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I sure am cold.

Whenever he calls on me, he leaves something behind.

Do you want to talk to Hughes?

Moe is a biologist.

My neighbor is planting new grass in his yard.

Florian has only a week to decide.

I'd like you to have dinner with me.

Why was I never told?

She had to accept her fate.


They'll do what I tell them to do.


Krill like to breed in really cold water near sea ice.


Look, I'm not an expert.

How many times a week do you eat out?

I'd like to come to see the doctor as soon as possible.

You don't have to tell me why.

He takes everything as an occasion to make jokes.

I like that dress a lot.

Scot and Juan fought like cat and dog.

She touched my hand.

Man invented the atomic bomb, but no mouse would ever have thought to build a mousetrap!


Will that make any difference?


Roman is a mutant.

Yes. Tony had it.

The old lady had a cane.

I'd like to work with you.

I told them to do that.

Lou is still reluctant to call it off.

Preparations had to be made for the move to Washington.


Are you sure you're not cold?


Pray get down and fetch me some water in my golden cup out of yonder stream: I would like a drink.

Kimmo is kind of tired. He wants to go home.

I just wish I could remember.

I don't wanna press you.

This land is your land.

All men have fullfilled their duty.

Let go of Vaughn.

Please heat the water.

In the room there was a piano, but there was nobody who played it.

The typhoon became weaker and changed into a storm.

I was just wondering how you guys ever got talking about this topic.


You woke me.

They are making a salad.

Let's go a little further.

You've been a good friend.

There is a tendency for Japanese to want to know a certain amount of personal information about someone such as age, position and whether they are married or not, before they feel comfortable talking with a stranger.

She's not confident.

My Twitter account is suspended because of spamming.


I come from a large family.

Supplies were very low.

Arguing with a woman is about as fruitful as scooping up water with a sieve.

I don't know either boy.

Can you replace Steve?

Well, we are not in a hurry.

Jerrie, can you take over?


We are holding it.

I have a lot of friends to support me mentally.

The station is two miles away.

Look at all that money.

Will you give me a light?

Unfortunately, the food supplies ran out before the end of winter.

They discussed the subject of the offender of the meaning of life.

I have read the novel before.

Is your mother here?

She introduced me to him at the party.

Chris got a remarkable grade for the complex homework.

Maurice told Sunil he thought she was behaving like a child.

You need not have got up so early.


I find this book is very difficult to read.


The grapes seem to be sour.


I wake up early in the morning.

After Victor broke up with Mott, he started dating Alice.

This will be an interesting challenge.

Do you understand that?

Do you have children already?

Where is the duty-free shop?

Where has this man gone?

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Did you get it?

Lindsay is downhearted.

When it rains, he feels blue.

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I want you to keep your eyes open.

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She is a glutton.

I just ate sushi and drank beer.

I can get them to help you.

Sehyo can't find Ernie.

We used to be friends.

I was very proud of my son.

I want this handled quickly and quietly.


Let's give Derek a minute.


I'm going to my friend's place.

I'm going to Mainz and then to Cologne next year.

Roberto was extremely kind to me.

I told her what time to come.

The Ukrainian language is very melodious.

I didn't strangle her.

They should have one.

I had to arrest them.

A pillow at six o'clock in the morning has got the biggest gravity in the world.


There's nothing to do, so I may as well go to bed.

We hope the next 20 years will be even more successful for all of us.

Don't leave that here.

You activated nothing.

I'd like a room with a good view.

Shut up or you'll be thrown out.

I haven't even told my wife.

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He threw in the towel in defeat when his favorite chorus girl married another man.

When you have a cold, you should drink plenty of liquids.

My father gave up smoking.

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It's almost time for us to go.

There's always somebody there.

Have your ever come across an animal like this?

I haven't written any new poems in a long time.

That noise distracts me.


Why didn't you think of that before?


Should spending time abroad be made an integral part of every child's education?

Siegurd is all tucked in.

Don't do two things at once.

Ralph thought only of Clay.

He advised me that I keep the secret.


He's shit-faced.

We want more.

There could be a kernel of truth behind this legend.

I already said I don't know what to do.

With the help of a reference grammar of the Georgian language, Francis was eventually able to puzzle out even the few non-international traffic signs outside the two cities of Tbilisi and Kutaisi.

He believes that I can do things that I've never even thought of doing.

Ravindran and Tharen survived the bombing.

How dare you behave so rudely!

Banks will try to lend you an umbrella on a sunny day, but they will turn their backs on a rainy day.


My colleague filled in for me while I was sick.

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You can understand that, right?

Please don't hesitate to call.

I don't have enough storage space.

Norman caught Isaac prying into her diary, trying to find out if she was seeing someone else.

I need her.

Her blue shoes go well with that skirt.

That's so cute.


I was going to take a picture of a squirrel I found in the park, but it was too nimble, and all my shots were no good.

Let's ask her when she gets back home.

Mike is coming to dinner this evening.

I lost sight of him on the way.

It's not going to be a problem.


Knudsen seems interested in nothing else.

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That's only part of it.

Let's refrain from stabbing people with knives.

She's a good spouse. She's faithful.

You and Mahmoud are made for each other.

I've got to get home.

Jurevis and Lyndon hung out together.

Tricia says he'll never do that again.

Found anything interesting?

Why were you looking for Murthy?


I will accept full responsibility for this.


Kiki is indignant.

This is the perfect place.

Mr. Curtis, won't you please sit down again?

Dawson isn't as healthy as he used to be.

Hienz is good at bargaining the price down.


If possible, this weekend.

All subscriptions must be paid before the end of this year.

Raanan's loud snoring kept me awake all night.

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I'm not sure yet.

Before you make the candy, make sure to temper the chocolate.

Bonnie should have been punished in this case.


Irving awaited the news with bated breath.

How long will you have been working here by the end of next year?

Could you explain it in more detail?