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Horse Racing Statistics and Handicapping

Why Join Thoroughbred Analytics?

Thoroughbred Analytics is dedicated to offering the most advanced handicapping and racing tools that use complex calculations to analyze horse racing past performance data and the relative strengths and weaknesses of thoroughbred horses. Identify the best thoroughbred horse racing betting opportunities across North America and increase your winnings!

  • Statistical Analysis

    Thoroughbred Analytics offers horse racing enthusiasts the ability to run custom performance and comparative analytics, not specific to any race, for jockeys, trainers and tracks across North America. Users can instantly create custom reports based on past performance data and up to forty performance factors for determining the best overall contenders, no matter where the race.

  • Handicapping Tool

    The Thoroughbred Analytics Analyzer or 2 is our handicapping software and backbone behind all proprietary calculations, handicapping analytics and reporting. Users can purchase report packages, individual reports or create their very own custom handicapping models and horse racing reports for any race in North America.

    2 generates a numerical performance indicator using any combination of up to forty performance factors for each horse for the day's upcoming races. These values are achieved by applying highly complex and statistically advanced algorithms to horse racing historical data. The results are presented to the handicapper in a clear, concise and easy to read report.

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Horse Racing Statistics and Handicapping

Thoroughbred Analytics is the industry leading provider of data-driven handicapping reports and horse racing statistics for horse racing enthusiasts and professionals, from the beginner to the most advanced. Our reports are produced individually for each race and every thoroughbred track in North America using detailed data and our advanced proprietary handicapping software.

Increase Your Winnings

Proprietary handicapping software identifies likely winners and increases your winnings!

Custom Reports

Create clear, concise, and easy-to-read customized reports to run advanced analytics on any horse trainer, jockey or horse racing track in North America.

Accurate & Timely Data

We partner with Equibase, the official database for Thoroughbred Racing in North America, for the most accurate and up-to-date data.

Why Choose Us

Whether you are an avid thoroughbred horse racing professional looking for handicapping reports, or simply a fan of the sport interested in horse racing data and information, Thoroughbred Analytics offers the industry's most advanced horse racing reports and custom reporting software for picking your best horse racing selections and increasing your winnings.

Our revolutionary TA Indicator, TA Rank and TA Ratio are proprietary calculations and exclusive to Thoroughbred Analytics. Our calculations analyze over 40 performance factors, including horse racing past performances, to develop the industry's most intelligent, accurate and detailed reports for predicting horse racing results - period.

Join for free today and learn the TA advantage!

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Horse Racing Statistics and Handicapping

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