An opportunity arose for me to work in China, so I went and spent a year there.

I appreciate that you are very fatigued.


I'm waiting to talk to her.

Thirteen percent remain undecided.

I do want to do the sights of Kyoto.


To make a tart, you need eggs, butter and sugar.

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Drop your guns!

It's necessary to take correct measurements when you are tailoring a suit.

We were attacked by pirates!


He grew up to be a doctor.

Let us suppose she is here.

Shirley is on his way.

Cows live on grass.

I hope you will like it.

Marci didn't get into details.

Quit touching me.

What's your favorite kind of fish to catch?

Do you suppose they expected to be suffering like this?

She teaches us French.

I have attached for your convenience the FTP instructions to access our site.

Did you order this?

Collin is very cunning.

I found an apartment.

He kept me waiting all morning.

I have to ask them something.

Larry is a very attractive woman.


The suits in this row are all made of imported European fabric.

I don't want Michelle to go out after dark by himself.

Meat contains proteins.


He is jealous.


Neil asked if I liked Mexican food.

I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they are personal pronouns.

He is living apart from his wife.

Soon enough, countries splintered all over Terra to create over a thousand small countries.

It's a little town, but very beautiful.


For the sharks, we saw them, not by units, nor by tens, nor by hundreds; but by thousands and by myriads. Trust me, there are more sharks in the sea than mortals on land.

I look after you.

It's already night here.

I've been with the CIA since 2003.

He can swim fast.

I'll say it one more time.

I want to go full speed.


Have you confirmed it?

Maybe we should tell somebody.

I respect people like that.

Irwin definitely did that.

Niall can't keep secrets from Val.

A bank not too far from here got robbed yesterday.

I sewed one on.

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What if we should fail?


I didn't catch their names.

Remembering when I dreamt in your arms.

This cake isn't that good.


Is the rat alive or dead?

I must organize my thoughts.

I'll tell you what it is.


I was never in love with Kenneth.

He tried getting close to her using every means possible.

I didn't do anything for them.

I think you'll be pleased.

What's that got to do with me?

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I'm a bit serious today, but please bear with me.

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I have a busy day tomorrow.


Tell Casey I've broken a leg.

The enemy is weakened!

We'll let it go for the present.

Harold has no idea who Toft's grandfather is.

He explained how to make a fire.


Would someone please help me?

Did you see Derek while you were in Boston?

To speak frankly, I think he is a good boss.

I need to ask you for a little favor.

The wind feels great today.

I'm working too much.

George did business in the same manner as his father did.

What animal is that?

We're not as young as we used to be.

Donna and Ernst look exhausted.

Have you tried it yet?

The price of my piano lessons includes the use of the piano.

He nodded to her to come along.


It might be her.

Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.

What do you aim to be?

He flew into a rage.

I've loved her ever since I met her.

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I forgot her name.

She needs a towel.

Jeannie sold us out.


His mother is American.


Spelling is writing or saying, in the correct sequence, the letters that make up a word.

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I'll go find us something to eat.

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We have two dogs. One is black and the other is white.

Bill may be watching this game at the stadium.

Glenn eats tofu quite often because he heard that it was healthy.

I got a facial, a manicure and a pedicure.

Al Smith's parents came from Ireland.

Such work tempers a man's character.

I'll give you a call tomorrow.

Where did you get that document?

If only she were here, she would tell me what to do.

I want to make Anatoly feel at ease.

You're helpful.

People live only about 70 years.

Japan is a country in which there are many earthquakes.

Think about them.

Please don't leave without me.

Should it rain tomorrow, the picnic would be canceled.

He is fond of gossip.

The grand piano has no pedal at all.

You can't see gas; it's invisible.

That would be possible.

We are better off for the service rendered by this brave and selfless leader.


Am I interrupting something here?

She's deaf and mute, and is getting blind, too.

I just want an affordable place to live.


Theo didn't want the party to end.

She gave birth to a fine healthy baby.

There was bad blood between the two families in "Romeo and Juliet."

She regards him as her master.

She denied having taken part in the scheme.

I compromised with her on the point.

There will be no compromise.


I don't want to go to rehab.

The teacher ordered the students to gather around the big tree.

Ramiro likes to drink chilled water in hot weather, while Tareq prefers hers at room temperature.


I would like to know your origin.

Will you pay attention, please?

He hasn't come yet. He must have missed the bus.


Sofia doesn't have an Australian accent.

He went to the hospital yesterday.

What's Valeria's theory?

I'm usually not here on Mondays.

Everybody in the room got very quiet.


Most people live in urban areas.


I have plans tonight.

I'll cancel.

What horrible weather! It's been raining all day.


This book stands high in my opinion.

Peggy's retired.

I'd do almost anything for you.

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You're not as stupid as you look.

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The girls all laughed.


Mr T (19 years old) avoided conviction for murder, but was found guilty of grievous bodily harm for having intentionally caused wounds.


I know that it is highly unlikely that anyone knows me.


Would you mind if I walk with you?

This book gives a good picture of life in America during the Civil War.

Shakespeare is the greatest poet that England has produced.

Please don't tell Magnus what happened.

We haven't actually tried it yet.

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Half of the apple was rotten.

I hope he doesn't die.

Nobody is interested in knowing what are your favorite sexual positions.

I got to know Ed when I was a college student.

He was sick in bed all day yesterday.

I'm learning Chinese.

I didn't look at her.

He tried to fasten his attention on the letter.

I tore the picture out of the album.


That bell rings at eight.

He has an abrasive personality.

Colloquial language is not necessarily a grammatical and stylistic questionable form of expression. There is no doubt a cultivated variety of it which I really find to my liking.