The world is a narrow bridge, the main thing is to fear nothing.

Did Gunnar see what Delbert was doing?

A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.


How can I help?


I heard that Jeannette asked his boss for a raise.


It's not worth it to work anymore.

The rebel was ultimately captured and confined to jail.

I didn't have to do it, but I did.


Have a nice Thanksgiving!


Matt and Wes are staying.

Why don't you go over to Hsuan's?

Why don't you take a break now?

What's your opinion about the linguistic policy of the European Union?

I walked from the station.

What I mean is this.

I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

I think that hotel is going to be a little pricey for you.

She is wearing a valuable ring.

We must find out the cause and get rid of it.

Brian has a small cabin on the lakefront.

I made that up.

I live in a town near Boston.

I beat you fair and square.

I'll see to it right away.

I like to swim.

Brandi pointed at the restaurant across the street.

Because he hadn't eaten anything before the hike, he was about to pass out.

Since when have you been waiting? Have you been waiting a long time?

Having enjoyed her studies in Toronto several years earlier, Ranjit decided that now might be a good time to apply to become a Canadian permanent resident.

You can't find this article everywhere.

On a clear day, we can see Mt. Fuji in the distance.

The urban population of America is increasing.

Arthur is untidy, isn't he?

It's been three years since Lowell left Boston.

Her face turned red.

Do your best, Sally.

Which do you prefer, meat or fish?

Sandra seems to be enjoying all this.

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Christophe won't listen to reason.

You forgot your coat.

I hit three home runs last year.

Brooke is the only one who remained awake all night.

I never thought that would happen.

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Do not machines eat as it were by mannery?

Let happen whatever would happen.

I'll give them one more chance.

The natural sciences are nomothetic, whereas the humanities are idiographic.

Did you break something?


I'm not good at dancing.


This is the best Christmas present I've ever received.

"Zero degrees Celsius! I've got a high fever." "Poor Mr. Snowman."

I was really impressed.


I'm so drunk now that I'm seeing two keyboards.

One time, I went to the atelier of a painter I had just met in the middle of the night. It was a dark room in an attic.

Nadeem didn't seem to understand what you were saying.

I thought you said you can't afford to build a garage.

How can three men divide $5? I'll give each of them only $1, and I'll keep $2.

In old age, even the devil would enter the monkhood.

Do you know that for sure?

Don't you remember that week we spent together in Boston?

She pulled the curtain aside.

Inspector Cecilia Jackson questioned Andy for hours.

Why is taking pictures of trains interesting?

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Click on the button to confirm your order.

I will never part from you. You must come with me and be my wife. We have gone through many troubles together, and now we will share our joys.

Guess what I want to talk about.

Morton doesn't seem happy.

It's a matter of time.

You have to tell Kevan what happened.

She was very angry with me when I forgot the appointment.


He made it to the classes on time.

Chip wasn't allowed into Marie's hospital room.

Look at that pretty little girl.


You will always be in my heart.


You're the one I love the most.


Everything appears to be going well.

Many things have changed.

What snacks do you have?

She told me that I lacked manliness.

I wish you'd quit doing that.

He is the leading hitter of the Pacific League at present.

Can I get up now?

I've got a wedding to plan.

My brother is anxious for fame.

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I think you're jealous.

They would pay back the loans when they sold their crops.

I'm getting out of here.

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Eventually, Radek did what he was supposed to.

I've wanted to do this for years.

I feel like I understand your feelings.

Ruin is inside us.

Before this, I worked as a cab driver.


Pandas are very clever.

My client has been charged with murder.

In sports, there is no room for failure.

We have all received one blessing after another from the fullness of his grace.

The game will probably be canceled.


Nobody tells the truth anymore.


Did the world really act as fast as possible to meet the threat to the environment?

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Even though I know so little about her, I think I'm in love.

Who has captured his heart?

The day came at last when he had to part from her.

The white spots on Saturn are believed to be powerful storms.

Martyn is rough around the edges.

He has not yet recovered consciousness.

I'll try to be nicer to Marsha from now on.

I can see some Japanese people here.

He has good reason to get very angry.

Gretchen was trampled by a wild hippopotamus.

I think that that car is slowly following us.

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You will find her.

Vaughn remained silent all day.

The best time of life is when we are young.

Before you go play, do your homework.

Kemal was satisfied with the way Micah cleaned his house.

Don't fire until I give the word.

Did it require a lot of work for you to learn Latin?

This is a problem.

Nothing else has worked.

It does bother me.

I'm glad to meet you.

Let's decide with a coin toss.

She still lacks an evolved perception for the beauty of language.

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I turned the job down.

What makes you think Ravindranath likes you?

I don't know if I can make it without you.

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I'm in the middle of something here.

How much time do you spend on your hair in the morning?

I need to go.

A room with bath, please.

Diane isn't alone anymore.

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I think it's time for me to sharpen my pencil.

Cory is wearing his soccer uniform.

I was told to leave this alone.

Sassan doesn't seem busy.

I long for a smoke.

She is like my own child.

Tell the truth and shame the devil.

Orange juice, and two eggs over easy.

Are you a real nurse?

Florian doesn't really want to go.

Children should keep away from the danger.

Jef is guilty of murder.

You dont have to give money if you don't have some.

Kyoto is famous for its shrines and temples.

Enter the room.

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Does this thing embarrass you?

If you skip breakfast and keep lunch light, then in the evening you can have whatever you want.

Don't you want to talk to him?

She's not interested.

I heard Mah gave you his grandfather's violin.

Gunnar burned his fingers on a hot frying pan.

I heard you didn't get much sleep.

It's all a little confusing, isn't it?

That's not my concern.

The olives are harvested in autumn.

He began to cry.


What's the best way to approach a guy?


It was the same.

Evangeline Lilly is Canadian.

The queen held out her hand, and the old woman examined its lines closely.


This ticket entitles you to a free meal.


I made the mistake of going into business with Roxana.

Sanford's been in trouble many times before.

I spent all day watching TV.

Excuse me, I am looking for a book called "Tad and Syed".

She deposited a large sum of money in the bank.

You know I'm not coming back, right?

I won't hurt you.