Wooden houses easily catch fire.

Nagoya is between Tokyo and Osaka.

You're very kind, Henry.

Every Monday, I have a one-on-one meeting with my manager.

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Are there any knacks, or good sites, for downloading Japanese software?

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Sridhar invited me to sit with his family.

He is, as they say, a walking encyclopedia.

My mother always wears lipstick.

Just make sure you give this to Kazuhiro.

Jacques sold his company to Herve.

What a dummy! I forgot my keys!

I need a quiet place to think.

It sucks to be you.

I read the book from beginning to end.

You didn't tell them what we wrote in that blog.

Edmond didn't need to buy so much food.


I'm a police officer in Boston.

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He reported to them what he had seen.

It is such a beautiful day that I'd like to go fishing in the river.

It was a terrible affair.

As soon as I saw him, I burst into laughter.

Aaron is standing close to Moe in that picture.

Linda came home late at night.

"Where does your father in law live?" "In the house which stands beside my brother in law's house."


Loukas wanted Debbie to help him clean the house.

I'm in love with the snooze button on my alarm. Too bad my boss isn't.

She said that she would come back again, which was a lie.

I thought Dominick still loved me.

You're not to blame.

Mario bent down and touched his toes.

We took her straight to the clinic as soon as she fainted.

And don't deny yourself anything.

Where does this bus take you?

Anne wanted way too much money.

I didn't believe her.


It's not all that complicated.


A hot wind is blowing in from the south.


I need to go back to Boston.

She attributed her success to good luck.

Guy inherited his uncle's estate.

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He's a financial wizard.

"Have you done your homework?" "I don't have any homework."

How long do you have to eat lunch?

That's good to know.

She is trying to lose weight.

He wasn't watching TV then.

I want to ask you a big favor.

Ken was killed in battle.

She only listens to indie music.

Why are you talking to me?

A monkey is climbing up a tall tree.

She was baptized Miriamne.

His fiancee is already married.

Every morning, the rooster crows.

It's a nice place, but I wouldn't live there.

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That's quite common.


Where did you look?

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I gave up running for president.

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Saad stabbed Sanjeev with a knife.

Vilhelm knows all the tricks of the trade.

English abounds in idioms.

From my personal point of view, his opinion is right.

You're really hateful!

I'm not sure about my writing skills but if it is needed I will make that text for you

Hy looked into the rec room.

I persuaded Those to help me.

I don't see any reason for it.

A jack of all trades is master of none.

I was trying to rescue them.

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Tad almost didn't recognize Rebecca.

I wonder where Mitch studied French.

They deal in rice at that store.

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I was totally dumbfounded.

This is going to be a challenge.

Her face was ablaze with anger.

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Is there anyone who might want to hurt Ozan?

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Microplastics are microscopic particles of plastic debris that pollute the oceans.

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She had to rely upon her inner strength.


I barely knew her.

I don't see anything!

It's a very big deal.


Can you do this yourself?

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It's just like you say.

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The family has problems, they interest Mr. Holmes.


We can do this together.

Sho is waiting for you in the lobby.

Hector didn't have to go to school today.


Three years ago something like this never would have happened.

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I promised him that I would come today.

Why did Irving say yes?

You need to hit the gym.

People speak English and Manx in the Isle of Man.

You got Joel, didn't you?

My ear is itching.

When will you graduate?

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What is going on here?

Ernest sat alone at the table, drinking absinthe.

Keep practicing.

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I understand you turned the job down.

I'll be back in touch soon.

I don't use taxis unless it's absolutely necessary.

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I look forward to seeing you at Christmas.

Gil is waiting with everyone else.

She came every time my sister was home.

You're almost as tall as your father.

Don't worry about giving a speech at the wedding; you can just wing it when you get there.

I wanted Joanne to take some aspirin, but he said he didn't think it would help.

Barbara got shot in the head by a sniper.

I didn't try to stop him.

Nelken toyed with his empty glass.

The bus hasn't come yet.

Why did you tell Liber where to find me?


He contrived to cheat in the examination.


Scarcely had the dog seen me when it ran away.

Parts of Marshall's speech were strikingly similar to the speech that Hector had given at the same event a year before.

John's face was drawn.


My mother will attend to the baby while I go to the dance.

When did your baby start talking?

I just don't feel like doing that tonight.

We're neighbours.

Glorify the ocean, but stay on the ground.


Who's Ritalynne's girlfriend?

I think you're amazing.

I have to say I was a bit surprised when you called.


Are we there yet?

Which house do you live in?

Instinct is the key.


He is doing a super job.

I'll try my best to finish it in time.

What do people usually do in the summer around here?

Please don't be so sad. Cheer up!

I heard everything you said.

We're still alive.

Tareq is going to look into it.


I think I'll go wash my hands.


My dog goes everywhere with me.

Brendan went to the gym three days a week.

Ritchey is cleverer than me.


Where do you feel uncomfortable?

Both boys and girls should take cooking class in school.

I wonder if Wendy still lives in Boston.

Don't let people make you crazy about money, hair and clothes.

I don't want to lose Lum.

I made a phone call.

It's my decision.

He likes to share his pleasure with his friends.

Marguerite managed to convince a lot of people that he had paranormal powers.

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I don't like French.


He couldn't make it in business.

Do you want to be a bartender all your life?

She divorced him.

We can't avoid postponing our departure.

It was something which brought a stream of new ideas.

I went to bed at ten yesterday.

I'm willing to give you everything I've got.

In this show, the accent is on robots.

TEPCO is looking for "jumpers", workers who will jump into highly radioactive sections of the plant to quickly perform tasks before running out as fast as possible.

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When a strong earthquake struck suddenly, my mom just walked around the house in shock.

Miltos grinds his teeth in his sleep.

I heard you got a job.