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What became of them?

It would be a mistake to ignore Arnold's advice.

Cathrin thought it was funny.

He plays there.

This drink clearly has the same flavor as tea.


He won the prize last week.


Call your brother to help you set the table.

Spring will be here soon.

When do I get my turn?

There are a lot of beautiful buildings in this town.

Herbert filled the kettle with water and put it on the stove.

Ginny and Tracey got married very recently.

I hope Melinda is right.

Antigua and Barbuda is an independent country.

She stabbed him in the back.

Can you recommend a good restaurant for dinner?

Jos looks healthier than he used to.


Dominick really does talk a lot.


It's hot, so you'd better head back quickly. Mackerel goes off so fast that they coined 'fresh-looking rotten fish'.

I reported the incident.

When was Tarmi killed?

Vadim made a proposal.

Stop beating around the bush and tell me directly why you're so angry.

Next to China, Switzerland is an abandoned village.

I saw the look on your face when Miriamne asked you to help Rodney.

The novel and the relative film have been controversial.

It's almost hard to believe all these beautiful things were made by hand such a long time ago.


Where did you return them?

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They drove the car by turns.

They're a couple of hippies.

This morning Charlie said that his sister is still ill in bed.

Carolyn didn't tell me.

I pushed Claudia into the water.

Every time I went to see her, she went out.

Can you call for help?

Miek was messing around with the dishes.

I hate pretending I'm interested.


I am glad to have her company.

He came when I was out.

They are trying to organize a new political party.


When does school let out for the holidays?

When did you immigrate to our country?

The graduation ceremony will take place on March 20th.

He was executed, taken to a secret location and cremated.

The cat purred loudly.

Angola was once a Portuguese territory.

Kiki is still going strong.

Which one would you prefer?

Nichael didn't want to live in Boston.

I just don't understand why Kari would want to do that.

I get good grades.

I don't think I can get through all this work by five.

To make matters worse, it began to rain.

Ask the waitress for the menu.

You don't have a plan, do you?


Del drove very fast.

My grandfather speaks very slowly.

You're a terrible cook.

That was not very romantic.

The longer you hide your feelings for someone, the more you fall for them.

The balloon went up slowly.

Evan scratched his head.


I don't like to be pushed.

I thought Vassos was meeting us here.

Himawan looked up at the ceiling.


What were their interests?


You must be flexible in your thinking.

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He tried getting close to her using every means possible.


Sally leaned down and kissed his daughter on the forehead.


That's exactly the kind of thing I don't want to hear you say.

You're older than me.

Ernie won't be back before 2:30.


Christina loves skiing.

Write your name and address, please.

I saw Kolkka in the park.


It has been 200 years since Mozart died.


Suyog is one of my neighbors.

He had a lot of money in the bank.

I've located them.


My grandfather amassed a great fortune in the stock market and then lost it all over night.

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Let's not tell anybody about that.

Can I have your attention, please?

I remember Elaine telling me about the time he and Miriam had climbed Mt. Fuji.


I have a great deal to do and very little time to do it.

There is almost no water in this bottle.

What can you tell me about the kidnappers?

There are some tools with which to do the job easily.

Those present were surprised at the news.

The trains in Serbia are terribly slow.

I'm trying to figure something out.

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Stay calm. You'll have your reward tomorrow.

We're not going to leave Matthias here by himself.

She's worried for his safety.

I like his cat.

Mikael and Spass were both born in Boston.

Can I get a vodka tonic?

Maria took the eggs, one after another out of the egg carton.

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"What shall we do with the rubbish, Mr Wood?", asked Pip.

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He was a mediator.

The doctor seemed concerned.

This is so humiliating.

She has a lovely round face.

Stay away from the beehive.

I believe he is a nice guy.

You never liked me.

He is not coming to the birthday party, because he is ill.

I don't think I could spend six hours alone with you.

Are you going to help me or not?

We were never invited back.

It is deplorable that she is so selfish.

"This is what I was looking for!" he exclaimed.

Geoff was bitten by a bat.

Are you sure you want to quit?

Somebody set him up.

I want to buy my car back.

You or I will be chosen.

As soon as she heard the bell ring, she answered the telephone.

She is a woman of singular beauty.

The meeting will take place next Sunday.

I know you care about me, too.

Christopher Columbus once landed on the moon, but mistook it for Antarctica.


Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage.

I'm in trouble, aren't I?

You will go your way, whatever others say.

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I just left Jingbai.

That makes you even more attractive.

Susumu wiped his forehead with a handkerchief.

I found that she wore the same dress that I had seen her wear last time.

Everyone knows who Shuvra is.


I tried to talk him out of it.

Roderick wondered whether honesty really was the best policy.

Do you want to see what I've got?

Write a poem with four three-line stanzas.

What kind of food does Bernie like?


Marek is an obsessive collector.

I also really had the feeling of having had a relaxed day with my family for the first time in a long while.

We're waiting for Gregor.

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I don't like the idea of Mah going out with Major.

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Rajiv lives in Boston with his children.

I think we shouldn't get involved.

We will have to postpone the game.

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He let rip.

Kimmo just wanted to be helpful.

Could you recommend a good book?

Let them do their jobs.

I cried all morning.

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I have to admit that I'm impressed.


I give you my heart.

I need more information.

I brought something that I want to give you.

I felt sorry for you.

She retaliated against him by ignoring him.

Turkeer wanted to ask a question, so he raised his hand.

I don't want to do anything to Loren.


She added, as an afterthought, that she was going to do some shopping.

May I escort you home?

Come as early as possible.


I made my exam!

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I think he's innocent.

She cleaned the house all by herself.

He was in France.

It's been ten years since my grandfather died.

You didn't see anything.