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Meet the Designers

Jay and Madeleine Crowdus, a husband and wife artist team, have a passion for good design. Jay is a graphic artist, and Madeleine is a fine artist in several media. They believe that good design is simple yet elegant, and strive to create products that capture the imagination.

In 2011, Jay and Madeleine had a vision to turn their love of birds and other garden and woodland inhabitants into delightful, engaging, rustic metal silhouettes to ornament garden and home. As an artist/illustrator team, Jay and Madeleine spend numerous hours researching each design, seeking to distill the true essence and character of each subject. This hard work shows in each product as it is instantly recognizable to those who love birds and other creatures. Jay and Madeleine's designs are copyrighted, and are the sole intellectual property of Elegant Garden Design, Inc. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited.