Rex is obviously lying.

Her mother made her a new dress.


It will not be long before one out of five people owns a car.

Wait till the rain stops.

You think this is all some kind of joke?

Bea had nothing else to lose.

We need a sample in addition to materials.

What will become of his children after his death?

A big dog, sitting on its tail, was watching the fire.

Is that your own hair?

Kazuhiro knows Gregge isn't here.

Ilya isn't able to drive a car.

Smoking can kill.

Kerri and three other people will help us clean up after the picnic.

Why did the FBI raid Axel's house?

Perhaps June was correct.

Konstantinos and Harold are not only lovers, but are also best friends.

Dan gave Linda a tour of his castle.

Corsica has some very picturesque landscapes.

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The fruiting season for the cherry trees is from June to July.


I can get a gun for you within five hours.


I'll do it tomorrow.

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We lured him away from the company by offering him a much larger salary.

Darci always seems to be working.

Don't tramp in the living room with muddy feet.

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If it happened to Naim, it could happen to me.

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The league originally referred to the distance a person or a horse could walk in an hour.


You've got to face your fears.

As it had been written in haste, the report was poor.

My feet really hurt.


It was a small incident.

That isn't safe.

How many cats are there in the garden?


I know it's impossible.

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Skip the problems you can not do and go ahead.

Here are two pencils: one is hard, and the other soft.

I'm returning your call.

Could I sit on the aisle?

Tovah couldn't stand it anymore.


Is your father here yet?

I found out what's wrong with the car.

I only ate one sandwich.

If I were you, I should not do such a thing.

There is nothing like the dull thud of nylon on nylon.

The work wasn't finished at 11:00 p.m. Friday, so they decided to carry it over to the following Monday.

You must see this.


Could I have a plastic bag for those?

I'm not in love with you.

I like the colour yellow.

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Tell Norm no.


What is the worth of a jar full of pennies?

HEY! Everybody step in line! Follow me!

Marriage is made in heaven.

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It'll never last.


This is everyone's victory.

I have been writing letters all morning.

I think I would have heard gunshots if there had been any.

If Mac wants to stay, I have no objection.

I'd like to rent a regular car.

The priest will take some of the blood.

Tolerant killed Sergei for money.

I want those reports on my desk within the hour.

I don't want to hear about what you did yesterday.

I'm prepared to do anything to protect freedom.

I want to know why you weren't here to help us yesterday.

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I don't know a thing about her.


An apple tree provides an apple.

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I go to the market.

Kelly will be alright.

Mierscheid was a German politician.


Rape is a horrible crime.

This coat is a little tight across the back.

Don't you know an opposite of 'relief'?

I want to know who used to live here and where he's gone.

They couldn't stop smiling.

Juha snorted soda from his nose in astonishment.

Are you doing something differently?

I'm glad you're still here.

Please advise me of the cost.


I'm old enough to drink.

Brendan wouldn't let that happen.

We have a new student joining our class today.


I'd never do anything to hurt you.

Shutoku noticed the door was unlocked.

After two hours on the road, Vincent made a comfort stop.

We have to make a decision.

Calhoun was too weak to read his speech.

I need a kitchen knife.

What's all the fuss?

You must be at the station by 5 o'clock.

I'm afraid I can't accept your invitation.


Clare took his glasses off and put them in his pocket.

Adam used to be fun to hang out with.

I have the best job in the entire world.


"No way!" "Way."

Ask Erwin when he plans to come back.

They have good appetite this morning.


Jesse used to be obsessive.

What do you think this is worth?

Can you order it for me?

Harry was wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

There are many uses of the 'present tense' of Japanese grammar which indicate things yet to happen.

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Do you know how to use this machine?

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Not everyone in town likes Sridhar.

He's in the pocket of big corporations.

We got all the materials together.

Have you bought the tickets?

You'll need a ticket to travel by bus.


The house was struck by lightning yesterday.

Saify's friend whispered something to her.

Axel isn't naive.

Patrick and Jwahar bought their grandson a bike for Christmas.

With regard to the matter in question, I will write to you in detail later.


This lake is the deepest in this country.


I don't believe they understood.

I'll be at Rolf's.

Nhan never really got over Maureen.


Please just tell me what it is you want to do.


I wanted to talk to Pieter about something.

The dog is theirs.

Who made the doll?

Kee's troubles aren't over.

We don't want you to leave.

Barbara looks quite happy.

With the exception of virtue, nothing is more excellent than friendship.

She didn't come to the party, but nobody knows why.

Rick helped her mother cook.

Randy talked to Dorothy on the phone.

I'm so hungry that I could eat a horse.

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I want to know how Nou is doing.

Would you show me some rings?

I've got the habit to cook for myself.

Do you think you could teach me to play the bagpipes?

I want to talk to your mother.

I've got a visual on a possible hostile.

He stood on one leg, leaning against the wall.

Sabrina and Marian introduced themselves to each other.

I think there's a job opening up at our company, if you're interested.

Make allowance for souvenirs on the return trip.

Sharada didn't like the way Donal cooked.

We don't expect Jason to live much longer.

I've hit the lottery.


At home I have a Espresso maker.


Wes has started going to the gym.

Please tell me about your company.

People are concerned.

America has an elaborate system of constitutional checks and balances.

Albert was treated like a king.


You should at least apologize.

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Look not at the package but what's in it.

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Everyone knows that this chemical is harmful to man.

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I know why you're doing this.

I was too tired to walk any more.

By whom was this machine invented?

Nothing beats a good burger with fries.

Would you like to hear about what I did last summer?

Rees told me how busy you've been.

You should suppress your old macho ways.

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Frederick is a very good cook.