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Jonathan is just a friend. He's not my boyfriend.

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Do you want to come over to my place and watch Netflix or something?

You don't have brown eyes.

He was strong enough to help his father on the farm.


You have no right to tell me who I can or can't date.

He permitted them to walk in the garden.

What's your favorite romance novel?

I have a friend who's a teacher in Boston.

Why are people afraid of Val?

Thirty-two Madagascan scholars are flying to China.

Where's your uniform?

Everyone was excited for Halloween.

The baby cried itself to sleep.

Pilar will want to know what time you're planning on coming home.

You've already decided to leave early, haven't you?


I don't think I'll ever retire.


If I could be reborn, I would want to be the child of a rich family, then I'd be set for life.

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At any rate, I must finish this work by tomorrow.

I need to hire an assistant.

You've taught me so much.

When and where did you buy that old clock?

We have a few questions for you.

There's no escape for her.

I don't know what love is.

How important can it be?

Jesus is said to have raised a man from the dead.

I still have things I need to buy.

Masanobu never told Samuel anything.

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Why was I not informed?


I've steeled myself to face a certain amount of sacrifice, effort and hardship if that's what it takes to fulfill my dream.

He treats me like a child.

Your eyes are bloodshot.

Was Rainer at school today?

Terrance seems to be very excited.

Wendy shouldn't expect everyone to like the same kind of music that he does.

Not now, please wait a bit.

He's quite handsome, isn't he?

All you need to know is explained in this book.


He thinks I'm in love with her.

I didn't want to insult Randolph.

He was a good worker, say what you will.

Due to his skill in cutting corners, he managed to dominate the senior staff.

"What is the weather like over there?" "It's nice."

The first day of the first month in the Chinese lunar calendar is Spring Festival, the most important festival for the people of China.

I believe we understand each other.

The hen had very short legs, so she was called "Chickie short legs." She laid good eggs, and her mistress loved her as if she had been her own child.

Where did you do it?


I can speak Chinese, but I can't read Chinese.

Next period is an examination in German.

Please don't be angry.

You don't have to eat it if you don't want to.

Dan didn't even come in.

For being able to use the language better, and understand it better, you need to learn new words.

We'd better go in there and get Natraj.

I said all I'm going to say.

Few books of this character have come to my attention.


I haven't read either of her novels.

How did you enter in my room?

Not knowing what to do, she remained silent.

Brandi and Leo will come at 2:30.

Who's been eating my peanuts?

Can't you do that at all?

I can't stand this noise anymore.


Lui used to be wealthy.

How is it that we can see things so clearly?

She won't let you leave.

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He is the man you met the other day.

After a while, Terrence joined him.

Military training is training given to soldiers.

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The colors of Italian flag are white, red and green.


The xylophone's piercing high notes have bloodied ears around the world.

When cleaning the classroom, a few students carry the podium.

When they arrived in the town they found it easy to make friends.


Why do you need a comb if you have no hair?

That isn't possible.

We still have to find Ragnar.

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I really have to do this right now.


The boy is strong.

In Brazil the prevalence of Asperger's Syndrome may reach 0.5%.

That's what makes this so difficult.

I don't remember getting paid for the work.

Brandy is very sensitive to cold.

Where did Bobby meet his wife?

I made her a doll.

She was young and innocent.

I didn't like beer at that time.

She is better off than she was when I met her last.

I thought you said you had something to tell me.

Nobody believed he stood a chance of winning the match.

I've got to be very careful, Vidhyanath.

Alexis does everything for us.

Fall is a good season for reading.


Johan has lost almost thirty pounds.

No one seems to know.

She was shy in her high school days.

Don't ask me to choose between you and my job.

I am standing in front of a crowd in my underwear.

Jayant suddenly got incredibly nervous.

Sylvan meant a lot to me once.

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He said he wanted to be a scientist.


Casey will find another job.

With a little help, I should be able to do this.

By the way, where does he live?

Heather has worked for us for three years.

You're not to blame.

You've got one hour.

I've never felt this way about anyone before.


Don't blame it on them.

Corsica has some very picturesque landscapes.

Hurry. Please lend me a hand.


He didn't attend class.

Thanks for helping.



We need help here.

The Prime Minister holds a press conference tomorrow.

Tell them we're ready to go.

They went against my wishes.

I believe that the boy is honest.


Your tap water is too hard. Get a water softener.

How is livelihood in America these day?

His face is known to many people.

I thanked him for helping me.

That lacks subtlety.

It's just a bad dream.

Come and see me as soon as you can.

If I were free, I could help you.

His help is indispensable to us.

The young one can walk.

I am American.

Whatever I say, he has a comeback ready. You can't get a word in edgewise.

The vagina is a muscular tube.

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When I was a student, I used to go to that pizza parlor.

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Helge is getting emotional.

It's not going very well for you.

Sal is watering the garden.


She kept crying all the time.

Dick says that he has 4 homes in 5 different countries.

I want to live.

I wish you would start calling me Hirofumi.

I'd prefer that you stay home tonight.


I'm coming to see you tomorrow.

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I hope they kick Ruth out.

Vern made breakfast.

I happen to know him.


We go to school because we want to learn.

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Raja couldn't see very much.

The other part of why corn syrup is in everything is that it's cheap.

Be happy!

You'll never guess what happened to me today.

I agree with you on this point.

I was relieved that I could make my broken English understood.

That's what I think happened.

A lot of bicycles are illegally parked in front of the station.

Krzysztof is supposed to know how to do that.


The newly married couple walked hand in hand.


I bought lots of great stuff.


Have you ever shaken hands with the President?

Why don't you look into the problem yourself? It's your responsibility.

The sun glared down on us.


He was never sick.

I wasn't married at that time.

I'd like to confirm my reservation for the 30th.

I'm trying to impress them.

The options are unlimited.