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Larry’s Garage is more than a business. It’s an environment you need to be part of, a place where we focus our attention on people and on their needs.

That is why we created a unique way of keeping in touch with our members, an exclusive club of professionals like yourself, covering all activity sectors, who bring their knowledge and experience together and work towards helping others overcome any threat or critical situation they might face at one point during the development lifecycle of their business, regardless of the field of activity.


What can you find in Larry’s Garage

Here you can find the right answers, the right people, a dynamic environment and a reliable partner for business success.
Our experience in fields related to sales, tourism, real estate & architecture, event planning, and business management brings a significant value to our customers’ needs & challenges.

  • Before a crisis strikes, business owners should think about how a disaster would impact employees, customers, suppliers, the general public and their company’s value. A crisis can strike any company anytime, anywhere. Advanced planning is the key to survival.

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  • Reputation Management

  • Does your business have a reputation strategy? If you think that only large brands need to worry about their reputation, you’re mistaken. Today, businesses of all sizes must be concerned about what their customers are saying about them.


  • Public Speaking and PR

  • Marketing and PR efforts should be in the forefront of your organization, especially in today’s competitive climate and the uncertain economy. Standing out from the crowd, regardless of your organization’s industry, is a huge challenge.

    How can you meet this challenge?

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  • Public Affairs

  • We believe that public affairs excellence focuses on building and managing long-term relationships that are based on trust. We help clients navigate their institutional relationships, engage constructively in policy discussions and build meaningful partnerships to drive their solutions for the most important societal issues.

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  • Business Guidance & Support Management

  • No human being has ever achieved anything of note on his or her own. In business and in life humans need other people, for support, guidance and belonging. We are wired that way. Our expert team can help identify the needs of your business and guide you to the right support and advice.

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  • Logistic & Operational Support

  • The objective of our logistics and operational trainings is to understand logistics operation within an organization and how to reduce a cost associated with logistics within an organization.


  • Litigation-Related Consulting

  • Lawyers do battle in courts of law. Larry’s Garage Crisis Management does battle in the court of public opinion, whether the public is internal or external. These parallel conflicts are won more frequently when the forces work in a coordinated manner.

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  • The transportation, travel, and tourism industries are undergoing unprecedented changes. Globalization, deregulation, consolidation, the rapid growth of e-commerce, and privatization are opening new opportunities, while additional demands are being placed on operational performance and profitability.


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Larry’s Garage was created to customize solutions to your particular business needs. We do this by bringing together the right team of professionals qualified to help you and your business grow & develop.

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