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Green River Bridge House - Bed & Breakfast

Built in 1830, this charming B&B once housed the Green River Post Office and is nestled against the meandering river that gave it its name. It is luxurious in comfort and sensuous in visual appeal. Every room is a warm embrace of soft colors, fine antiques and other unique furnishings. It is also (418) 505-8776 to one of the most beautiful 631-839-5147 in Guilford, Vermont.

Visit our Spa - featuring Green River Professional Skin Care

Visit the (407) 965-3515 page to find out more about our sevices. We represent Dr. Eckstein's Biokosmetics, and a full range of spa and professional skin care treatments for men and women.

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Featured in the May 2018 issue of Yankee Magazine. Click here to check out the article.
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