It is broiling hot.

The university disciplined Mark Zuckerberg for hacking its database.

Sorry, I can't accommodate you.

Call me when you get off of work.

I'm having problems with him.

After breakfast, I brush my teeth.

I would like to send a package to Japan.


I pumped up the tire.

Now that people can steal passwords, illegal impersonation is becoming a serious problem.

The cat has just passed by beside me.

You'd better believe it.

Micah has mental problems.

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I have no idea why.

On my own responsibility, I will go on with this plan.

We all have our off days.

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The vegetation and the murmuring water calm my ardent mind. A wind turbine rotates behind the trees.

Do you know something about it?

She drew a circle on a piece of paper with a pencil.

Marsh would help us, wouldn't he?

A lot of people prefer to eat fried chicken with their fingers.

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I know Debbie is working late tonight.

We'd better make some time.

For lack of a speedy trial, judges have sometimes entered acquittals even before a jury has heard evidence against the defendant.


I can't believe Raj did that.

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We like him.

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I heard you and Srinivasan fighting.

Trying didn't want people to think that he was flirting with Stacey.

The doctor told Vice that his hair will grow back.


We have physical education.

You can use my bicycle.

It was announced that the athletic meet would be put off.

I think Wolfgang might have taken something he shouldn't have.

Do you have any idea of how difficult is to do this?


What a feast!

Stagger lacked commitment.

That's none of your business, is it?

The sun and moon are often in the sky together.

Having a small flashlight in your pocket may come in handy.

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Where do you want to go, sir?

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Can you envisage Stephanie's working in a garage?

Would you sing us a song in English?

My mother told me I needed to eat more vegetables.

You can't keep Sigurd from going to work today.

Colin has a perfect record.


I'm in a really good mood.

I wish I could've spoken Novo.

These two lines cut across each other at right angles.


I lent Mark a flashlight.

Werner has beautiful brown eyes.

I should go.

I can't tell whether it's raining or not.

Shut up, Christopher. You're ruining everything!

I looked around for a mailbox.

That's quite a shiner.

Howard asked Jem out, but she said no.

I stopped smoking completely 3 months ago.


Man learned to adjust to, and in some ways to shape, his environment.

Stop being such a hard-ass. Come on over.

This fantasy of wanting to live in poverty is a silly woman's dream.

It's been quite ages since we last met.

I changed trains at Ueno Station.


Josh and Beth didn't expect to see each other.

I'll go to Boston to see Pablo next week.

You said you could make this work.

I've just invented a new word processor allowing to pronounce words backwards.

Slaves make a life for themselves.

Dozens of houses were burned down in that big fire.

This coat hasn't pockets.


He is a scientist and musician.


Those who know won't say, and those who will don't know.

Let me try again.

I thought I told you I didn't want you to do that.


Socorrito got tired of listening to the kind of music Marla liked.

The desires of evil people mess things up.

I fell asleep with my contacts in.

I can't pay him.

It is a common saying that thought is free.

Connie put his hands up in front of him.

Anna is a security specialist.

I knew it was plastic but it tasted like wood.

She did not overlook whatever difference there was between what was right and what was wrong.

"Tatoeba" means "for example" in Japanese.

All the people who were here have left.

She wants to marry a millionaire.

You had better stop smoking.

We can't live even one more day without water.

How is work?

He hung up the phone and went back to sleep.

I eat here all the time.

Please, do not get excited.

Why didn't you listen to me?


Excuse me, could you show me how to use the washing machine?

I'm not mad.

There still is time until leaving.

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I wanted to be free.

Annard and Alastair had a romantic picnic by the river.

The Bounty sank near Cape Hatteras.


There's really no point in arguing.

Florian says he's seriously considering our proposal.

I want to know why you did that.

I would like you to meet my parents.

Phiroze wished he was someone else.


He didn't shed a tear.

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I'd like to have something to eat.

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The German for "to dance" is "tanzen".

I'll leave Tokyo for Osaka tonight.

Charlene locked all the doors.

How kind of him to help us move on such a rainy day!

At last, her dream to be a doctor came true.

Syun is cheering for Bubba.

I often spend my free time listening to music.

Today I watched a play of a script written by a friend.

Rudolph shut the kitchen door.


The color white is a symbol of purity.

Claude is not on good terms with his family.

I'm not rich but have so much to offer.

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Do you want me to call the police?


Teruyuki is a dog trainer.

Is it your first trip here?

The library is upstairs.

I think Syed has no ulterior motives.

How much money do we have left?

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I have nothing to do with that crime.


The shop on the corner sells cheap sunglasses.

I was going to tell Bobby about you.

That was inappropriate.

You're afraid, aren't you?

Dan told Linda that he had a lot of money.

Do you know how to contact Sergiu?

I'll tell David you said so.

The criminal robbed the landlord of a hundred thousand dollars and ran away.

He studied the flight of birds.

My Arabic isn't very good.

You remind me of somebody I used to know.

Who's here with you?

I asked him not to go, but he left all the same.

I hadn't realized how boring Tigger was.

There are fifty stars in the American flag.

When you frequently communicate and have relationships with people from other countries and cultures, you end up learning a lot of things, though sometimes that can be due to misunderstandings and surprises.

Everyone loved the cheesecake I baked yesterday.


They defused the bomb before it could blow up.

I have to go back to Boston.

Before the wedding the bridesmaids are expected to plan a bachelorette party for the bride.

He as good as said you were a fool.

I still don't trust Prakash very much.


Miki was the last one to turn in his homework.

How many onion starts did you plant this year?

His novel has been translated into Japanese.


The Moon orbits the Earth.

You should return home before it gets dark.

Rich went completely insane.

Tiefenthal took Everett to an expensive restaurant.

I've already told Darci I'll pay for it.


I cannot hate you.

If you don't kill them, they'll kill you.

My whole body was shaking.


We've been married for 30 years.

We'll need more money than that.

He used to come here to take the treatment.


Let's start with this.


We can talk in the morning.

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I'm not concerned with the plan.