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Superb AI provides a one-stop solution for building training data, from data collection, labeling to custom JSON and TFRecord formatting. Stop wasting your time. Save weeks of your work.

Our Products

End-to-end training data service. From AI consulting, data collection and labeling to formatting.
Get instantly usable data, delivered right to your training pipeline.


Data Collection

You don't have to spend time crawling the web or managing outsourced labor anymore. Just tell us what you need, and we can deliver the raw data that meets your specifications. We have access to over 100 million images, thousands of professional data collectors around the globe, and AI algorithms to search, filter and select the best data for you. Sit back, relax and focus on making an awesome AI.


Data Labeling

We deliver quality-assured training data faster than anyone, in whichever format you prefer -- standard JSON styles, TFRecords and even your custom formats. No more messing around with annotation formats, struggling with imports, or visualizing the annotations. You can monitor progress and give feedback in real-time using our dashboard. Training data built by AI engineers, for AI engineers.

What makes us different?

Work with a teammate, not a contractor. Built by fellow AI experts like you – we know exactly what you need.

  • Human workers are less exposed to fatigue, thus reducing human errors and improving the accuracy of our work.
  • Semi-automated system is much faster than fully manual work. We can deliver your training data faster at the same cost.
  • Our AI system learns from experience. Our processing speed and accuracy improves with higher volume.
  • Trusted by Industry Leaders

    Our select clients in industries from Electronics and Telecommunications to Manufacturing and E-commerce.
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