All of my friends like soccer.

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This place is disgusting.

Both brothers are still alive.

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.

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She has a perfect body.

Did you make any new friends?

I'm the one who should be doing this.

Let's go to loot the supermarket!

I've offended you.


Alessandro Volta was born on the 18th of February 1745, 270 years ago in Como, Italy.

Would you mind showing Nate around the city?

It's your responsibility.

Last year I stayed at your hotel from July 4th through 12th and from July 30th through August 5th.

I have to get some milk.

It was very beautiful.

I'm better now.

Morton's in there.

Ray went there on business.

This new word is particularily important for us.

Without loss of generality, we can say that the sequence converges to zero.

They formed themselves into a circle.

Lucius said he couldn't find the kind of job he was looking for.

Nature does not make jumps.

This food does not agree with me.


The company hired a temporary office assistant.

Nicolas believes you.

Where on earth did you find Jussi?

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Write the amount on the check in words as well as figures.


Where did the time go?

I loved Boston.

They have given an answer to every question.

I study English an hour every day.

Don't spill your wine on the upholstery.


I was really drunk last night.

I left my hat on the plane.

Money is the key factor when we decide to buy a new house.

This hot summer day, Albert had a crop top on.

Do you have any idea who that might be?

You can't seem to finish anything.

Hsi gave his father a tie on Father's Day.

It's very noisy in here.

Could you lend me the book?


Have you ever thought about getting a pilot's license?


"Where's Jim?" "He's got a date."

This is kind of embarrassing.

Immigrants abuse the hospitality of Europe.

Norman lost weight.

All I can say is that I'd rather not go.

What makes this so different?

Save your strength.

When was the last time you told your wife she was beautiful?

I started reading the book.


Jim died in childbirth.


I always forget about myself.

You used to have a crush on me, didn't you?

We ran out of gas.


Kyle looks lonely.


You have to answer the question.

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Let him remain without posterity!

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My mother can't read without glasses.


The rose is called the queen of flowers.

Lucius will be there tomorrow without question.

Roman came to Boston when he was a child.

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The boy is right.

Sridhar's neighbor is a busybody.

People do sometimes make the wrong choices.

Weather control made sure that it rained just once a week.

Even the walking-dead eventually return to the grave.

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They are impatient.

Each building has a name.

She has an elegant manner.


That's not funny at all.

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John came to terms with his problem, which means he has accepted it.

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They're the ugliest shoes I've ever seen.

I have to talk to her.

It is certain that the increase of divorce will lead to anxiety between couples, parents and children.

It isn't clear which of them wanted that.

Sid is a happy guy who likes his job and feels good about his workplace.

Knut says he actually enjoys dancing.

We carried on the discussion till late at night.

What make of car is it?

When are you coming back to Boston?

Never have I dreamed of marrying you.

Sport plays an important role in his life.


This is probably not a good time to be doing this.

Stop your nonsense!

What a disgusting idea!


I don't want you eating donuts every morning.

Are we going by car or by taxi?

She won an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress.

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He thought that it would be interesting and fun.

They didn't notice anything suspicious.

Would you mind if I wait here?

You won't be in time for the meeting.

The most real of all splendors are not in outward things, they are within us.

Will you go, too?

What are we having today?


Benjamin was given an injection with a hypodermic needle.


Ignore what Tanya said.

His words hurt her feelings.

We've been unable to determine the cause.

So, are you going to tell me who you are?

As happiness doesn't exist, we must try to be happy without it!

There was no need to worry.

Merat shut off the engine.

He earned money by delivering newspapers.

Your attendance at classes was irregular.


When I got there, the house was on fire.

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His claim is really the same as the one Benson proposed in Entrepreneurs.

I bought this for Jeannie.

The gangsters extorted a vast sum of money from the rich man.


Why has Winston been arrested?

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I asked how you were.

I'll be there at half seven.

I thought it was impossible to sleep for so long.

In no country other than England, it has been said, can one experience four seasons in the course of a single day.

I'm with exactly who I want to be with.

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It was the first time I mimed the teacher and I made all the students laugh.


He is bound to pass the entrance examination.

You didn't do anything.

I think Craig has a long way to go.


Denis may be a little slow, but he isn't stupid.


I can't find any holes in his theory.

I don't know how to play tennis.

I'm starting at noon.

Lex knew what he did was wrong.

Margie is putting the children to sleep.

Thank you for the warning.

Ronald was an accident waiting to happen.

They all loved it.

Kyoto was an old capital of Japan.

I just need a little air.

He is respected by everyone.

I don't like fish with lots of bones.

Even if we do this, it will be another sixty years before the Antarctic ozone hole is repaired.


I apologize for my choice of words.

Renu's parents were very impressed with Kimmo.

I just need some information.


I didn't believe him.

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That still has a question mark next to it.


In 1899, the first cheerleaders were male students.

Since you're here, we might as well begin.

These insects are widely distributed throughout Japan.

Be kind to little animals.

Avery made it clear that he didn't want anything to do with Rainer.

I can top that.

I saw Keiko playing tennis after school.

I hate working with kids.

Everyone has their own style.

Paola often cuts classes on Monday.

You're nice to everyone.


Rakhal closed his eyes for a few seconds.

We keep in touch.

I realized it was a mistake as soon as I did it.

Saify isn't serious.

We appreciate the support.

He's got a crush on her.

Nora was hard up for money and said he would take any job he was offered.

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Vidhyanath would've helped us if we'd asked him.