The board is about two meters long.

An ectopic pregnancy is dangerous and potentially fatal for the mother.

He has a brother in Tokyo.

I want to buy.


Do you know if she can speak English?

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This isn't necessary.

We've already done it three times.

I saw no other choice.

She fell in love with the prince.

In 1847, they declared themselves independent.


Ro was calm.

You should take more exercise for the sake of your health.

A kiss will be given to the person who wants to laugh.

I am a part-time photographer.

Whichever you take, you will like it.


I don't believe that Suwandi can speak French.

Why are you giving money to the man?

What have we done?

She is a psychic.

How could Morton be late for work?

Nietzsche said, "Battle ye not with monsters, lest monsters ye become."

July fourteenth is the French national holiday.


It is impossible to substitute machines for people.


Her success as a singer made her famous.

The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.

There's a package in the mail for you.


That wasn't exactly romantic.

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I'm punctual.

Who wants jello?

No one can be forced to give evidence against himself in court.

Something weird's going on.

I had a rough day.


My wife is afraid to drive my new car.

I kissed her on the cheek.

Give me some more milk!

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Charleen watches too much TV.

I just needed a little encouragement.

Mara took out his false teeth.

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All people have seen that baby.

Jakob isn't happy about not going to the dance.

I can't budge it.

Herman is going to climb the ladder.

What are you suggesting then?


He's allergic to pollen.

The cause was unclear.

He still hasn't given me the money I lent him.

Such telling effects of contrast as Japanese artists produce by use of empty space.

The whole thing doesn't make sense.

Where is it? I've been searching for hours.

May I pay with a credit card?

He must be at least 35 years old.

This bag is not big enough.

Liyuan started it.

There is a very strict rule forbidding smoking in bed.


We have other things we need to discuss.


What does Marika know about Algeria?


I heard you talking on the phone.

Suwandi helped pack Ritalynne's things in boxes.

Has Teruyuki kissed you, too?

I have cut up all but one of my credit cards.

The chairperson has been associated with the organization for ten years.

When you finish eating that, come back for more.

The houses are burning.


Can we hide in your basement?

Marika looks like an Asian girl. Isn't she a Saami by any chance?

A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.


Evan doesn't mind walking in the rain.

Johnnie's house has a secret room where he built a shrine to pray to the stoat spirit.

Harold couldn't have been any older than thirteen at the time.


My mother is preparing supper.

Did you read all the small print?

I took that photo a week ago.

Andries is filling a bottle with water.

I like music, especially classical music.

I'm very lucky to have been gifted with this 10,000 hit picture! Thank you so very much.

Pratt has unrealistic expectations.

My comment sparked off an argument in the group.

When the boss checks our expenses it can be pretty dicey. He knows how to read between the lines.

Grandfather lived to be 99 years old.

I don't say it without reason.

We'll do this later.

His new book met with a favorable reception.


What was there to see?

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I'll never listen to him again.

Dominic can't do the job by himself. Would you mind helping him?

She watched him eat.

The children are beginning to get out of hand.

I have a cake in the oven.


Darin told me why he didn't like Todd.

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I want to be a goat.

I don't like hot tubs.

She called me a taxi.

There's nothing more painful than losing one's loved child.

I swim in the sea every day.


Before saying goodbye to their neighbors, the Smiths had to tie up some loose ends inside the house.

I've never told a joke in my life.

How is your sister?

When did you first suspect it was Bobby who stole your money?

I'm sorry, but I think you're mistaken.


Is it money that you want?

I'd like to be paid the balance in change.

He is willing to stand by you.

I voluntarily give up my salary.

Straka will probably never walk again.

Irvin asked Vince to call him later.

Izzy pretended not to understand.

It's common knowledge that you don't like Theo.

He held off paying for the television set until the dealer fixed it.

Jennifer felt an urge to kiss Troy.

Her voice was quivering with anger.


Timo bumped into Colin on his way to school.

In the Babylon 5 space station, G'Kar is a Narn ambassador.

I just want to help.

Be careful not to fail.

I can't stand hospitals.


I was unable to finish my homework.

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Stephe is such a good teacher.


Stacey is quite outspoken, isn't he?

The boy was bright-eyed with delight at the present.

I think you're the kind of girl I'd like to marry.


Do you really have to tell her?

That's just what one would expect of him.

The police arrested the murderer.

He's impossible to satisfy.

It's none of his business.

Didn't you fix the pump?

Sometimes Rajarshi doesn't really understand what's going on.


Such a thing can't happen in Japan.

You're done here.

If I don't fail, then I can get my driving license this year.

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Let me know when you want to get underway again.

I'll help you prevent that from happening again.

As far as I know, Vernon doesn't have a girlfriend.

I know your brother.

The villagers tried to freeze us out.


I'll pay for lunch.

I have recently given up smoking.

Chinese people don't have an alphabet. They have a different symbol for every word.

She greeted Mr. Kato with a smile.

I shall win the Princess!


The waiter helped the lady with the chair.

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When was I writing a letter?

Do you know any good restaurant around here?

She used to go to the movies on Sundays.

I am new to the work.

You must live up to your principles.

It's not worth it to work anymore.

I knew Nikolai would go home early today.

I'm not sure why it works, but it works.

I was asked by my uncle what I intended to be when I graduated from college.

He was a difficult man to contradict.

This is so true.

Bring some cash with you.

The school administration blamed Skeeter.



We elected him mayor.

I heard Vilhelm and Meehan talking about it.

No one can live to be two hundred years old.

There is a monster under my bed.

All of us like her.

My urine is pink.

Can we catch up soon, please?

That would be ridiculous.


I don't think we should hang around.