He always imposes his opinion on me.

Standing as it does on a hill, the hotel commands a fine view of the bay.

Welcome to the Tatoeba Project website.

You've got a lot of stuff going on at the moment, so why don't you take the rest of the week off to deal with whatever those issues are?

Meeks paid me a visit yesterday.

You're a bigot.

It's time to go home.

I am going to miss you.

He wrote down the name so he wouldn't forget it.

Where did they take you?

She greeted him waving her hand.

She likes to dress out of fashion.

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Connie regrets what he did.

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I'll get in touch with him.

Pass down the car, please.

Shane noticed Jochen wasn't wearing the ring he'd given her.

What flight were you on?

Harvey, if there's a problem, I want to hear about it.


The shooting victim is alive, but just barely.


The farmers complained that because of the dry weather there would be a poor harvest of winter grain.

When you leave, I'll miss you.

The reporter filed his story just before the paper went to press.

I can't stand the noise.

Did you want to go to Boston with Brodie?

I gave one back.

I met a friend of mine at the airport.

Nobody knows that.

I am persuading him to come.

The association of kiwi with New Zealand is so strong that 'Kiwi' is frequently used as a colloquial demonym for New Zealanders.

Shirley and Ahmet were in the middle of a heated argument when John walked into the room.

We chose John to be our captain.

My idleness will become my doom.

It is hardly worth discussing.

It's a limited-time offer.

Well there aren't any other positions left. After that, all that is left is basic member.

Why don't you just tell Elsa?


Give him a day or two.

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Felicja likes to watch TV.

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Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.

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Guys have feelings too.


I hadn't seen Anthony in years.

I'd like to buy everyone a round.

As the young man's car was close to the fence, Miss Baker had to drive up beside it on the other side, where the girl was sitting.

He visits those who are sick.

Santa was fingerprinted by the police.


We were expecting that to happen.

My list is quite long.

I want to help you.

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I wondered what kind of person you'd become.

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I'm sure it's nothing.

I'll go see if there is any milk in the refrigerator.

Night is when most people go to bed.

During my childhood, I often came here to observe the surroundings and meditate.

These machines are distinguished by particularly high-quality workmanship.

What took you so long?

I am embarrassed.

At Kuroda Primary School we assemble at a prearranged time and go to school as a group.

"Will you help me with my English homework?" "Certainly."

Dry leaves float on the water's surface.

Amir should have discussed it with his parents.

Ronald pushed the button, but nothing happened.

Because of the accident, there was traffic on the bridge.

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Don't say that behind my back.


I can't excuse what I did.

Tahsin wanted to marry a man with ambition.

Many a man has lost his life at sea.

Naim is a bit of a loner.

There will be an energy crisis in the near future.

Saad's obviously under a lot of stress.

Everything worked out nicely.

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I'm a real simple guy.

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I just can't do that here.

Why couldn't you tell us that before?

They had a conversation about that.

There's nothing to talk about.

I was accorded permission to use the car.

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Don't worry. It's only temporary.

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The rent is due tomorrow.

I heard a helicopter flying overhead.

Toby never was very practical.

I'm glad we came here.

Would you like cookies with your tea?


Would you like to have tea with us this afternoon?

There was a long line at the women's restrooms.

Gypsy is definitely not looking forward to this.

Has a Sedat ever asked you to lie for him?

I'll make yours a double.

You're a false god.

What should I do! I mistook my father's company documents for trash and crumpled them!

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That wouldn't make me happy.

I want to hear your voice.

The locust made a big jump.

I'll pick you up in ten minutes.

Why didn't Randy speak?

It's hard to steal from a thief.

We still have an old tube television.

The gentle young wife pleaded with tears that her darling husband should restrain his habit of drinking so much.

I'll tell you this one more time.

The surgeon took out his patient's appendix.

Shane took off all his clothes.

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He urged her to drive carefully.

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Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

The police began a crackdown on illegal parking.

Jef was truthful, I think.


I'm champing at the bit like a wild horse.

I removed her number after severing our friendship.

We're correct.


The reason is very simple.

I always listen to this song.

I'm not even going to let you see it.


Jakob always keeps me waiting.

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He got a fair mark in the examination.


These bacteria have mutated into forms that are resistant to certain drugs.

Valentin has seen this before.

Do you have a showroom for your products in the city?

Have a good life.

Someone knocked on the door.

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He would often work for hours without stopping.

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Do your work as you see fit.

She still depends on her parents.

She will let it go this time.


It worked.

He's married.

I'm surprised we haven't run into this problem before.

Nobody believes what I say.

Her father is conservative and old-fashioned.


I was left behind.

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Aaah!! My computer is broken!

I didn't understand.

He's the little brother I never had.

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Ping doesn't know if he has enough money to buy school supplies.

I don't care. I hate him.

I neither heard nor saw anything.

Tomas is trying not to scare anybody.

Joseph is not happy about the situation.

I haven't seen her in three months.

I was just sending you an e-mail!


The dictionary is close at hand.

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Bart doesn't know any of Ning's friends.

I really cannot find any error in his theory.

Writing is useful.


Tor wanted me to learn French.


I used to dream about being a ballerina.

The bedouins were nomads.

Did you hear what he said?


It's pretty bumpy.

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It was bulky.

Hey, have you seen a guy's junk before?

I'm pretty stubborn.

His argument was logical.

Bear in mind that we must guard against overeating.

I can't make them happy.

You woke me.

Julian couldn't get past the guard.

She was cheated into buying worthless stock.

Let's find out who stabbed her.

You have to wait.


"Aren't you coming for a swim?" "I don't feel like it at the moment."

I met him at the airport.

Monarchs do not joke.