Sisterly love is among the strongest of all.

Nathaniel isn't getting away with it.

He sells cars in France.

He was very pleased when he saw him.

Jeannie came here a long time ago.

We must continue working.

The horse neighs.

What will become of his children after his death?

It is a question of my bread and butter.


Woody didn't take the threat seriously.


Uri surprised me.

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What do we need to know?

Esperanto is the language of love.

She's burying her money in the sand.

Why did you stay?

We discovered that it was all a lie.

England was invaded by the Danes.

The leaves turn in autumn.

His speech continued for three hours.

I'm riding with him.


That book, which I read last week, is great.


He is not a patient but a doctor in this hospital.

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Do you think Shirley didn't hear me?

You know you were right.

That's exactly the way it happened. I swear.


He may not have known the formula.

She made my mother take care of the baby.

Why didn't you mention this before?


His plan seemed interesting to me.


I bought forty dollars' worth of gasoline today.

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I told you to stop, didn't I?

Kelvin and Lorraine watched John swim laps.

It's one of the basic human instincts.

Who makes breakfast for him?

Are you going to hurt her?

If the phone rings, don't answer.

Jeffrey and Hamilton were screaming at each other.

The surgeon operated on the patient.

I take it that's unusual.

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Kate, take a seat.

I felt very sleepy.

I know how much you meant to Sassan.


He was cured of his drinking habit.

Darryl is pleased.

It requires more courage to suffer than to die.

Please take your hands off me.

Everybody calls the small cat Tora.

The hero is male and white, he comes alone, he doesn't have a family, he never speaks of his family, and his mother died.

It's raining hard and yet I must go.

He walked awkwardly down the street.

He could not get out of the bad habit.

I just don't want to hurt anyone.

There were 20 failures among 50 applicants.

Paola is already 25 years old, but she has a tiny voice.

I'm looking for a present for my mother. Do you have anything in mind?

Rainer and Casey get along well with each other.

We are grateful for the music he left behind.

Please read it once more.

What part is wrong?

What would you propose?

The sun rises early in the morning.


Andre is a resident of Boston.

This truck has a flat tire.

Aunty Kelly treated us to ice cream today.

Sangho hid the children's Christmas presents behind the couch.

Valerie can come over to my house and practice on my piano if he wants to.

He sent word that he'd be delayed.

Nothing else really matters.

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You want to remain anonymous.

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We still have to do that.

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If I see Gregg, I'll tell him that you're looking for him.

I'm going to get there before dark.

Ken met Ramsey here.

Bud is familiar with this area.

It was seriously very interesting.

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I would like some hot tea, please.

Hector took his brother to the zoo.

Santa didn't get along with Danielle too well.

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Was this somebody else's idea?

Why didn't you report it?

The car raised a cloud of dust.

Do what he tells you.

Get back in the van.

Please let me go home.

Do you know the reason which prevented her from coming?

He congratulated me on my success.

You had a beard the last time I saw you.

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He told a friend that he felt very tired and weak.

I hope you like it.

Frankly speaking, he is an unreliable man.

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Kerry decided that he wanted to eat by himself.

All were young once.

I was concentrating on reading.

No controversy is ever over for good. It will always resurface at some point.

He made big money.

I'm tired of listening to them.

She's a shy girl, but very affecctionate.


Why don't you just tell Bradford what happened?

Eric is probably at home now.

She has a love of learning.

The pioneers met with many dangers.

He concentrated on that.

Let's have our composition corrected by the teacher.

Can I speak to him?

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Yvonne should've come sooner.

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We're expecting.

Don't tell anyone what we're doing.

Mosquitos love me.

We've been very lucky.

He turned out to be nothing but a liar.

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This is exactly what I didn't want to happen.

Add a little milk.

Christopher Columbus once met Betty, but did NOT get murdered.

Boredom is one of the most luxurious things.

There are a million people in Auckland.

Do you have needle and thread?

The children's room is in bad order.


I've seen pictures of Izchak standing in front of the Eiffel Tower.

I'm at a loss about what to do with the mess.

Could I get a few hours of sleep?

I'm honored to be here.

It had been raining in the forest.

Everyone is very excited.

The whole town's talking about Cliff and Shaw.

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What do you want to hear?


Good nutrition is vital for an infant's growth.

What is enough?

A cold front swept over Europe.

Deborah threw the book into the fire.

You're lying to me now.

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Bill spoke Japanese with surprising fluency.

The first word of every sentence should be capitalized.

We are supposed to hand in our papers by today.

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I had no idea you were planning on going to Boston.

Skip didn't have to tell me, but I'm glad he did.

She likes Alfred.

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The problem here isn't you.

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The bay has more yachts than sailboats.

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Don't go by what the newspapers say.

It's never too early to start learning.

I will have been to New York twice this time.

We are looking forward to your visit to our new office.

Let's take a short drive this afternoon.

We were looking for him.

Ask someone's hand.

You lie like a rug.

Now stand back.

Did something happen to you?

I don't need favors.

How will I scour with a fork?

This tanker is bound for Kuwait.

Blair came close to being run over.

Have you given up smoking for good and all?

Come home at once.

I'm still not sure what this is all about.

He cannot afford the common comforts of life, not to mention luxuries.

I disagree with you, Jerry.

She might help if she knew the truth.

The man was mild of manner.


We climbed the mountain last year.


We're all waiting for you.

I got a message that Pitawas needed to see me.

Even though he explained to me over and over again the meaning of this poem, I still don't get it.


Nobody I know goes there anymore because it's too crowded.