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Cell Division 1 interactive CD-ROM mitosis and cytokinesis in plant and animal cells Physiology of the Eye Interactive CD-ROM human vision anatomy perception optical illusions eye conditions and disease macular degeneration Cell Division video DVD chromosomes in mitosis bacterial division binary fission

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Since 1995, the iKnow team has been developing quality multimedia software for students and educators. Our materials are carefully designed to address different learning styles and audiences, making use of captivating 3-D animations to immerse users in the subject matter.

Our multimedia CD-ROM products and animations are produced with rigorous scientific accuracy, and the benefit of decades of teaching and media production experience.

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At iKnow, we specialize in presenting concepts in eye care, biology, medicine, and biotechnology that are often difficult to visualize and understand. A well-planned animation or video can make a tremendous impact on your audience.

If you have a project you would like us to tackle, take a look at the custom media services we offer and 985-845-1884 with your idea. Although many of our projects are science-related, we service a wide variety of interesting 877-249-5327 We love a challenge, and no project is too large or too small.

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We offer complete Web site design and production services. From small business or personal sites to large sites with video, multimedia, graphics, e-commerce, and content management, we can create a site that serves your needs.

For more information about our design services and recent projects, please visit us at: (514) 998-9770.

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