Maximizing ROI of MarComs
- online eye tracking with emotion -

EyeSee measures and maximizes marketing impact with online eye tracking and emotion scoring, and helps to:

  • Optimize your designs
  • Make better choices based on real insights
  • Prove ROI and convince others with facts

Thanks to our unique platform that tracks respondents’ eyes and facial expressions via their webcam at home, we provide online, rapid, low cost and global insights.

  • Eye See - measuring efficiency with eye tracking
  • Eye See - better design with eye tracking
  • Eye See - where to locate your products
  • Eye See - are people looking at your products?
  • Eye See - measure people emotional response to your ads
  • Eye See - website analysis through eye tracking

Eyesee 4 market researchers

MarCom insights

Customers are overwhelmed by ads and budgets are cut. Test and:

  • Maximize impact of MarCom spend
  • Attract more attention to your ads
  • Improve brand awareness and recall

Eyesee 4 shopper marketing Shopper Marketing

40%-70% of purchase decisions are made in store. Pack stand-out is vital:

  • Increase pack visibility at the POP
  • Optimize shelf lay out and SRP
  • Get more traction with POS

Eyesee 4 web insights Web insights

Budgets are shifting towards branded online content:

  • Test ad visibility and placement
  • Improve website conversions
  • Test viral potential of your video

We are proud to serve

Why EyeSee?

  • Low cost: 3 times cheaper*
  • Rapid: deliver within one week
  • Global and large sample sizes
  • In-home testing
  • Insights: actionable
*Compared to lab-based studies

Results & reporting

  • Main recommendations
  • Main findings
  • Heat maps, AoI and descriptive findings
  • Set of identified emotions
  • Survey charts