculums are written by experts and follow a clear logical progression for a beginning language learner. We introduce language that is relevant to a child’s daily life, teaching useful grammar patterns and vocabulary that can be remembered easily.

Games of all kinds are used to introduce the content in a myriad of ways, allowing review without rote repetition.

Awards & Reviews

Studycat’s language learning apps have received critical acclaim from educational experts and users across the world.
“I use this at the end of my English classes with the little ones and they love it! It’s great fun & they definitely learn!” Peter

English Teacher, Fun English User

“This app is full of fun engaging lessons that draw students in and foster their love of learning. If you’re in ELL/ESOL field or teaching English to young native learners, this is definitely your app.” Jason

English Teacher, Fun English User

“Great for primary students. I teach 1st grade ESL students and find this app extremely engaging and on point.” Jessie

Teacher, Fun English User

“Great for TEFL and young students.
Kids request to play the games after class and retain the lessons used in class so they can play.
Good investment.”

English Teacher, Fun English User


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