The teacher likes to randomize the seating every month so that the students get to sit next to new people.

We can handle it.

Every woman is different.

Most problems have many solutions.


The percentage of illiteracy in that country is 36%.

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What makes you think the Middle East is more important than the Pacific islands?

When the bomb exploded, I happened to be there.

We have room for thirty people.


This story has a copyright.


They embraced tightly.


Kirk still believes that.

The gate was left open.

Willie agreed that he would pay half the rent.

The general commanded that the city be attacked.

The rain penetrated my raincoat.

Vince hasn't been heard from.

With a little more wisdom, he would not have got in trouble.

"Do you not like Butler?" "It's not that I don't like him, I just have trouble dealing with people like him."

If anybody could convince Part, it would be Stu.

If I were free, I could help you.

How many Chinese friends do you have?

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I'd like you to come at nine.

Thomas closed the shop.

We have lunch about noon.

Do not say anything, please, about your consul.

She became reconciled with her friend.

Would you please slow down?

Drew should be out of the hospital soon.


Ehhh, I hope I'm not interrupting anything ...

What languages do you know?

Paola had no idea what he was doing.

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David doesn't like traveling alone.


Do you have a point?

I love travel but I can't, because I don't have any money.

Italo Calvino was born on the island of Cuba in 1923.

Celeste believed everything was going to be OK.

Lisa resisted smiling.

I think this coat should fit you.

We can't hold the enemy off much longer.

Can anyone fix a flat tire?

What was served in the party?

Dozens of cars were parked in the parking lot.

The computer terminals were lined up in one long row.

He shouted at the top of his voice, "This is a battle we cannot lose."

I can wait to love in heaven.


The vase broke into fragments.

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Marci is exuberant, isn't he?

The church is in yourself, for your body is the temple of the living God.

This is also an invariant of history. Gallic disappeared because Gallic elites were quick to send their children to the Roman school. In the same way, provincial elites later taught their offspring French at the expense of the regional languages. The ruling classes are often the first to adopt the language of the invader. They do the same today with English.

I don't recommend that at all.

She had no choice but to accept her fate.

There are certain beliefs about cows in India.

Carlo told his boss that Kolkka wouldn't be coming to work that day.

He will excuse me.

Sometimes students took textbooks in the library.


I usually go to concerts or conventions for fun.


Rupert is in his office.


This is kind of embarrassing, actually.


I'm a Trojan, so I infected your Mac!

A boy is asleep in bed.

Daniel didn't want to talk about that over the phone.

He's sleeping off last night's bender.

He seems absorbed in his work.

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Jeannette was put in a cell.

She forgave me for breaking her mirror.

Irfan closed the lid.

I cannot argue with Taninna. She's my uncle's wife.

Takeuchi looks somewhat irritated.

How hot is it going to get?

Could you do him a favour?


Are you saying there's still a chance Bruce will graduate with the rest of his class?

My brother has become a priest.

Practice makes perfect.

I only have a single daughter.

Ravindran wanted the policy to be changed.

Stay here as long as you like.

I agree with you.

What are the nutritional values of the product?

Who authorized this?


I am going to spend the weekend in Tokyo.

These seats are reserved for old people.

This tune is quite familiar to us all.

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He is a good fellow.

Tourism generated many new jobs.

Everything is theoretically impossible until it's done.

It is not surprising that I was elected mayor.

They turned to look at him.

You're an expert in the field.

Who would want her dead?

Are you sure you can manage on your own?

My uncle has a large family to provide for.

Thank you for helping me find a good job.

The employees would soon be given the ax by the company.

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You'd better be very careful.

Ring the bell when you want me.

I appreciate everything Thierry has done for us.

Whose wine is this?

This problem is too hard for me to solve.

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I'm very excited and happy.

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You said you'd do it for me.

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All of a sudden they stopped talking.

There has been a spate of thefts in our area recently.

Gale is only in town for a few days.


Come on in. The water's nice.


The Klan often terrorized blacks.

We'll take it with us.

Do you find me a cool guy?

He bit off more than he could chew.

I don't like that at all.

She is absent because of sickness.

She took a taxi to the hospital.

It's three years since I had a real vacation.

A fart is the tortured scream of a trapped turd.

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I like working with them.

Magic: The Gathering is a board game.

Is this water drinkable?

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She's the sole breadwinner for the family.

Where did Hienz have to go?

Art continued walking down the hall.

I'm sure Beckie appreciates all your help.

Samuel's partner thought that they should also sell gourmet popcorn seasonings.

I don't need to be here right now.

He has the subject at his fingertips.


I want Robert to hear the whole story.


Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you; for every one who is asking doth receive, and he who is seeking doth find, and to him who is knocking it shall be opened.

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I need a good steed for my voyage.

Lie down on the examination table.

Recently there are a lot of young people who don't use respectful language to their superiors.

It's hard for me, reading letters on the monitor.

The troop was altogether destroyed.


My name links me with my ancestors.

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I really feel like a beer.

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Remember, you're pregnant.

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He knows how to anger his sister.


Are you familiar with this?


Does she have enough energy to take a long trip?

I was so hungry that I ate it.

Ed wants to know what we're doing here.

I thought you said Jerry was a jerk.

I don't know if it's going to work.

Is there central heating in this building?

I'm going to work by bicycle.

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Just as many memories of the past and feelings are stored up in the body as in the spirit.

Thank you for the coffee.

Let's just make the best of it.


What language do they speak in the United States?

Angela feels a little better after taking the medicine that the doctor prescribed.

Doesn't Antonella look good?

I've got to get back to work.

Tell me where you bought that hat.

They may need our help.

Set her free.

I don't want you to tell her.

We tried this before.

I'd like to do more.

Jayesh wished he had been more careful.

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The current king is present at the party.

I got to be pretty good at rugby.

You swam in this lake, right?


Kiwi are mostly nocturnal and have a refined sense of smell uncommon in birds.