She felt like crying when she heard the news.

I lost Shane.

I thought I recognized Shean.

The geyser sends up a column of hot water every two hours.

This park is famous for its cherry blossoms.

I'll help find Mat.

Every day the boy would come.

Malus is showing off.

New York is the city you visit the most.

You deserve a chance for a happier life.

His criticisms were very severe.

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Maybe I shouldn't be so suspicious.


I can't turn the shower off. Could you check it for me?

Douglas made it very clear that he didn't want us to be here.

We walked three abreast.

Floyd denied he was involved in the murder.

"I'm back." "Welcome home."

We had not gone far before we were caught in a shower.

Why aren't you talking to me?


What were you drinking?

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I've got a wife and three children.

I'm driving to Boston tomorrow to visit Alastair.

Marriage is the last thing on my mind.

I know you think this is a stupid thing to do, but I plan to do it anyway.

Why are you carrying a gun?

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I don't think we have any chance of winning.

We should never have stayed.

How could you not tell me you know my parents?

The teacher announced that Arabic Level 5 has been canceled for this term.

Jennie isn't as heavy as I am.

What was your question?

Damn! I can't find my wallet.

Hate the sin, love the sinner.

The prices of raw materials such as oil or coal continue to rise.


Read me your speech.

I'm a little bit tired.

David is behind in his rent.

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I don't think Pratapwant trusts Harmon.

I guess I just got lucky this time.

I have to go pack.

Would you like sugar and milk?

Rhonda is quite disorganized.

Would you like to hear more?

The gun isn't loaded.

Alejandro played with his toy tractor.

Anything you can tell me might be helpful.


My book is prettier than my friend's.

The trouble is that they only think of themselves.

I don't know why they are so steamed off at us.

The buyer backed out.

The fishermen got up before dawn.

Mr President, it was yearning for democracy that brought down the Berlin Wall.

Do you have any tickets for today's performance?


What exactly was Larry doing?

Kayvan sent you this.

How is your grandmother?


I haven't had time to do any decorating.

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You really like comic books, don't you?

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The young woman's face became even redder.

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According to the Bible, God created the world in six days.

It's healthy and normal.

I think Paola is unprejudiced.

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I mended my torn shirt, too.

It's nice to be a role model for others.

Yes, today is Friday.

You knew them, didn't you?

The reality of spirit-matter is inevitably translated into and confirmed by a structure of the spirit.

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You're afraid of this?

I forgot to tell Jones what he was supposed to do.

Lech is interested in history.

Derek wants to work in a hospital.

He had breakfast all alone.

It is dull to travel by ship.

This is getting on my nerves.


Tell him what you need.


I spoke to her last night.

I'm not about to tell you that you're right.

Many miners are afraid that the mine will be closed down soon.


The big ugly tree destroys the beauty of the house.

I'll be back in touch soon.

There's too much salt in this soup.

I'll tell Miles he's got nothing to worry about.

Rathnakumar wanted to feel needed.

Thou shalt never lie, and shalt remain faithful to thy pledged word.

Mark the right answer.

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These pillows need to be fluffed up.

It's unlikely she's as clueless as you think.

I feel it: tomorrow the weather will change, it's already stuffy outside.


Do you think you'll need that?


Why do they say you have to learn English to survive?


Srikanth is full of surprises.

This matter had best be left unmentioned.

The boy lost sight of his mother in the crowd.

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Mikael likes to hear himself talk.

It was my opportunity.

This took place on the following day.


I lent my pencil to Griff.

I reviewed the budget, and decided to cut costs.

Can you drive a little faster? We are in a hurry.

Do you think Giles likes his job?

Let's go, Michiel.


What language do you two use to communicate?

Patrick knocked loudly.

The storm did great damage to her property.

Are you saying there were problems?

I need a little more time.

A man was shot in a case of mistaken identity.

She is my teacher.

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You're being unreasonable.

Timo was tense.

This doesn't serve any purpose.

He acknowledged his faults.

Stewart isn't in the best of moods.


Immediately after the bell rang the teacher came into the classroom.

I just spoke with Roxane.

That's fair, isn't it?

Get with the program, Kyung.

Mehrdad hasn't done what he was supposed to do.

I had scarcely entered the class before the students started asking questions.

I left my umbrella on the train.

"Who is he?" "A soldier that will fight."

Nicolette didn't need much help.

Vladislav payed me.

When I go shopping, I try to buy local products rather than imported ones because it is good for the environment.

There are a lot of gifts under the Christmas tree.

I cannot overcome my repugnance to eating snails.

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Naren knew he'd be punished.

Where did you glue them?

Are you telling me you're not involved?

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Use it as a body cream when you get out of the shower.

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Thierry tried his best to move the table by himself, but he couldn't.

This is where I belong.

Away with you!

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What did you learn?


It never occurred to me that she was sick and in the hospital.

Slaves make a life for themselves.

I told you I would do it.


Do you have a copy of that report?

Without your help I would have had no success.

I wasn't told.

You'll find a way.

I want you out of here by tomorrow.


I was injured in a car accident.

I am acquainted with him.

Let's just pray this never happens again.

Now sit down.

I like coming and going as I please.


It was a pleasant surprise.

I want it now!

He is looked up to as their leader.

Maybe, but I can't catch the drift of even simple situations.

I am looking forward to walking around the Izu Peninsula with some of my friends during summer vacation.

Where can I leave my bicycle?

Don't quote me on this.

How far away is your school?

I won't tolerate that.

Dwayne is a drunk.

Recently he bothers me.

Why don't you help Teriann with that?

I would give up my own life if it would save hers.


I'm done with my chores.

Nobody ever sits there.

I was starting to lose my temper.