I think I have a gum infection.

Does he have general common sense?

Didn't you see my birds?

Get me something to eat.

The death penalty should be abolished.

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Let's talk about you.

We don't need anything else!

Will you excuse us for one moment?


You're looking for the truth, aren't you?

The doctor says you're going to be fine.

Christie would often sit alone on the porch.

They ought to have arrived there by this time.

Your lips are red.

One-third of the six members were women.

'Guillaume and Lebas' will that not make a good business name? We might add, 'and Co.' to round off the firm's signature.


I would like a ratatouille, please.

I imagined that brilliant people disappeared to some secret place.

She is a beauty, admittedly, but she has her faults.

We saw a beautiful orchid with deciduous leaves.

I know how to handle kids like Jeffery.

Without a doubt the rodent best adapted to living in rivers and marshlands is the beaver.

I want to know why you threatened Martin.


We enjoyed our travels in Europe.

You're unforgettable.

The beginning of the trouble was his careless remark.

There used to be an elementary school here.

That'll be difficult.

She became reconciled with her friend.

There's very little pure blood in any nation now.

Promise me you will stay with Aunt Anatoly.

Jack was pacing up and down in the room, lost in thought.

I've never been more scared in all my life.

I know what killed her.

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You should have invited him, but you didn't.


You didn't finish filling out this form.

Metin measured the length of the board.

Just a few days ago, we were so happy.

We were very sleepy the next morning.

Only you can save me.


Donald likes all of us, I think.

He wanted to buy the book.

Get out of here, you dog!

You've worked more than I.

Arthur isn't very energetic.

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Spring came.

We could all be better teachers.

I didn't try to kill anybody.

Not always, but more and more frequently.

Doyle says he has other things to worry about.


That child of yours needs a good talking to.


You can't hope to catch up with him.


As it began to rain, I had just left the house.

A strong wind blew yesterday.

They like stories.

This situation is funny.

We're going back for them.

I like lemonade more than orangeade.

I misjudged him.

"Did you say something?" "No. Did you?"

Beggars can't be choosers.


You might at least have said, "Thank you", when someone helped you.

Do you remember what happened to you?

If I could draw well, I would paint pictures in "Where is Waldo?"-style, but leave out Waldo.


Gill designed this building.

Let's keep an eye on Sugih.

I thought I was happy.

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We were shocked.

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I take a nap almost every day.

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You shall have a bicycle for your birthday.

Neal is a busy fellow.

Let me introduce my wife.

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There's a telephone in the hall.

He doesn't exist.

I'm sorry. I overestimated my abilities.


Toft doesn't have to impress me. He needs to impress the boss.

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That boy is his brother.

You probably do this all the time.

I'm not as old as you, of course.

He was impressed by her skills.

Do you have any extra tickets?


I know a man who speaks French.


I'm surprised you didn't know that.

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He's had a big chip on his shoulder ever since he was passed up for promotion.

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The Federal Republic of Germany was established in 1949.

Dorothy will probably come.

He made dreadful threats, so that neither by night nor day did sleep cover me.

Something tells me you're right.

I'd love to, but I'm busy.

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Are you sure you have enough time to eat?

This boat is made with high grade aluminum and high strength iron.

You'd better get down here.

It sticks out like a sore thumb.

Suppressing one's romantic feelings is not the same as having no such feelings.

The women work in a restaurant.

Albert's torch died on him before he could get out of the cave.

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I've never seen Stevan in such a state.

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Kristi fought well.

We were busy.

Starting is half the task.

The frustrated tennis player smashed his racquet on the court and incurred a hefty fine.

Seenu didn't even bother to go to the meeting.

New laws are being introduced to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence on the streets.

Irvin pushed the door open and stepped into the room.

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Lindsay asked me to stop by his house after work.

Were you looking at her legs?

Blair and Izchak were the only ones that left.

Straka isn't going to like that.

Next time lucky.

What's important is that she stayed at my side.

Jenine was obviously wrong.


Mr. Smith is now president of this company.

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This mustn't be exposed to the sun.


Did you stay home to study for the test?

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The lava burned away the houses at the edge of the village.

I don't know how to ride a bicycle.

Is this project even feasible?

Everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.

They needed to make a decision - an immediate decision.

We can't leave this here.

Try harder to find the answer; there must be one.

There's a ladder leaning against the garage wall.

I don't want to lose my girlfriend.

Who gave you this information?

I think he takes after his father.


I'll be busy until 2:30.

Charlie saw his reflection in the mirror.

It's not legal for people under 20 to drink in Canada.

That should buy us some time.

Emil is unkind.


When I was your age, Pluto was a planet.


Do they have jobs?


Sedat gets a lot of satisfaction from his work.


His face can't be seen straight again.


Howard tells me you're better at French than he is.

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I cannot open this box without breaking it.

Are you here to arrest me?

An eclipse of the sun is a rare appearance.

We've already mentioned Billie.

Jennifer is in the living room with Sjouke.

No one knows how the Great Pyramid of Giza was built.

I voted for her last year.

They do not know how they should use the money.

I would sell this dog if it was taller.

Victoria treated her wounded knee.

Steen is scruffy, isn't he?

The old man sat in the chair with his eyes closed.

You got what you deserve.

The pup snapped at my hand.

His words embarrassed me.

I'll never find a keyboard patch that actually sounds like an electric guitar.

I am against using death as a punishment. I am also against using it as a reward.

A priest skillfully drew a picture of a priest on a folding screen.

I had to pay in cash.

Turn around and open your eyes.

I'd be willing to try something new.

That looks interesting.

I never thought Rafael could do it.


She likes music very much.


We need time.