I'd be delighted if you could come with us.

I'm dead set against the plan.

There is no satisfying spoiled children.

There is almost no oxygen in the room.


We can know in advance what excuse he will make.

Today the bus drivers are striking.

Let's get to know each other.

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Where can I cash this personal check?

He kept it secret that he had bought a bicycle for his son.

Have you ever stolen anything?

Oh! It's my day.

They should also be fair to others.

You should have accepted his advice.

You are to apologize to her for it.

Even at that early age the other children could probably tell there was something wrong, despite the fact that I never suspected anything of the sort; and this was to be the case for a long time to come.

How many people were aboard that ship?

This happens to me as well.

The maid is confined to her bed.

I'm glad you told me about Omar.

He tried to put the blame on me.

I want you to tell me everything that happened.

We get along very well.


Who gave you my number?


I've always hated you.

It expires tomorrow.

Linder couldn't stay silent any longer.

There's a rumor that Annard has a crush on Sanity.

I always take the bus.

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We heard voices in the room.

The journey that brought me here is almost unbelievable.

We need to learn all we can about what happened.


The boy has an exotic vision.

My eyes keep burning.

Lars and Wilmer are comforting John.

I can't imagine why Lea would do something like that.

Let's find out who killed him.

I'm not trying to control you.

Elric is not ruining her clothing.

Mother is getting breakfast ready.

I've always been afraid that this would happen.

Heidi majored in drama.

Peter's dream came true.

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Rajendra and Naim didn't invite me to their wedding.

The winner of the 100m race is often called the world's fastest man.

The champion of Eredivisie will be Ajax.


Good advice can't be followed if it isn't understood.

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I think we understand each other.

I'll get to the point.

I told him what happened.


It's a wonder they're still awake.


The work is a heavy tax on my health.


Leslie got in through the bathroom window.

Of these, Taoism is a native religion, the others having been introduced from foreign lands.

I told you it was going to be easy.

Kevan has been arrested for Jun's murder.

The policemen had already left.


Mac knew everything about Hirotoshi.

This is just too expensive.

I never feel the cold.


If you ever dare cross me again, you'll regret it!

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I work only to go on vacation.

I have an idea what it is.

He doesn't know what he's talking about.

Stephen couldn't help but listen.

The rain stopped just long enough for me to dash into the cafe without getting wet.


He cut off a branch from the tree.

Do you remember how this movie ends?

I was ashamed of my behavior.

Why is that ridiculous?

I'd listen to Sidney if I were you.

I'm cooperative.

It was unnatural.

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Evan has always maintained that he is innocent, and claims to this day that he was framed.

His love was passionate and pure.

You got Herb, didn't you?


Let me tell you my theory.


She loves antiques.


Jerrie showed Brender around the house.


I just received some very disturbing information.

I know you were in Boston last summer.

You have to read between the lines.

A bear will not touch a dead body.

Srivatsan is an amazing actor.


This is food.

I didn't want to make a scene in front of everyone.

I'll probably never come here again.

There's something I'd like to show you.

A few things didn't quite meet Lorraine's expectations.

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You're the most amazing person I've ever met.


Let's deal with the formalities.

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The beautiful color of the sky soon faded away.

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And they brought us whole binders full of women.


I had a very strange dream.

Economics is the study of economic mechanisms.

If I know what love is, it is because of you.

I will wait.

Ralf is coming upstairs.

We have had a heavy crop this year.

The doctor is a man of culture.

Catherine doesn't have time to answer all my questions.

Do you believe there are ghosts?

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Did you see anybody there?

He seemed surprised by the question.

The workers are complaining that their hours have been increased.


By the way, Vincent is in town.

Finally dawn broke; the long night had ended.

Romain changed colour.

Murat was relieved that the jury in Ti's trial brought in a verdict of acquittal on all charges.

He announced my statement to be true.

Hartmann's helping.

Ole looked for a weapon.


Generally speaking, the errors in religion are dangerous; those in philosophy only ridiculous.

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Bertrand obviously feels very passionate about this.

What is your occupation. What do you do here?

He didn't pay her any visit.

I like geography and history.

It's horrible.

I cannot tell you how disgusted I felt with myself when I realized what I was doing.

She wants to buy a present for her boyfriend.

"I know it is sudden, but this is your client, King Harkinian of Hyrule." "So this is the King I'm defending. I've never defended royalty before..!" "LOL I LEARNED TO TEXT WITH MY MOUTH. WHAT DO YOU THINK?" "I KNOW it isn't funny." "...Spoilsport."

And we had spent hours talking together.


Can I borrow your shovel?

I want to go to a hotel.

Jeany wiped the table with a damp cloth.

Are these soldiers or monsters?

It's an ugly language.

Barrio couldn't convince Raja to accept his money.

Pass on, please, and do not obstruct the way.

You argue with us.

She seemed to be very surprised.

I saw Jessie standing there.

Can I have my coat back?

It was Stephan's doing.

That's not what Rebecca told me.

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Sorry. I must have dialed the wrong number.


There's no way Jock did that himself.


You'd think Juliane would've told someone about it.


Are you quite certain about it?

You break it, you buy it.

You can't smoke in school.

We're going dancing today.

Polly gets along very well with his classmates.

Nicolette has put out three albums.

If you're not interested, just say so.


Many thanks for the meal!

I love soup.

Marek is a bookkeeper.

He seems to have been ill for a long time.

Terry's new girlfriend is a vegetarian.

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One can cure oneself of the "not un-" formation by memorizing this sentence: "A not unblack dog was chasing a not unsmall rabbit across a not ungreen field."

I'll check with you later.

Don't even think about that.

A lot has happened this past week.

I know they'll all want to help you.

I'd like to dedicate this song to Debbie.

The boss is thinking about firing Shel.

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They can raise your rent.

I thought you moved to Boston.

Where did all these people come from?

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Someone has to tell them.