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I'm Michiel's new assistant.


I want to spend the whole day with you.

I forgot what we were doing.

Polly was impressed by the big organ in the church.

This job is too much for me.

These bodies have actually played indispensable roles in attaining these goals.

The company is starting to implement the new management system from next month.

Betty wished he could stay in Boston longer.

Eddy's virtually admitted that it was his fault.

I couldn't understand anything that he said.

Malcolm sat cross-legged on the carpet.

I'm delighted to make your acquaintance.

We enjoy reading novels.

Bryce is a respectable businessman.


Louie doesn't look sick.


He's sleeping like a baby.


I'd like to take a closer look at that.

All I want to do is sit here and drink this bottle of wine with you.

For that price, you should be able to get something better.

I don't like getting hurt.

I wish you had not told him about the plan.


I'm at ease in English.

Karl is the only person I know here.

Rosemary's Baby is a film by Roman Polanski.

Have you ever told me the truth?

Soohong has been kicked off the team.

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Don't be an idiot.


A present is usually given in return for one's hospitality.


I can't believe that Root is older than Miek.

What a big dog!

The price will change according to the demand.

I have difficulty urinating.

Christian has plans.

Could I have a sip?

Dan doesn't get paid.

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She usually goes to bed at nine.

Now my dream is but an extinguished star.

I'll leave now.

They checked the machine for defects.

Several guys were hanging around in front of the bar.


You sent milk from your dairy.

Who runs the fastest of the three?

The government should strengthen their army once and for all!

He tries to make sure he doesn't fall behind his classmates.

Are we doing the right thing?

I wish Norbert were still alive.

There's something I still don't understand.

The other day I met my former neighbour in the city.

Your watch is on the desk.

Cross the bridge.

Marnix downed his beer.

I made a snowman.

Is Urs over there with you?

I can't save anyone.

I'd like to know what's going on.

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Harvey barely escaped death.

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I won't let Ritchey hurt you.

I could help you.

Pat, you have a call!

Svante is finished.

Lunch will be provided.


Every Sunday afternoon, I go to the bazaar.

We spent the day at the beach.

I only want a bit more coffee.

I'm almost done. Just give me a minute.

There are eleven rooms in this house.


Damon walked into his bedroom.

Amigo and Merat won't want me at their party.

Both Joshua and Jos are good chess players.

You're personally responsible for Lynnette's safety.

He's a car nut. Ask him anything.

Stay close.

Huashi enjoys mountain climbing.

It is necessary that he should prepare for the worst.

This lonely patient takes pleasure from sewing.

There will be no compromise.

I don't want Lui to see me naked.

You should've seen her.

They couldn't give Jean-Christophe a proper burial.

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He must be at least 35 years old.

Daytime serials were "soap operas," because manufacturers of laundry soap advertised there. Cowboy movies were "horse operas" by extension. Soap operas came to be called "soaps"; and horse operas, "oaters."

No, I don't think Hamlet was actually mad. Whenever he is alone with Horatio, he's sane enough.


Willie is breast-feeding her baby.

Miltos lost count.

When did Jitendra go to the market?


It was only meant as a harmless prank.

I've known Sharan since he was a kid.

I feel awful about that.

Johann scored three goals.

I usually take a bath before going to bed.

Please don't nitpick just for the sake of nitpicking.

I'm not in a mood to see you today.


The student who finishes the examination first does not always get the best grade.


Let's finish up.


We don't need anyone's help.


He snored all night and his wife couldn't sleep.


Anatole has no enemies.

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Hitoshi can be contacted directly.


She is not a singer, but an actress.

Don't worry about me. I'm OK.

The check, please.

Lucifer's job requires him to have high-level prioritising and multitasking skills.

The programmers could not find the cause of the bug.


Are you in the library?

There's someone up there.

I don't think I have to spell it out for you.


Perhaps you will seek his aid.


Stop being so curious.

Do you understand the situation?

I caught a glimpse of her.

Sanjay's the kind of person who calls a spade a spade and a lot of people don't like that.

I'll be glad to help him.

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Do you have any idea where Anna is right now?

Did you forget to set your alarm, Juergen?

What's with your hair?


"What do you think of Brandi?" "His voice is cool isn't it" "Just his voice?" "Don't you think his face is just normal?" "Uh- I think it's cool though."

Randell finished his coffee.

What did Jinchao do next?

You shouldn't be alone.

There are many urgent things to do.

Murph doesn't have a conscience.

What gave me away?

What is the harm in doing that?

Tell her to let the dog out.

It seemed like a good plan.

I'm not quite sure yet.

This copy is full of mistakes.

So tell me, how many people were at your party?

The issue is in the balance.

He gave us not only clothes but some money.

Please stay as long as you want.

She behaves as if she had been brought up in a good family.

Laurence won't survive three years in prison.

That last round of chemo really sapped his energy.


I'm just trying to keep busy.

I've seen Ruth on TV many times.

It is essential that you present yourself at the office.

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Did you do well in the exam?

I know that place.

I needed some hours to open it.

Maybe you should call the police.

I'm interested in things meta-physical.


You are being naughty today.

Morgan and Beth no longer see eye to eye.

Janice has got a severe concussion.


Names are to be omitted.

She looked frightened at the news.

Sherman never called me.

How tall is that mountain?

I will borrow a pen.

Only you, can make the darkness bright.

The house on the corner is ours.

I really think Tatoeba is a good tool for learners and have even suggested it for all my students.

Your heart's still beating loud and clear.

Despite her foreboding, Floria entered the cellar.

I awoke from a long dream.

They say that Craig came to Brazil.

I had never seen her look so lovely.

My brother advised me to stop smoking.

Times are not always the same, the grass is not always green.

Every means has failed.

Can you phrase your answer in an understandable manner?

No matter what Miriam wears, he always looks great.

Antonella couldn't ask for more.

There are few, if any, mistakes in his composition.

Some commentators regard Britain's departure from the European Union as a foregone conclusion.