She's here to spy on us.

You will eat your sandwich! Whether you like it or not!


There is a fundamental difference between your opinion and mine.


Let me out.

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Where's the men's room?


Leonard said you had some experience with this.

I like the kind of music Dimetry composes.

What did they reply?


Why is this knife not in the drawer?

Darryl likes reading English literature.

My baby can't talk yet. He just cries.

Let's assume Chip is right.

My headache is gone.

Where did you live?

I'm glad I never gave up hope.

It's a promise.

Methinks the Lady protesteth too much!

He even suspected that the man was the principal offender.

Whatever the reason, they did not marry.

I'll give it back.

Tell them I had to leave.

Juha wants to know when you'll be finished.

Tokyo wasted no time in taking action.

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I thought you said Gilles was overweight.

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She looks very afraid.

Your mother must be proud.

Perhaps Blake is guilty.

I'll consult with him.

I can touch the sky with you.

We had to stop.

Maybe it's great.


I thought I'd never hear that.

I am a fan of socialism.

You may have to pay a little more.

These animals are very friendly, too.

Don't worry, Ginny, I'll be discreet.

I'm sure you would've done the same for me.

Only a wonder can help us now.

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I don't know how much more I can take.

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Andreas told Del that he had feelings for her.

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We sometimes make mistakes.

He was traveling in the Philippines this time last year.

The engineers changed designs frequently.


That was all he needed to operate his computer.


Almost all of Olson's ex-wives still talk to him.

By good luck, he was in time for the train.

I knew I should never have gotten involved with your harebrained scheme.

Kyung says that's not enough.

"Do you want some water?" "Yeah, I'd love some."

They found a secluded beach where they spent the day.

"You can't stir your pot with your broom. That's not sanitary!" said the young witch.


Malus might be able to get your car running.


Are we supposed to be doing this?

Then she began to walk again.

That's what I like about Bucky.

I need to talk to you later.

Pablo smiled at himself in the mirror.


Have you ever advised a friend?

Lee is a creature of the night.

The aircraft disintegrated during the fall.

The painting is the work of a Dutch master.

There's no need to worry about that at this point.


Tell me.

He went about the store looking for something to buy.

I've got an important message from Jiri.

Do you have any questions for us?

What do you eat at the movies?

This is a tried and true method of weight loss.

Traffic is bad today.

The loud noise woke up the children.

More than twenty boys went there.

I didn't do it for us.

It's really interesting to translate all this stuff into other languages.

King doesn't need your help.

We all live in the same dormitory.

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They didn't feel like playing any more.

When we went to Brazil, the first place we headed for was the beach at Botafogo.

No language, no nation.

The police required him to appear.

He comes here almost every day.

Antonio seems to be in a hurry.

Hwa stared in astonishment.


If he doesn't get a letter from me once a month, he will reveal the Pope's secret to the world.


What did you do in Boston?

Allan handed in his report.

Perhaps I can be of help.


I want to see you now.


What a beautiful number.

Juan wants you to help him wash windows.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but something terrible has happened.

What are you going to give Merton?

I didn't pick it up.


Jason wasn't very concerned.

"I don't know", said Tony.

The egg is a universal symbol of life and rebirth.

Let's go and ask them.

We felt at home.

I spent the whole morning with Louise.

You don't have to respond by letter.

Tomorrow is another day, but it won't be here until tomorrow!

The European polecat is sometimes called a skunk because it emits a skunk-like odor when threatened or during courtship.

What's this green stuff?

He attributes his poverty to bad luck.

His blue eyes were clear and bright.

My mother's going to kill me.


That big one is also mine.


I don't think of it like that.

It's very healthy.

I must leave now.

Tell her that I am sick.

There is very little probability of an agreement being reached.


What place do you want to go to?

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I don't want you to get the wrong idea.

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Where do you use Esperanto?


Roberto was being polite.


The trip wasn't all good - I got food poisoning and my classmate got Dengue fever.

Tomorrow morning, wake me up at 6:00, please.

I'd like to see Hillary immediately.

I agree with you that the actor is very talented.

I'd love to hear from you.

I offered to buy everything for three hundred dollars.

People are strange.

He wants to make something clear.

I've run out of money.


I found it impossible to explain what he is really like.

Ti asked Nate about what she did in school that day.

She dumped him for a younger man.

The post office is just across from the bank.

It can't possibly get any worse.

I just happened to be driving by.

Everyone keeps on smiling.

What proof do you have?

Katsuko leads her class in English.

His terrible suffering aroused her pity.

She often wears corduroys.

Eileen likes to work at night.

Elaine knows who we are.

From now on, I will no longer smoke.

Please come to the counter at least an hour before your flight.

Many of the buildings were destroyed in World War II.

Which class are you in?

Sam, don't!

I want to go outside.

Walt also speaks French.

Do you still have it?

I'm writing a letter to my daughter.

The smoke went upward through the chimney.


The man reading a book over there is my father.

If you carelessly ask, "got a boyfriend?" she'll be put on her guard and say, "why do you ask?"

Hunting is prohibited in this area.

The sky was gray.

I wish I understood what was going on.

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Marguerite and Brian didn't go to the dance together.


It was Brandi's turn.

I don't like being shot at.

I want to talk to them alone.

You have work to do.

I'm glad you didn't call us.

This game has you battle against hordes of evil stoats.

I'm sorry it happened like this.


When you are walking down the road, you can meet lots of people.


You should throw this away.


Americans spend most of their lives working, being productive.