Some people did nothing.

The spacesuits have visors to protect astronauts' eyes from the bright sunlight.

I've only been here for a month.

The cherry blossoms will be out in April.

He said he should go.

Casper was a champion long-distance swimmer.

We have a hectic week ahead of us.

It's doubtful whether Dominic can speak French well enough to do the job.

I'm wanted by the police.

Judith asked Rajesh to see about getting front row seats at the Lady Gaga concert.

I slipped up badly, didn't I?

I've been called a lot of things, but never handsome.

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I think Barrett really likes Jess.

You look at that tree.

Griff often forgets to use his turn signal.

There's a picture of Lin on the wall.

The cake is delicious.


I would like to purchase your latest mail order catalogue.

Esperanto - in order to understand the world.

Einstein later married his cousin Elsa Einstein.

I've met Miriamne.

He succumbed to authority.

Eugenia shared with us her favorite oils for cleaning the face and protecting the skin.

Jem read the poem out loud.

How immediate is the danger?

That's kind of deep.


It's a work in progress.

I don't know why I bother repeating myself.

That's beyond me.

Michiel acted like he didn't know Gary.

I think Jerry is too young to retire.

Vijay berated Michelle.

Brandon began to worry.

Pablo got mugged last night.

So she works at this factory, does she?

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The ball slightly curved.


She's way taller than me.

You've got sharp eyes.

Sam threatened them.

I can't pass up this chance.

Lindsey fed his leftovers to his dog.

Tirana is the capital city of Albania.

I knew Nelken was expecting us.

Why don't you spend the night with us?

I esteem it an honor to address this audience.

She didn't write either.

We're going out of business.

Most of the lift is generated by the wings.

Don't ask questions.


It's really nothing to worry about.

Paul knows how to make Jesus smile.

Her new novel has been highly praised.


Herve is a member of a secret society.

This table is heavy.

This fish is bony and it is not easy to bone it.

Cristina went west.

Working shifts can be extremely disruptive to family life.

Kitty could not finish her dinner.

I'm sure you understand that.

A in Vietnamese is B.

He avenged his friend on them.

It's going to take a little time to explain it all.

It makes sense, doesn't it?

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We're avid RVers.

After all, Vivek was your father.

I have a niece. She goes to the same school as Sergio.

Eat it.

Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.


Stay here and look after Rolfe.

We're interested in helping them.

Fewer workers meant fewer people with money to buy goods.


His pursuers were after him at once, like two dogs chasing a hare.

He couldn't stop laughing.

We're in the house.

I noticed I was being observed.

Steve looked very happy.


The soldier was killed in action.


The child dreads his visit to the dentist.

I had a hard time trying to talk him out of taking the trip.

Give them the gun.

It's the latest model to come out.

The bus will take you to the center of the city.

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I turn over a page of the book.

Everyone tried to solve the puzzle.

Kamiya's doctor advised him to drink more milk.

He is in a rage to know.

Slartibartfast is John's brother.

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If the elephant is gone, who sulks for the tail?

When I grow up I want to be just like you.

You've just got to go for it.

Your blood pressure is very high.

I need some advice.


He works well, just as usual.

I went night-fishing with Harmon.

How was your afternoon?


Glenn asked me where I had bought my hiking boots.

They're gay.

I haven't seen Ross for a while.

Don't ride that horse. He'll throw you.

I know Rees had nothing to do with that.

Tommy and Darren are still working.

Let him do what he wants! Edoardo is responsible.

I can't forget them.

Margie thinks Jorge should apologize to John for not doing what she said she'd do.

Fine words butter no parsnips.

His wealth has not made him happy.

The field where we used to play ball is now all built up.

We have room for three more.


We were excited as we watched the game.

I can't tell you his name, but I can tell you where he lives.

I need to buy stamps.

They had fun with us.

Marco showed me his collection of old coins.

He's an absolute fool.

He was all attention.

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There's your friend.

Where did you find it?

It was dark and cold in the room.


I'm pretty stubborn.

He likes to listen in to the radio.

We presented a watch to him.

Let him use the telephone.

Stu denied having met Angus.

You're better able to do it than I am.

Her daughter is bad at cooking.

Birds were singing in the woods.

I took the children to school.


I don't think I can do it.

Nobody should settle for less when they deserve more.

The people's opinion can change.

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I had to see you.

Is it difficult work?

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be.

I'm not done with them yet.

You're not hurt, are you?

Alejandro couldn't read until he was thirteen.

During the imprisonment of Sir Thomas a frequent intercourse of letters passed between him and this beloved daughter and when deprived of pen and ink he contrived to write to her with a coal.

You're the one who gathered the information.

People often refer to themselves in the third person when talking to children.

Many of them were bitter.

Call me as soon as you find Ramsey.

This building is on the verge of collapsing.

Could I have a pillow and blanket?

She will grow up to be a very good pianist.

I've been very lucky today.

She stood astonished at the sight.

Malcolm and Vic look very happy together.


I was only given thirty minutes to do that.

We're still checking.

Are you going to the open day?

Are they still angry?

Keep in mind that you're not so young as you used to be.

It snowed yesterday.

Is that specific enough for you?

It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

When the cat is blind, the mouse becomes bold.


Tell me more about them.


I went to the station to see my brother off.


He thought better of marrying her.

The young rabbi often brags about his lineage.

His dog ran around in the yard.

A number of students said they would be happy to take part in the contest.

I promised myself, that I never gonna talk to him again.

You're lucky that my dog didn't bite you.

How much do you earn per week?


You've got another four day's journey before you reach Moscow.

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I should have tried out this electric shaver before buying it.


You're excused.


Can I have some soda, please?

Dickens was the author of 'Oliver Twist'.

Ssi stays with us.