Immersive Workout Experience
For Gyms, Fitness Clubs and Boutique Studios
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Acquire, Reward & Retain Members
Track your members’ real-time performance data, Deliver mind-blowing workout experiences, Provide spot reservation services on your website, Offer post workout data analysis, All to recruit new members, keep them engaged, and make them part of your community.

Performance Data Tracking Drives Members’ Success

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Heart Rate Tracking

Spivi Arena

Real time performance data display of heart rate, calories and points.
Keep your group fitness classes packed with loyal members


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Indoor Cycling
Immersive System

Spivi Studio

Immersive cycling experience with real-time performance data tracking. Provide the ultimate indoor cycling experience for your members.


Spivi® MetriX

Indoor Cycling

Spivi MetriX

Pure cycling data tracking with fitness tests, challenges and live leaderboard. Let your members train like pros and show them progress over time.


Spivi® 365


Spivi 365

Indoor cycling classes guided by our virtual instructor team running 24/7. Let your members choose their favorite time for a workout.

Scott SorkinOwner, Tone Zone
"They absolutely love it! Let the instructors fall in love with it and your member will fall in love with it. I think what they like best about it is that they're finding themselves working harder." From an interview with the Association of Fitness Studios' founder Josh Leve
Karen Haley HawesOwner, Bodyworks Bootcamp
We have recently taken on Spivi Arena – so we have Spin Classes and also group workouts going on at the same time. We project it all up onto a big screen. I took ages to make my mind up – but it is really fab. My members love it. Cardio Box and Rowing (set up just like spin) with all the stats on the wall. All comes up on the leaderboard just the same as the cycling classes. We ...
Yaron Sela3317074446
Our purchase of Spivi has been one of the best business decisions we have made. We use Spivi to acquire new members every day, people just love it! The staff at Spivi is wonderful to work with, and questions are answered in a very timely fashion. Thanks for a great product!”
Spivi Rocks! Tracks performance and sends emails directly to our riders!
Jennifer Ashbrook, Owner, Inner Drive Fitness
I may know I’m targeting a certain power zone but I don’t even have to say that to the class, I can just say “stay with me”! … and we accomplished that goal without really having to get in to all the technicalities of what’s FTP and what’s a 90% or 110% or whatever of your threshold power. it’s just there visually for them to see.
We use Spivi at CycleLab Studio, it’s an amazing motivator for our customers! Just being able to compare their results from their previous ride is enough to keep them coming back for more!
Jay Shapka(505) 720-1803
I thought the animated scenery was too gimmicky. It has been running in my studio for weeks and I have heard people tell me how motivating seeing the bike up on the screen is for them. So glad I went for your fully featured product.
Hagi PagirskyOwner and CEO, Great Shape (Franchise)
Spivi Studio helps us get new members as it’s a renovator to Indoor Cycling. As a result of adding Spivi to our gym SPINNING® classes have become the most popular classes in our club making us to add additional classes and conduct an early registration to existing classes. I would highly recommend Spivi to any club owner.

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