Mah likes the way Ruth looks.

You're being very unreasonable.

Let Roxana swim.

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He was pleasantly surprised.

If that happens, I'll resign.

Selling motorcars is my business.

I looked round the inside of the house.

Jorge wants to know why Barry is dead.

I want to go to his house using my car.

It might not happen now.

You can't go yet. There are a lot of things I want to discuss with you.

Do you have a computer at home?

Everyone except Clarence and Rik left.

What is there to see in Nantes for a tourist?

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I hope you sleep well.

The local police and the FBI formulated a search plan to capture the fugitives.

She'll be just fine.

They're all strong.

Detroit is dangerous city.

Those grapes look sweet, but in fact they're sour.

I didn't even see you.

Werner said Butler threatened him with a knife.

She put her knitting aside and stood up.

At least let me buy you and your friends a drink.

Your train leaves from Platform 10.

Louder, please.

Go down into the cellar and get us a couple of bottles of wine.

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I pay him twice as much as his old boss did.

I had to fire Jeannette.

Dean must pay for what he's done.


Where did you go to high school?

Maybe they'll find something.

Frank was waiting with pleasure for the date in the evening.

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I can tell you what Tyler thinks.

We had a lot of fun skating.

Catherine was alone on Friday night.


I think Sigurd is tactful.

Joshua didn't do well on the test.

Mayo continued to explore other ideas about the new product.


Kim lived in a small fishing village.

We need to get you out of here.

I thought you'd want to try some Japanese food.


I recognized Roland's voice.


We're from Germany.

Someone began to follow Duncan.

You'll be ruined.

You should be frank, and they will treat you as a friend.

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

The city was taken by the English in 1664.

Look, I know that.

We must prevent a war by all possible means.

We danced in the subdued lighting.

They picked out the best two works.

The rule holds good in this case.


There's nothing we can do except wait.

Nobody visits her.

You should trust your intuition.

In British English, "to get the sack" means to be fired from your job.

Browsing long enough through eBay, you're sure to find something that you never knew you wanted.

Take this medicine, and you'll feel a lot better.

I'm just helping out.

That's why we didn't tell him.

Enjoy it while you can.


Konrad is stronger than me.

Terrance had better not be late again.

"Who do you belong to?" Wrapped around his feet was a small cat. It was a fluffy grey striped cat.

When will I see you next?

Urs shook his fists in frustration.

Due to bad weather, the plane arrived three hours late.

Be sure to call me back.

I wish I wouldn't have to meet you again.

We're going to be late!

Kaj and Jinchao are both helicopter pilots.

That would be nice, don't you think?

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President McKinley sent an immediate answer.

Lance plans to hire someone who speaks French.

I'm not so lucky.

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I have some gifts.

Already two weeks went by and I have not seen you.

I'm just catching my breath.


His girlfriend cheated on him over and over again.

Her mouth fell open.

Her party was really quite fun.

My neck hurts today.

You're a good listener.

Are you sure you don't want a little more spaghetti?

I've decided to forgive Ofer.


Whether you like it or not, we have to do it that way.

Adlai's eyes weren't yet accustomed to the dark, so he couldn't see a thing.

I cannot afford a long vacation.

Did Chris happen to mention anything about that?

Rebecca seemed disappointed with the results.

I like shopping at the local farmers' market.

Tuan wasn't doing anything wrong.

The continuing conflict between the different movements deepened even further.

I know I did an awful thing.

That year's buzzword was digital: digital clocks, digital microwave ovens, even digital pens.

Konrad and Honzo are at home today.


He came to Tokyo with the dream of becoming rich.


Nobody knew what the machine was like.

The committee bestowed a medal on him.

"Doctor, help, I can't feel my legs at all!" "Don't worry, that's completely normal. I amputated them."

Such actions are alien to our beliefs.

Bart, if you're not going I'm not going either.

I knew he would accept.

I always get home by six o'clock.

Whether we win or lose, I won't have any hard feelings.

What's your price?

What did Brainless and Unhappy do?

It was Julia's suggestion that we leave early.


You're not getting a penny from me.


What was she doing in her room?

Please speak loudly, so I can hear you.

He committed suicide by jumping off a bridge.

Years of heavy drinking has left John with a beer gut.

Blayne and Susan went for a walk along the beach.

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I'm seriously annoyed with Siegurd.


It's cold out there.

I keep getting spam email.

Now, listen to me very carefully.

How did she find that out?

I wonder why Anthony told you that.

Would you lend me your pencil?

Do you know Moses's last name?


Chris is wearing clothes that are too big for him.


I don't trust anyone, not even Antonella.

I just can't do this anymore.

She sang to her heart's content.

You're not in danger here.

He speaks passable French, but he is clearly more fluent in German.

Why are you so interested in where Jwahar went?

Can you loan me thirty dollars for a cab?

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I don't feel like going out right now.


Keep an eye on your wallet.

Your proposal is a bit extreme.

This vending machine is out of order.


I may give it another try.

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I bought flowers because my grandmother is coming today for a visit.


Please do so.

You're pathetic.

She just missed the train.

How did you come by all this money?

I'll give her some flowers.


Don't give him your number.

Where are your suitcases?

Toft isn't here right now.

The mass is over.

She'll cry even when no one is looking.


Meros is definitely not a liar.

You need a plan.

I did not notice how she was dressed.

I think I know what's necessary.

Blair was nervous.

Let's talk outside.

May I open the window?

Let's go outside and talk.

Mahesh wanted Trent to get a tattoo.


This store has the best selection of hats in town.

I can let you have this for three hundred dollars.

The pilot landed the plane safely.


Who's your supervisor?

Brett told us not to do that anymore.

Did you get to meet them?

She got him to drive.

I waited every day for my dog to come home.

Mah has the right idea.

I am impatient with those who aren't cooperative.